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Main Series | Volume 11 (1 January–6 August 1787) | Documents

From Maria Cosway, 1 January 1787From H. Fizeaux & Cie., 1 January 1787From Thomas Boylston, 2 January 1787From Goltz, 2 January 1787From Brissot de Warville, with Enclosure, 3 January 1787From Étienne Clavière, 3 January 1787From Le Couteulx & Cie., 3 January 1787To Alexander McCaul, 4 January 1787From C. W. F. Dumas, 5 January 178[7]To William Jones, 5 January 1787From Chartier de Lotbinière, 5 January 1787To Samuel Osgood, 5 January 1787From José da Maia, 5 January 1787From Thomas Barclay, 6 January 1787Thomas Barclay to the American Commissioners, 6 January 1787From S. & J. H. Delap, 6 January 1787From Jean Nicolas Démeunier, 6 January 1787From Ferdinand Grand, 6 January 1787[To Abigail Adams, 7 January 1787]To Calonne, 7 January 1787To Colonia, 7 January 1787To Mathew Boulton, 8 January 1787From Duler, 8 January 1787From R. & A. Garvey, 8 January 1787From C. W. F. Dumas, 9 January 1787From George Gilmer, 9 January 1787To John Jay, 9 January 1787[To Pierre Louis Lacretelle, 9 January 1787]From Elizabeth Blair Thompson, 10 January 1787To John Adams, 11 January 1787To John Bondfield, 11 January 1787To David S. Franks, 11 January 1787From the Abbé Morellet, [11? January 1787?]From R. & A. Garvey, 12 January 1787To Philippe-Denis Pierres, 12 January 1787From Mrs. Rider, 13 January 1787To Ferdinand Grand, 14 January 1787To an Agent of Antoine-Félix Wuibert, 14 January 1787To Harcourt, 14 January 1787To Louis Guillaume Otto, 14 January 1787To St. John de Crèvecoeur, 15 January 1787From Philippe-Denis Pierres, 15 January 1787To Abigail Adams Smith, 15 January 1787To William Stephens Smith, 15 January 1787[From John Bondfield, 16 January 1787]From Carburi, 16 January 1787To Edward Carrington, 16 January 1787From Champagni, [17? January 1787]To S. & J. H. Delap, 17 January 1787To Duler, 17 January 1787To Jean Durival, 17 January 1787From Miguel de Lardizábel y Uribe, 17 January 1787From Segond, 17 January 1787To John Adams, 19 January 1787To Champagni, [19 January 1787]From Chevallié Fils, 19 January 1787To R. & A. Garvey, 19 January 1787To François Soulés, 19 January 1787[To the Abbé Morellet, 19 January 1787]To Elizabeth Blair Thompson, 19 January 1787From Charles Burney, 20 January 1787From Jean Durival, 20 January 1787From Uriah Forrest, 20 January 1787From Madame de Tessé, 21 January 1787From William Jones, 22 January 1787[From Tarbé, 22 January 1787]From St. Victour & Bettinger, 23 January 1787From C. W. F. Dumas, 23 January 1787From Madame de Tessé, 23 January 1787From John Adams, 25 January 1787From R. & A. Garvey, 25 January 1787From Le Veillard, [before 26 January 1787]From John Sullivan, 26 January 1787From John Sullivan, 26 January 1787From Benjamin Vaughan, with Enclosure, 26 January 1787The American Commissioners to John Jay, 27 January 1787The American Commissioners to Taher Fennish, 27 January 1787To Hilliard d'Auberteuil, 27 January 1787To Gelhais, 27 January 1787From De Langeac, 27 January 1787[From Schweighauser & Dobrée, 27 January 1787]To Segond, 27 January 1787From Edmund Randolph, 28 January 1787From Edmund Randolph, 28 January 1787To John Stockdale, 28 January 1787To Anthony Vieyra, [28 January 1787]From Abigail Adams, 29 January 1787From William Cunningham, 29 January 1787To R. & A. Garvey, 29 January 1787From Thomas Haddaway, 29 January 1787From Rochambeau, 29 January 1787From Rosaubo, 29 January [1787]From William Stephens Smith, 29 January 1787To Zachariah Loreilhe, 30 January 1787To