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Main Series | Volume 9 (1 November 1785–22 June 1786) | Documents

From John Adams, 1 November 1785Jefferson's Account of the Stanhope Affair, [1 November 1785]From John Christian Senf, 1 November 1785From John Jay, 2 November 1785From Charles Thomson, 2 November 1785[From Richard O'Bryen, 3 November 1785]From Nicolas & Jacob van Staphorst, 3 November 1785From John Adams, 4 November 1785From Borgnis Desbordes, Frères, 4 November 1785To William Carmichael, 4 November 1785To Richard O'Bryen, 4 November 1785From John Adams, 5 November 1785To Castries, 5 November 1785To John Paul Jones, 5 November 1785From William Carmichael, 6 November 1785From Daniel and Theodorick Fitzhugh, 7 November 1785From William Carmichael, 8 November 1785[From Gazaigner de Boyer, 9 November 1785]From Favi, 10 November 1785From the Abbés Arnoux and Chalut, 11 November [1785][From Thomas Boylston, 11 November 1785]To Daniel and Theodorick Fitzhugh, 11 November 1785To André Limozin, 11 November 1785To William Wenman Seward, 12 November 1785From the Abbés Arnoux and Chalut, 13 November 1785To Lafayette, with Thomas Boylston's Proposal, [ca. 13 November 1785]From Lister Asquith, 14 November 1785To Vergennes, with State of the Case of the William & Catherine, 14 November 1785From James Madison, 15 November 1785From Samuel Henley, 16 November 1785From Edward Bancroft, 18 November 1785To John Adams, 19 November 1785To Abigail Adams, 20 November 1785To Jean Baptiste Huron, 20 November 1785To Vergennes, 20 November 1785From André Limozin, 21 November 1785From Jean-Armand Tronchin, [after 22 November 1785]To Lister Asquith, 23 November 1785From William Drayton, 23 November 1785From Abigail Adams, 24 November 1785To Borgnis Desbordes, Frères, 24 November 1785To Jean Diot & Cie., 24 November 1785To J. A. Gautier, 24 November 1785From Ferdinand Grand, 24 November 1785[From André Limozin, 24 November 1785]From De Laflotte, 25 November 1785To Thomas Elder, 25 November 1785To André Limozin, 25 November 1785To Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr., 25 November 1785To Jean-Armand Tronchin, [ca. 25 November 1785]To John Adams, 27 November 1785To Samuel Henley, 27 November 1785From Lister Asquith, 28 November 1785[To André Limozin, 28 November 1785]From André Limozin, 28 November 1785To Philip Mazzei, November 1785From Borgnis Desbordes, Frères, 30 November 1785From Vergennes, 30 November 1785From John Adams, 2 December 1785From John Banister, 2 December 1785[From André Limozin, 2 December 1785]To Vergennes, 2 December 1785To David Humphreys, 4 December 1785From Lister Asquith, 5 December 1785From Antoine-Félix Wuibert, 5 December 1785From C. W. F. Dumas, 6 December 1785[From the Commissioners of the Treasury, 6 December 1785]From Geismar, 6 December 1785From Neil Jamieson, 6 December 1785[From André Limozin, ca. 6 December 1785]From P. Tourtille Sangrain, 6 December 1785From Neil Jamieson, 7 December 1785From John Jay, 7 December 1785From John Langdon, 7 December 1785To William Carmichael, 8 December 1785[To Gazaigner de Boyer, 8 December 1785][To P. Tourtille Sangrain, 8 December 1785]From Diodati, 9 December 1785From John Jay, 9 December 1785From Janet Livingston Montgomery, 9 December 1785[From Richard O'Bryen, 9 December 1785]From Jean Baptiste Pecquet, 9 December 1785To John Adams, 10 December 1785From David Ramsay, 10 December 1785To Abigail Adams, 11 December 1785To John Adams, 11 December 1785To Francis Eppes, 11 December 1785From