James Madison, 30 January 1787From Thomas Silbey, 30 January 1787From André Limozin, 31 January 1787From Partout, [January 1787?]From George Wythe, January 1787To Cunningham and Haddaway, 1 February 1787To John Jay, 1 February 1787From Louis Le Pelletier, 1 February 1787From Puisaye, 1 February 1787To John Stockdale, 1 February 1787To the Commissioners of the Treasury, 1 February 1787To Mary Barclay, 2 February 1787From C. W. F. Dumas, 2 February 1787From Mademoiselle de Lausanne, 2 February 1787[From Alexander McCaul, 2 February 1787]To François Soulés, 2 February 1787From André Limozin, 3 February 1787To Christian Frederick Michaelis and Others, 4 February 1787From Henry Champion, 5 February 1787From De Gascq, with Enclosure, 5 February 1787Enclosure: From M. de Gasq, 5 February 1787From Anthony Garvey, 5 February 1787From Madame de Tott, [early February 1787?]To John Adams, 6 February 1787From Mary Barclay, 6 February 1787To William Drayton, 6 February 1787To John Banister, 7 February 1787To John Banister, Jr., with enclosure, 7 February 1787To Anne Willing Bingham, 7 February 1787To the Governor of Virginia, 7 February 1787To James Madison, 7 February 1787To David S. Franks, 8 February 1787To John Jay, 8 February 1787To André Limozin, 8 February 1787To C. W. F. Dumas, 9 February 1787From John Jay, 9 February 1787[From John Banister, Jr., 10 February 1787]Thomas Barclay to the American Commissioners, 10 February 1787From Thomas Barclay, 10 February 1787From David S. Franks, 10 February 1787[To Madame de Doradour, 11 February 1787]From Duler, 11 February 1787From David S. Franks, 11 February 1787To André Limozin, 11 February 1787To De Puisaye, 11 February 1787To Tarbé, 11 February 1787To Vergennes, 11 February 1787To Charles Burney, 12 February 1787To Borgnis Desbordes, Frères, 12 February 1787To Schweighauser & Dobrée, 12 February 1787From C. W. F. Dumas, 13 February 1787From André Limozin, 13 February 1787From John Stockdale, 13 February 1787To John Adams, 14 February 1787To John Jay, 14 February 1787To John Jay, 14 February 1787From John Jay, 14 February 1787To André Limozin, 14 February 1787From Louis Guillaume Otto, 14 February 1787From Maria Cosway, 15 February 1787From L. J. M. Daubenton, 15 February 1787From Louis Le Pelletier, 15 February 1787From James Madison, 15 February 1787From John Trumbull, 15 February 1787To Simon Bérard, 16 February 1787From Simon Bérard, 16 February 1787To Henry Champion, 16 February 1787From C. W. F. Dumas, 16 February 1787To Philip Mazzei, 16 February 1787From the Commissioners of the Treasury, 16 February 1787From Vandenyver Frères, 16 February 1787From Benjamin Vaughan, 16 February 1787From Froullé, 17 February 1787To Thomas Barclay, 18 February 1787To William Carmichael, 18 February 1787To De Corny, 18 February 1787To the Prévôt des Marchands et Echevins de Paris, 18 February 1787From André Limozin, 18 February 1787From Anne Blair Banister, 19 February 1787To Alexander McCaul, 19 February 1787To William Stephens Smith, 19 February 1787To John Adams, 20 February 1787From John Adams, 20 February 1787From De Corny, 20 February 1787From William Gordon, 20 February 1787To Barradelle, 21 February 1787From Henry Champion, 21 February 1787To Abigail Adams, 22 February 1787To De Langeac, 22 February 1787To John Adams, 23 February 1787To Mrs. Champernoune, 23 February 1787To John Jay, 23 February 1787To Eliza House Trist, 23 February 1787To John Trumbull, 23 February 1787To Michel Capitaine, 25 February 1787From D'Hancarville, 25 February 1787[From William Jones, 25 February 1787]To Richard Peters, 26 February 1787To John Stockdale, 27 February 1787To John Adams, 28 February 1787Jefferson's Letter of Credit from Ferdinand Grand, [ca. 28 February 1787]To Ferdinand Grand, 28 February 1787From Richard Paul Jodrell, 28 February 1787To Lafayette, 28 February 1787To Madame de Tessé, 28 February 1787To Madame de Tott, 28 February 1787To St. John de Crèvecoeur, [ca. February 1787]From John Adams, 1 March 1787From Elias Hasket Derby, 1 March 1787From Alexander Donald, 1 March 1787From Benjamin Vaughan, [ca. 1 March 1787]C. W. F. Dumas to William Short, 2 March 1787C. W. F. Dumas to William Short, 2 March 1787From Lavoisier, 3 March 1787From De Saint-Paterne, 3 March 1787From Madame de Tott, 4 March 1787From Gaudenzio Clerici, 5 March 1787[To Visly, 6 March 1787]From De Guichén, 7 March 1787From Benjamin Hawkins, 8 March 1787From Martha Jefferson, 8 [March] 1787From Brissot de Warville, with Enclosure, 8 March 1787[From Alexander McCaul, 9 March 1787]From Sir John Sinclair, 9 March 1787From Madame de Tessé, 11 [March] 1787From William Short, 12 March 1787To Parent, 13 March 1787From William Short, 14 March 1787[To Adrien Petit, 15 March 1787]To William Short, 15 March 1787[From Adrien Petit, 17 March 1787]From John Ledyard, 19 March 1787From James Madison, 19 March 1787To José da Maia, 19 March 1787To Madame de Tessé, 20 March 1787From Richard Cary, 21 March 1787William Short to the Governor of Virginia, 21 March 1787William Short to John Jay, 21 March 1787From William Short, 22 March 1787From the Governor of Georgia, 23 March 1787From William Carmichael, 25 March 1787From Martha Jefferson, 25 March 1787From William Short, 26 March 1787From Edward Bancroft, 27 March 1787[From Buffon, 27 March 1787]To Adrien Petit, 27 March 1787C. W. F. Dumas to William Short, 27 March 1787To William Short, 27 March 1787From John Blair, 28 March 1787To Martha Jefferson, 28 March 1787From the Rev. James Madison, [ca. 28 March 1787]To William Short, 29 March 1787From John Bondfield, 30 March 1787From Francis Eppes, 30 March 1787From Ferdinand Grand, [ca. 30 March 1787]From Madame de Tessé, 30 March 1787From Elizabeth Wayles Eppes, [31 March 1787]From Mary Jefferson, [ca. 31 March 1787]From André Limozin, 31 March 1787[From Adrien Petit, 31 March 1787]To Chastellux, 4 April 1787From Ralph Izard, 4 April 1787From the Papal Nuncio, 4 April 1787To Philip Mazzei, 4 April 1787From William Short, 4 April 1787[To John Banister, 5 April 1787]From Pierre Poinsot des Essarts, 5 April 1787To Madame de Tott, 5 April 1787From William Macarty, 6 April 1787From Rigoley d'Ogny, 6 April 1787From William Short, 6 April 1787To Martha Jefferson, 7 April 1787[From Adrien Petit, 7 April 1787]From David Ramsay, 7 April 1787To William Short, 7 April 1787From Martha Jefferson, 9 April 1787From Jacques Nicolas Mayeux, 9 April 1787From A. E. Van Braam Houckgeest, 10 April 1787To Lafayette, 11 April 1787From Louis Guillaume Otto, 11 April 1787To William Short, 12 April 1787To the Abbés Arnoux and Chalut, 12 April 1787From Francis Hopkinson, 14 April 1787From Francis Hopkinson, 14 April 1787[From Adrien Petit, 14 April 1787]From Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr., 14 April 1787From David Rittenhouse, 14 April 1787From Francis Hopkinson, 15 April 1787From St. John de Crèvecoeur, 16 April 1787From David Ramsay, 16 April 1787From John Sullivan, 16 April 1787From Thomas Brand Hollis, 17 April 1787From Philip Mazzei, 17 April 1787[From John Sullivan, 17 April 1787]From John Adams, 18 April 1787From Peter Carr, 18 April 1787From Castries, 19 