George Gilmer, 11 December 1785To James Monroe, 11 December 1785From David Humphreys, [ca. 12 December 1785]From Antoine-Félix Wuibert, 12 December 1785From John Adams, 13 December 1785From Lister Asquith, 14 December 1785From Jean Diot & Cie., [14 December 1785]From Pierre-André Gargaz, 15 December 1785From Patience Wright, 15 December 1785From Cosimo Mari, 16 December 1785From William Carmichael, 17 December 1785From Garreau, 17 December 1785From William Robeson, 18 December 1785Jefferson's Amplification of Subjects Discussed with Vergennes, [ca. 20 December 1785]From Abigail Adams, 20 December 1785From John Adams, 20 December 1785To William Robeson, 21 December 1785From William Stephens Smith, 21 December 1785To Vergennes, 21 December 1785[From Richard Cary, 22 December 1785]To the Governor of Georgia, 22 December 1785To Garreau, 22 December 1785To the Georgia Delegates in Congress, 22 December 1785From Barré, 23 December 1785From Cosimo Mari, 23 December 1785To John Jay, 24 December 1785From Borgnis Desbordes, Frères, 26 December 1785From La Rouerie, 26 December 1785From Antoine-Félix Wuibert, 26 December 1785To Abigail Adams, 27 December 1785To John Adams, 27 December 1785From Anne Cleland Kinloch, 27 December 1785From Capello, 28 December 1785[From H. Fizeaux & Cie., 29 December 1785]From Castries, 30 December 1785[From John Jay, 30 December 1785]From Buffon, 31 December 1785[From Frichet, 31 December 1785]From Francis Hopkinson, 31 December 1785From Abbé Morellet, [ca. December 1785]Queries Concerning Trade with the French Colonies, [ca. December 1785]From Lister Asquith, 2 January 1786From Borgnis Desbordes, Frères, 2 January 1786To John Jay, with Report on Conversations with Vergennes, 2 January 1786Enclosure: Jefferson's Report on Conversations with Vergennes, [December 1785]To Francis Hopkinson, 3 January 178[6]From La Rochefoucauld, 4 January 1786To George Washington, 4 January 178[6]To David Humphreys, 5 January 178[6]To John Paul Jones, 5 January 178[6]From Philip Mazzei, [5 January 1786]From Francis Coffyn, 6 January 1786From Jean Nicolas Démeunier, 6 January 1786From La Lande, 6 January 1786From John Paul Jones, 6 [January] 1786To Archibald Cary, 7 January 1786To Francis Eppes, 7 January 1786To John Sullivan, 7 January 1786To George Washington, 7 January 178[6]To William Whipple, 7 January 1786To Borgnis Desbordes, Frères, 8 January 1786To Castries, 9 January 178[6]From Cambray, 10 January 1786[To Cosimo Mari, 10 January 1786][To Philip Mazzei, 10 January 1786]From George Wythe, 10 January 1786To John Adams, 12 January 1786To John Adams, 12 January 1786To Nathanael Greene, 12 January 178[6]To La Rouerie, 12 January 1786To Lister Asquith, 13 January 1786To Barré, 13 January 1786From Borgnis Desbordes, Frères, 13 January 1786To Cambray, 13 January 1786To William Carmichael, 13 January 1786[To Frichet, 13 January 1786]To Thevenard, 13 January 1786From Thomas Barclay, 14 January 1786From Pierre-André Gargaz, 14 January 1786From Louis Guillaume Otto, 15 January 1786From Lister Asquith, 16 January 1786To John McQueen, 16 January 1786From William Temple Franklin, 18 January 1786From Vergennes, 18 January 1786From John Adams, 19 January 1786From John Banister, 19 January 1786From John Jay, 19 January 1786From James Monroe, 19 January 1786To Cambray, 20 January 178[6]To Vergennes, 20 January 1786From Jean Nicolas Démeunier, 21 January 1786From Neil Jamieson, 21 January 1786From Lewis Littlepage, 2[1 January 1786]From La Rouerie, 22 January 1786To John McQueen, 22 January 1786From James Madison, with Enclosure, 22 January 1786Enclosure: In the House of Delegates, 14 November 1785From Jean-Armand Tronchin, 22 January 1786From Thomas Barclay, 24 January 1786To John Bondfield, 24 January 1786To Francis Eppes, 24 January 1786To the Governor of Virginia, 24 January 1786To John Jay, 25 January 1786To David Rittenhouse, 25 January 1786To Archibald Stuart, 25 January 1786To John Banister, 26 January 1786To James Buchanan and William Hay, 26 January 1786From William Carmichael, [ca. 26 January 1786][To Charles Dilly, 26 January 1786]To Francis Hopkinson, 26 January 1786To La Rouerie, 26 January 1786To the Commissioners of the Treasury, 26 January 1786To David Ramsay, 26 January 1786To John Bartram, with Enclosure, 27 January 1786From C. W. F. Dumas, 27 January 1786To Benjamin Franklin, 27 January 1786To David Howell, 27 January 1786To John Jay, 27 January 1786To James Monroe, 27 January 1786To David Ramsay, 27 January 1786From John Adams, 28 January 1786To James Currie, 28 January 1786From David Humphreys, 30 January 1786From C. W. F. Dumas, [31 January 1786][From Ferdinand Grand, 1 February 1786]To C. W. F. Dumas, 2 February 1786William Carmichael to the American Commissioners, 3 February 1786[From Henry Skipwith, 3 February 1786]From William Carmichael, 4 February 1786From John Walker, 4 February 1786To Antonio Giannini, with a List of Seeds Wanted, 5 February 1786To Nicholas Lewis, 6 February 1786From Philip Mazzei, 6 February 1786To John Adams, 7 February 1786[To Archibald Cary, 7 February 1786][From La Rouerie, 7 February 1786]From John Ledyard, 7 February 1786[To Thomas Mann Randolph, 7 February 1786]From Lafayette, [before 8 February 1786]To James Bowdoin, 8 February 1786To Thomas Cushing, 8 February 1786To James Madison, 8 February 1786From Teresa Murphy, 8 February 1786To Joseph Nourse, 8 February 1786To James Warren, 8 February 1786To Lafayette, 9 February 1786To Francis Lewis, 9 February 1786To James Madison, 9 February 1786From Nicolas & Jacob van Staphorst, 9 February 1786[From Thomas Boylston, 10 February 1786]From Thevenard, 10 February 1786From George Wythe, 10 February 1786From Abigail Adams, 11 February 1786From C. W. F. Dumas, 12 February 1786From Favi, 12 February [1786]From Edward Bancroft, 13 February 1786From William Stephens Smith, 13 February 1786John Lamb to the American Commissioners, 16 February 1786P. R. Randall to the American Commissioners, 17 February 1786From John Adams, 17 February 1786From Hilliard d'Auberteuil, 17 February 1786[From Madame d'Anterroches, 19 February 1786]From Lister Asquith, 20 February 1786To Hilliard d'Auberteuil, 20 February 1786To Lafayette, 20 February 1786To Rayneval, 20 February 1786To Thevenard, 20 February 1786From John Adams, 21 February 1786To Edward Bancroft, 21 February 1786From Joseph Jones, 21 February 1786From Thomas Barclay, 24 February 1786From John Adams, 25 February 1786From Thomas Boylston, 25 February 1786To Edward Bancroft, 26 February 1786From C. W. F. Dumas, 27 February 1786From James Lyons, 27 February 1786From Thevenard, 27 February 1786From Burrill Carnes, 28 February 1786From C. W. F. Dumas, 28 February 1786From John Paul Jones, 28 February 1786To Vergennes, 28 February 1786From Thomas Boylston, [1] March 1786From Zachariah Loreilhe, 1 March 1786From John van Heukelom & Son, 1 March 1786[To Madame d'Anterroches, 2 March 1786][To Giovanni Fabbroni, 2 March 1786]From David Humphreys, 2 March 1786To James Monroe, 2 March 1786[To