April 1787From Benjamin Franklin, 19 April 1787[From St. Victour, 19 April 1787]From Bellon, 21 April 1787From the Abbés Arnoux and Chalut, 23 April 1787From John Banister, Jr., 23 April 1787From David S. Franks, 23 April 1787From David Hartley, 23 April 1787From James Madison, 23 April 1787From Edward Carrington, 24 April 1787From John Jay, 24 April 1787From William Short, 24 April 1787From William Hay, 26 April 1787From John Sullivan, with Account of Expenses for Obtaining Moose Skeleton, 26 April 1787From John Sullivan, 27 April 1787From Richard O'Bryen, 28 April 1787From Charles Thomson, 28 April 1787From Chastellux, 29 April 1787From John Sullivan, 30 April 1787To William Short, 1 May 1787From James Currie, 2 May 1787From William Fleming, 2 May 1787From Peter J. Bergius, 3 May 1787To Castries, 3 May 1787From William Hay, 3 May 1787From Martha Jefferson, 3 May 1787To Rigoley d'Ogny, 3 May 1787From Edmund Randolph, 3 May 1787From American Traders in Guadeloupe, 3 May 1787To Ferdinand Grand, 4 May 1787From Delahais, 4 May 1787To John Jay, 4 May 1787From Edmund Randolph, 4 May 1787To William Short, 4 May 1787William Short to John Jay, 4 May 1787To Thomas Barclay, 5 May 1787To Martha Jefferson, 5 May 1787From André Limozin, 5 May 1787To William Short, 5 May 1787To Edward Bancroft, 6 May 1787From John Banister, Sr., and Anne Blair Banister, 6 May 1787To Jean Baptiste Guide, 6 May 1787To Philip Mazzei, 6 May 1787To St. Victour & Bettinger, 6 May 1787To George Wythe, 6 May 1787From Elizabeth Wayles Eppes, [7 May 1787]From William Short, 8 May 1787From Stephen Cathalan, Jr., 9 May 1787From John Sullivan, 9 May 1787From John Ammonet, 10 May 1787From G. A. Auckler, 11 May 1787[From the Abbé Guibert, 14 May 1787]From William Short, 14 May 1787From James Madison, 15 May 1787John Stockdale to William Short, 15 May 1787From Ferdinand Grand, 19 May 1787From William Stephens Smith, 19 May 1787From Madame de Tott, 19 May 1787From John Lamb, 20 May 1787To Martha Jefferson, 21 May 1787From James Maury, 21 May 1787To William Short, 21 May 1787From William Short, 21 May 1787From William Drayton, 22 May 1787From André Limozin, 22 May 1787From Robert Montgomery, 22 May 1787From Ferdinand Grand, 23 May 1787[From the Abbé Gaubert, before 25 May 1787][From Wilt, Delmestre & Cie., 25 May 1787]To John Banister, Jr., 26 May 1787To William Carmichael, 26 May 1787To Francis Eppes, 26 May 1787From Robert Montgomery, 26 May 1787From G. Pin, 26 May 1787To William Stephens Smith, 26 May 1787From Martha Jefferson, 27 May 1787From William Short, 29 May 1787From John Sullivan, 29 May 1787From Miguel de Lardizábel y Uribe, 30 May 1787From George Washington, 30 May 1787From Jeudy de l'Hommande, 31 May 1787From Anne Willing Bingham, [1 June 1787]From J. P. P. Derieux, 1 June 1787To Martha Jefferson, 1 June 1787To William Short, 1 June 1787From Feger, Gramont & Cie., 2 June 1787From C. W. F. Dumas, 5 June 1787From John Churchman, with a Memorial on Magnetic Declinations, 6 June 1787From Lafayette, 6 June 1787From James Madison, 6 June 1787From Charles Thomson, 6 June 1787From Eliza House Trist, 6 June 1787From C. W. F. Dumas, 7 June 1787From John Rutledge, 7 June 1787From C. W. F. Dumas, 8 June 1787From Edward Carrington, 9 June 1787From Richard Claiborne, with Enclosure, 9 June 1787From Benjamin Hawkins, 9 June 1787Notes of a Tour into the Southern Parts of France, &c., 3 March–10 June 1787From Dr. Lambert, 11 June 1787From Thomas Barclay, 12 June 1787From Thomas Barclay, 12 June 1787From Motture, 12 June 1787[To Cassini, 13 June 1787][To Champion, 13 June 