Nicolas & Jacob van Staphorst, 2 March 1786]To Rayneval, 3 March 1786To Ferdinand Grand, 4 March 1786From John Sullivan, 4 March 1786[To Lister Asquith, 5 March 1786]To Borgnis Desbordes, Frères, 5 March 1786From David Hartley, 5 March 1786To John Jay, 5 March 1786[To Rayneval, 5 March 1786]From Rayneval, 5 March 1786To Martha Jefferson, 6 March 1786From Lafayette, [ca. 6 March 1786]From Francis Hopkinson, 8 March 1786From Suffren, 8 March 1786From John Banister, Jr., 11 March 1786From Madame d'Anterroches, 12 March 1786To John Jay, 12 March 1786John Adams to Carmarthen, 13 March 1786From Thomas Barclay, 13 March 1786To David Humphreys, 14 March 1786From Louis Joseph de Beaulieu, 17 March 1786From David Humphreys, 17 March 1786From André Limozin, 17 March 1786From William Macarty, 17 March 1786From Samuel Henley, 18 March 1786From James Madison, 18 March 1786From Lafayette, with “Avis au Comité du Commerce”, [19] March 1786Enclosure: Résumé de mon avis au Comité du Commerce …, 13 March 1786[From La Rouerie, 19 March 1786]From William Short, [19? March 1786]From Lister Asquith, 20 March 1786From Thomas Barclay, 20 March 1786From Benjamin Franklin, 20 March 1786An Interlude at Dolly's Chop House, [21 March?] 1786From Nathaniel Tracy, 22 March 1786From Thomas Barclay, 23 March 1786From William Temple Franklin, 26 March 1786From William Short, 26 March 1786From the Rev. James Madison, 27 March 1786American Commissioners to John Jay, 28 March 1786From Nicolas Darcel, 28 March 1786From C. W. F. Dumas, 28 March 1786From Francis Hopkinson, 28 March 1786To William Short, 28 March 1786From John Lamb, 29 March 1786From Ferdinand Grand, 30 March 1786[From Alexander McCaul, 30 March 1786]From Thomas Barclay, 31 March 1786From David S. Franks, 31 March 1786[From William Jones, 31 March 1786]From William Short, 2 April 1786To William Short, 3 April 1786Notes of a Tour of English Gardens, [2–14 April] 1786American Commissioners to Carmarthen, 4 April 1786[From David Humphreys, 4 April 1786]From Thomas Barclay, 5 April 1786William Carmichael to the American Commissioners, 5 April 1786From LeJeune, 5 April 1786From Charles Thomson, 6 April 1786[From Nathaniel Tracy, 7 April 1786]From St. Victour & Bettinger, 8 April 1786From Jean Nicolas Démeunier, 9 April 1786Thomas Barclay to the American Commissioners, 10 April 1786From C. W. F. Dumas, 11 April 1786[From Francis Eppes, 11 April 1786]William Carmichael to the American Commissioners, 13 April 1786[From Lucy Necks, 17 April 1786][To Lucy Necks, 18 April 1786]From the Captains of American Ships at L'Orient, 19 April 1786To Alexander McCaul, 19 April 1786From American and French Merchants at L'Orient, 21 April 1786From Lister Asquith, 21 April 1786[To George Rogers Clark, 22 April 1786]To Francis Eppes, 22 April 1786To Anna Scott Jefferson, 22 April 1786To Richard Henry Lee, 22 April 1786To Nicholas Lewis, 22 April 1786To Charles Thomson, 22 April 1786To John Jay, 23 April 1786To John Jay, 23 April 1786From Sir John Sinclair, [24 April 1786]American Commissioners to John Jay, 25 April 1786Enclosure: Extrait d'une depêche de Mr. de Mello e Castro …, 4 January 1786Negotiations for a Treaty of Amity and Commerce with Portugal, [March–April 1786]To James Madison, 25 April 1786From Theophile Mandar, 25 April 1786To Sir John Sinclair, 25 April 1786To Carmarthen, [ca. 26 April 1786]From C. W. F. Dumas, 27 April 1786[From Alexander McCaul, 28 April 1786]From William Stephens Smith, 28 April 1786From Pierre Dessin, 29 April 1786From Lister Asquith, 1 May 1786From Francis Hopkinson, 1 May 1786From David Ramsay, 3 May 1786To Vergennes, 3 May 1786From Wilt Delmestre & Co., 3 May 1786To Richard Cary, 4 May 1786To John Page, 4 May 1786To John Paradise, 4 May 1786To William Stephens Smith, 4 May 1786To William Carmichael, 5 May 1786From John Jay, 5 May 1786From John Jay, 5 May 1786To André Limozin, 5 May 1786To Theophile Mandar, 5 May 1786From Malesherbes, 5 May 1786From Lucy Ludwell Paradise, 5 May 1786To Jean Baptiste Pecquet, 5 May 1786To Thevenard, 5 May 1786To John Banister, 6 May 1786From Simon Bérard, 6 May 1786To William Drayton, 6 May 1786To C. W. F. Dumas, 6 May 1786C. W. F. Dumas to Humphreys and Short, 6 May 1786To Henry Skipwith, 6 May 1786To William Temple Franklin, 7 May 1786To Elbridge Gerry, 7 May 1786To David Humphreys, 7 May 1786[To Janet Livingston Montgomery, 7 May 1786]To Louis Guillaume Otto, 7 May 1786To the Commissioners of the Treasury, 7 May 1786From André Limozin, 8 May 1786To Thomas Pleasants, Jr., 8 May 1786To David Ross, 8 May 1786From Ezra Stiles, with Enclosure, 8 May 1786To John Banister, Jr., 9 May 1786To Louis Joseph de Beaulieu, 9 May 1786From the Commissioners of the Treasury, 9 May 1786To Francis Hopkinson, 9 May 1786From Francis Lewis, 9 May 1786To Le Veillard, with Enclosures, 9 May 1786Enclosure I: Abel James to Benjamin Franklin, [1782]Enclosure II: Notices sur la Vie de Benjamin Franklin, 3 September 1782To William Macarty, 9 May 1786To John McQueen, 9 May 1786From John Jay, 10 May 1786To James Monroe, 10 May 1786From Louis Guillaume Otto, 10 May 1786To Charles Thomson, 10 May 1786To John Adams, with Enclosure, 11 May 1786Enclosure: Draught of a treaty of Amity and Commerce between –– and the United states of America, 11 May 1786From Francis Lewis, 11 May 1786From James Monroe, 11 May 1786From William Duer, 11 May 1786To Wilt Delmestre & Co., 11 May 1786From John Banister, with a Note from Anne Blair Banister, 12 May 1786To John Jay, 12 May 1786From James McHenry, 12 May 1786From James Madison, 12 May 1786To St. Victour & Bettinger, 12 May 1786From De La Serre, 13 May 1786From St. Victour & Bettinger, 13 May 1786P. R. Randall to the American Commissioners, with Enclosures, 14 May 1786Enclosure I: P. R. Randall to his Father, 2 April 1786Enclosure II: 28 March 1786From St. Victour & Bettinger, 14 May 1786From Lister Asquith, 15 May 1786From William Macarty, 15 May 1786From John Adams, 16 May 1786From William Carmichael, 16 May 1786To John Adams, 17 May 178[6]To John Bondfield, 17 May 1786From Louis Joseph de Beaulieu, 17 May 1786To Pierre Dessin, 17 May 1786From D'Estaing, 17 May 1786[From Patrick Henry, 17 May 1786]To Rayneval, 17 May 1786To William Stephens Smith, 17 May 1786From Thevenard, 17 May 1786From William Carmichael, 18 May 1786From P. R. Randall, 18 May 1786To J. A. Gautier, 19 May 1786From J. A. Gautier, 19 May 1786John Lamb to the American Commissioners, 20 May 1786From André Limozin, 21 May 1786From William Stephens Smith, 21 May 1786From William Stephens Smith, 21 May 1786To Lister Asquith, 22 May 1786To Borgnis Desbordes, Frères, 22 May 1786[From Martha Jefferson Carr, 22 May 1786]From John Wayles Eppes, 22 May 1786From Mary Jefferson, [ca. 22 May 1786?]To John Jay, 22 May 1786To LeJeune, 22 May 1786To Antoine-Félix Wuibert, 22 May 1786From John Adams, 23 May 1786Thomas Barclay to the American Commissioners, 23 May 1786[From Francis Eppes, 23 May 1786]To John Jay, 23 May 1786From John Paradise, 23 May 1786From Troyes, 23 May 1786To Louis