1787]From Richard Claiborne, 13 June 1787[To the Abbé Gaubert, 13 June 1787]To William Carmichael, 14 June 1787To C. W. F. Dumas, 14 June 1787To Martha Jefferson, 14 June 1787To Parent, 14 June 1787From Joel Barlow, 15 June 1787From Wilt, Delmestre & Cie., 15 June 1787To the Commissioners of the Treasury, 17 June 1787To Du Pin d'Assarts, 18 June 1787To John Banister, Jr., 19 June 1787To Thomas Barclay, 19 June 1787To Feger, Gramont & Cie., 19 June 1787From the Abbés Arnoux and Chalut, 20 June [1787]To William Macarty, 20 June 1787To James Madison, 20 June 1787From Parent, 20 June 1787From Richard Claiborne, 21 June 1787To George Rogers Clark, 21 June 1787To John Jay, 21 June 1787To Barrois, 22 June 1787From John and Lucy Ludwell Paradise, 22 June 1787To R. & A. Garvey, 24 June 1787From Abigail Adams, 26 June 1787From Abigail Adams, 27 June 1787To Martha Jefferson, 28 June 1787From Thomas Barclay, 29 June 1787From R. & A. Garvey, 29 June 1787From Pierre Bon, 30 June 1787From Stephen Cathalan, Sr., 30 June 1787To Madame de Corny, 30 June 1787From C. W. F. Dumas, 30 June 1787From Feger, Gramont & Cie., 30 June 1787From William Stephens Smith, 30 June 1787From Vernes, 30 June 1787To Abigail Adams, 1 July 1787To John Adams, 1 July 1787To Matthew Boulton, 1 July 1787To Richard Claiborne, 1 July 1787To Maria Cosway, 1 July 1787To Anne Cleland Kinloch, 1 July 1787To John Stockdale, with Orders for Books, 1 July 1787To John Bondfield, 2 July 1787To Francis Eppes, 2 July 1787To William Gordon, 2 July 1787To David Hartley, 2 July 1787To Thomas Brand Hollis, 2 July 1787To Richard Paul Jodrell, 2 July 1787From Lormerie, 2 July 1787To James Maury, 2 July 1787To the Abbé Morellet, 2 July 1787Jefferson's Instructions to Adrien Petit, [ca. 2 July 1787]To Sir John Sinclair, 2 July 1787To Benjamin Vaughan, 2 July 1787From Villedeuil, 2 July 1787To Wilt, Delmestre & Cie., 2 July 1787From Thomas Barclay, [ca. 3 July 1787]From John Bondfield, 3 July 1787Jefferson's Observations on Calonne's Letter Concerning American Trade, [ca. 3 July 1787]From the Abbé Morellet, [3 July 1787]From André Pepin, 3 July 1787To André Pepin, 3 July 1787To Thomas Barclay, 4 July 1787[From Clesle, 4 July 1787]To Feger, Gramont & Cie., 4 July 1787From Lanchon Frères & Cie., 4 July 1787To André Limozin, 4 July 1787[From Parent, 4 July 1787]To Hérault, 5 July 1787John Jay to William Short, 5 July 1787To Villedeuil, 5 July 1787From Abigail Adams, 6 July 1787From Thomas Barclay, 6 July 1787To Dr. Lambert, 6 July 1787To Miguel de Lardizábel y Uribe, with Enclosure, 6 July 1787To Lormerie, 6 July 1787To Robert Montgomery, 6 July 1787To G. Pin, 6 July 1787From Andrew Ramsay, 6 July 1787To Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr., 6 July 1787To G. A. Auckler, 7 July 1787[To Guillaume Delahaye, 7 July 1787]To Pierre Poinsot des Essarts, 7 July 1787From Thomas Barclay, 8 July 1787From Francis Hopkinson, 8 July 1787From William Macarty, 8 July 1787To the Abbé d'Arnal, 9 July 1787From William Carmichael, 9 July 1787From Maria Cosway, 9 July 1787From Madame de Corny, 9 July 1787To Jan Ingenhousz, 9 July 1787To Lanchon Frères & Cie., 9 July 1787From Wilt, Delmestre & Cie., 9 July 1787To Abigail Adams, 10 July 1787From Abigail Adams, with List of Purchases for Mary Jefferson, 10 July 1787From John Adams, 10 July 1787From Blumendorf, 10 July 1787From C. W. F. Dumas, 10 July 1787From John Stockdale, 10 July 1787From John Trumbull, 10 July 1787From Nathaniel Barrett, 11 July 1787From Richard Claiborne, 11 July 1787From Abigail Adams Smith, 11 July 1787From C. W. F. Dumas, 12 July 1787From Ladevese, 12 July 1787Thomas Barclay to the American Commissioners, 13 July 1787[From John Stockdale, 13 July 1787]From Thomas Barclay, [14 July 1787]From Gaudenzio Clerici, 14 July 1787From Feger, Gramont & Cie., 14 July 1787To Edward Rutledge, 14 July 1787From Frederick Soffer, 14 July 1787To Wilt, Delmestre & Cie., 14 July 1787Notes on the Rice Trade Supplied by Jean Jacques Bérard & Cie., [15 July 1787]To Abigail Adams, 16 July 1787From Thomas Barclay, 16 July 1787From Joseph Fenwick, 16 July 1787To John Trumbull, 16 July 1787To John Adams, 17 July 1787From John Bondfield, 17 July 1787To La Boullaye, 17 July 1787From Dr. Lambert, 17 July 1787To André Limozin, 17 July 1787To John Stockdale, 17 July 1787To John Trumbull, 17 July 1787To Adam Walker, 17 July 1787To La Boullaye, 18 July 1787From James Madison, 18 July 1787From Burrill Carnes, 19 July 1787From Guillaume Delahaye, 20 July 1787From Langlade, 20 July 1787From André Limozin, 20 July 1787To Stephen Cathalan, Jr., 21 July 1787To Joseph Fenwick, 21 July 1787From R. & A. Garvey, 21 July 1787From Ferdinand Grand, 21 July 1787To William Macarty, 21 July 1787To Parent, 21 July 1787To Ferdinand Grand, 22 July 1787To the Rhode Island Delegates in Congress, 22 July 1787To John Adams, 23 July 1787To Mary Jefferson Bolling, 23 July 1787To H. Fizeaux & Cie., 23 July 1787To Ladevese, 23 July 1787To Montmorin, 23 July 1787To Abigail Adams Smith, 23 July 1787From John Jay, 24 July 1787From Robert Montgomery, 24 July 1787To Moustier, 24 July 1787From Moustier, 24 July 1787From the Abbé de Reymond de St. Maurice, 24 July 1787To Martha Jefferson Carr, 25 July 1787From Mantel Duchoqueltz, 25 July 1787To John Stockdale, 25 July 1787To Nathaniel Barrett, 26 July 1787[From John Sandford Dart, 26 July 1787]From Thomas Barclay, 27 July 1787From John Jay, with Enclosure, 27 July 1787From John Jay, 27 July 1787From André Limozin, 27 July 1787From James Monroe, 27 July 1787To John Adams, 28 July 1787To Alexander Donald, 28 July 1787To Elizabeth Wayles Eppes, 28 July 1787To John Wayles Eppes, 28 July 1787To Henry Skipwith, 28 July 1787To La Boullaye, 29 July 1787From John Ledyard, 29 July 1787To Nicholas Lewis, 29 July 1787To André Limozin, 29 July 1787[From St. Victour, 29 July 1787]From Thomas Barclay, 30 July 1787To William Drayton, 30 July 1787To Francis Eppes, 30 July 1787From Parent, 30 July 1787From Mainville, [ca. July 1787]From Madame Oster, [July 1787]To Francis Hopkinson, with Enclosure, 1 August 1787To Ralph Izard, 1 August 1787From André Limozin, 1 August 1787From Abbé Morellet, 1 August [1787][From Thomas Barclay, 2 August 1787]To James Madison, with Enclosure, 2 August 1787To Thomas Barclay, with Enclosure, 3 August 1787To Thomas Barclay, 3 August 1787From Zachariah Loreilhe, [3] August 1787To Edmund Randolph, 3 August 1787To the Governor of Virginia, 3 August 1787From William Stephens Smith, 3 August 1787From Stael de Holstein, 3 August 1787From John Stockdale, 3 August 1787From Wilt, Delmestre & Cie., 3 August 1787To Edward Carrington, 4 August 1787From Madame de Corny, 4 August 1787To James Currie, 4 August 1787To Benjamin Hawkins, 4 August 1787To William Hay, 4 August 1787To David Ramsay, 4 August 1787To James Monroe, 5 August 1787To the Commissioners of the Treasury, 5 August 1787To Anne Blair Banister, 6 August 1787To John Banister, Sr., 6 August 1787To St. John de Crèvecoeur, 6 August 1787To Benjamin Franklin, 6 August 1787To John Hannum Gibbons, 6 August 1787To John Jay, 6 August 1787To André Limozin, 6 August 1787To John Rutledge, 6 August 1787