Joseph de Beaulieu, 24 May 1786To Giovanni Fabbroni, 24 May 1786From Ebenezer Gearey, Jr., 24 May 1786From Teresa Murphy, 24 May 1786[To Thomas Walpole, 24 May 1786]To John Paradise, 25 May 1786From Thomas Barclay, 26 May 1786From John Bondfield, 27 May 1786To John Jay, with Enclosure, 27 May 1786To John Jay, 27 May 1786From Vergennes, 27 May 1786From Charles Bellini, 29 May 1786From André Limozin, 29 May 1786To Lucy Ludwell Paradise, 29 May 1786From St. Victour & Bettinger, 29 May 1786To Archibald Cary and Others, Introducing John Paradise, 29 May [1786]To George Wythe, 29 May 1786To John Adams, 30 May 1786To John Adams, 30 May 1786From Ebenezer Gearey, Jr., 30 May 1786From Teresa Murphy, 30 May 1786From Vergennes, with Regulations Concerning Tobacco, 30 May 1786Enclosure: Résultat du comité tenu à Berni le 24. May 1786., 24 May 1786To Lewis Alexander, 31 May 1786To John Bondfield, 31 May 1786Circular Letter to Francis Coffyn and Others, 31 May 1786To the Governors of Virginia and Maryland, 31 May 1786To John Jay, 31 May 1786To Vergennes, 31 May 1786From Thomas Boylston, May 1786From Lafayette, June 1785–May 1786[From Troyes, 1 June 1786]To Clérisseau, 2 June 1786From Clérisseau, 2 June 1786Clérisseau's Account of Expenditures for Architectural Plans, &c., 2 June 1786From La Morlière, 2 June 1786To La Morlière, 3 June 1786From Francis Coffyn, 4 June 1786To William Stephens Smith, 4 June 1786From John Banister, Jr., 5 June 1786[From Francis Coffyn, 5 June 1786]From Jean Baptiste de Gouvion, 5 June 1786From Ebenezer Gearey, Jr., 5 June 1786From David Humphreys, 5 June 1786From John Lamb, 5 June 1786From John Adams, 6 June 1786To Breteuil, 7 June [1786]From Guiraud & Portas, 8 June 1786From Richard O'Bryen and Others, 8 June 1786From Ebenezer Gearey, Jr., 9 May 1786From Antonio Giannini, 9 June 1786From Lewis Alexander, 10 June 1786Thomas Barclay to the American Commissioners, 10 June 1786From John Bondfield, 10 June 1786From Burrill Carnes, 10 June 1786[From Delahaie, 10 June 1786]From Thomas Barclay, 12 June 1786[From Borgnis Desbordes, Frères, 12 June 1786]From Ebenezer Gearey, Jr., 12 June 1786To Stael de Holstein, 12 June 1786From William Stephens Smith, 12 June 1786From Nicolas & Jacob van Staphorst, 12 June 1786To James Buchanan and William Hay, 13 June 1786Instructions for Unpacking the Model of the Virginia Capitol, with Invoice, [ca. 13 June 1786]Memorandum of Customs Paid on Model for the Virginia Capitol, [13 June 1786]To Ebenezer Gearey, Jr., 13 June 1786To André Limozin, 13 June 1786From Ebenezer Gearey, Jr., 14 June 1786From Benjamin Hawkins, 14 June 1786To John Banister, Jr., 15 June 1786To Lafayette, 15 June 1786Passport to William Langborn, 15 June 1786From André Limozin, 15 June 1786From De Riario, 15 June [1786]From William H. Sargeant, 15 June 1786To John Adams, 16 June 1786From William Carmichael, 16 June 1786To Jean Diot & Cie., 16 June 1786From John Jay, 16 June 1786[From Mary Walker Lewis, 16 June 1786]To André Limozin, 16 June 1786From André Limozin, 16 June 1786From James Monroe, 16 June 1786To William Stephens Smith, 16 June 1786From Edward Bridgen, 17 June 1786To Borgnis Desbordes, Frères, 17 June 1786To Lafayette, 17 June 1786From Daniel and Theodorick Fitzhugh, 18 June 1786From Ebenezer Gearey, Jr., and John Arnold, Jr., 19 June 1786From James Madison, 19 June 1786To William Carmichael, 20 June 1786To John Lamb, 20 June 1786To P. R. Randall, 20 June 1786From Antonio Giannini, 21 June 1786[To Francis Coffyn and Others, 22 June 1786]