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Main Series | Volume 14 (8 October 1788–26 March 1789) | Documents

From James Madison, 8 October 1788From David Ramsay, 8 October 1788From Vanet, 8 October 1788From Nicolas van Staphorst, 8 October 1788From C. W. F. Dumas, 10 October 1788To Ferdinand Grand, [10 October 1788]To De Langeac, 10 October 1788From De Langeac, 10 October 1788From John and Lucy Ludwell Paradise, 10 October 1788From John Trumbull, 10 October 1788From Edward Hall, Jr., 11 October 1788From William Short, 11 October 1788From Dugnani, 13 [October 1788?]From Boyd, Ker & Co., 15 October 1788From Fulwar Skipwith, 15 October 1788From Willink & Van Staphorst, 16 October 1788From John Brown Cutting, 17 October 1788From James Madison, 17 October 1788From Moustier, 17 October 1788From John Trumbull, 17 October 1788From William Short, 18 October 1788To Catherine Church, 19 October 1788From St. John de Crèvecoeur, 20 October 1788[From Burrill Carnes, 21 October 1788]From Edward Hall, Jr., 22 October 1788From C. W. F. Dumas, 23 October 1788From Francis Hopkinson, 23 October 1788To Montmorin, 23 October 1788From Benjamin Franklin, 24 October 178[8]From John Mason, 25 October 1788From Sauvage, 25 October 1788To Madame de Corny, 26 October 1788From Richard Price, 26 October 1788From Vanet, 26 October 1788From Van Damme, 27 October 1788From William Short, 28 October 1788From Catherine Church, [ca. October 1788?]To John Trumbull, 1 November 1788To John Bondfield, 3 November 1788From William Carmichael, 3 November 1788To John Brown Cutting, 3 November 1788To C. W. F. Dumas, 3 November 1788To Willink & Van Staphorst, 4 November 1788From John Trumbull, 7 November 1788From Grouber de Groubentall, 8 November 1788From David Rittenhouse, 8 November 1788From André Limozin, 9 November 1788To John Trumbull, 9 November 1788From Lucy Ludwell Paradise, 10 November 1788To André Limozin, 12 November 1788From André Limozin, 12 [November 1788]To Montmorin, 13 November 1788From Willink & Van Staphorst, 13 November 1788To John Jay, 14 November 1788The Consular Convention of 1788From John Ledyard, 15 November 1788From André Limozin, 15 November 1788From André Limozin, 16 November 1788From Stephen Cathalan, Jr., 17 November 1788To Alexander Donald, 18 November 1788From Anthony Gerna, 18 November 1788To James Madison, 18 November 1788Proposals for Funding the Foreign DebtFrom John Trumbull, 18 November 1788From Angelica Schuyler Church, 19 November 1788From Dugnani, 19 November 1788To John Jay, 19 November 1788Documents Concerning the Whale FisheryTo Lafayette, 19 November 1788To Lambert, 19 November 1788To La Luzerne, 19 November 1788To Montmorin, 19 November 1788To Jacques Necker, [19 November 1788]From William Short, 19 November 1788From St. John de Crèvecoeur, 20 November 1788To Grouber de Groubentall, 20 November 1788From Silas Talbot, 20 November 1788To William Short, 21 November 1788To John Paradise, 22 November 1788From John Ramsay, 22 November 1788From John Rutledge, Sr., 22 November 1788To William Frederick Ast, 24 November 1788To Dominique Audibert, 24 November 1788From Alexander Donald, 24 November 1788From Grand & Cie., 24 November 1788To Lanchon Frères & Cie., 24 November 1788To John Mason, 24 November 1788To Sauvage, 24 November 1788[From Abraham Baldwin, 25 November 1788]From James Carmichael, 25 November 1788To Stephen Cathalan, Jr., 25 November 1788From John Jay, 25 November 1788From John Jay, 25 November 1788From Lambert, 25 November 1788To Lambert, 26 November 1788To John Trumbull, 26 November 1788From Moustier, 27 November 1788From George Washington, 27 November 1788From Thomas Lee Shippen, 28 November 1788From Jean-Baptiste Acher, 29 November 1788From Lucy Paradise Barziza, 29 November 1788From David Humphreys, 29 November 1788To John Jay, 29 November 1788To Montmorin, 29 November 1788Enclosure: Proposal by Daniel Parker for Packets, 20 November 1788From William Short, 29 November 1788From André Limozin, 30 November 1788Jefferson's State of the Case of Schweighauser & Dobrée, [ca. November 1788?]From Daniel Parker, [ca. November 1788]From Francis Hopkinson, 1 December 1788From Francis Lewis, 1 December 1788From Dugnani, 3 December 1788To André Limozin, 3 December 1788From Jean Claude de la Métherie, 3 December 1788To George Washington, 4 December 1788To John Adams, 5 [December] 1788To George Washington, 5 December 1788From John Bondfield, 6 December 1788From Fulwar Skipwith, 6 December 1788From André Limozin, 7 December 1788To Jean-Baptiste Acher, 8 December 1788[From William Frederick Ast, 8 December 1788]From James Madison, 8 December 1788From Grégoire de Rumare, 8 December 1788To William Short, 8 December 1788From William Gordon, 9 December 1788From Francis Hopkinson, 9 December 1788To Grégoire de Rumare, 9 December 1788To William Jones, 10 December 1788From Henry Knox, 10 December 1788To Daniel Parker, 10 December 1788From C. W. F. Dumas, 11 December 1788To André Limozin, 11 December 1788From Thomas Russell-Greaves, 11 December 1788From Benjamin Vaughan, 11 December 1788From Jean & David Baux, 12 December 1788From James Madison, 12 December 1788To John Bondfield, 14 December 1788From William Carmichael, 14 December 1788To Fulwar Skipwith, 14 December 1788From Dominique Audibert, 15 December 1788To Elizabeth Wayles Eppes, 15 December 1788To Francis Eppes, 15 December 1788From John Jay, 15 December 1788From Richard Claiborne, 16 December 1788To George Gilmer, 16 December 1788To Nicholas Lewis, 16 December 1788From Thomas Paine, 16 December 1788From Meunier, 18 December 1788From John Trumbull, 19 December 1788To James Currie, 20 December 1788From Le Couteulx & Cie., 20 December 1788From André Limozin, [ca. 20 December 1788]From John Mason, 20 December 1788To Francis Hopkinson, 21 December 1788From Béthune-Charost, 22 December 1788From Fernán-Nuñez, 22 December 1788To Fernán-Nuñez, 23 December 1788From Maria Cosway, 23 December 1788To Thomas Paine, 23 December 1788From William Short, 23 December 1788To Lucy Paradise Barziza, 24 December 1788To William Carmichael, 25 December 1788From D. Lamy, 25 December 1788Jefferson's Statement of Refusal to Authenticate Writings, December 1788From André Limozin, 25 December 1788From La Rouërie, 26 December 1788From Brac de la Perrière, 27 December 1788From Jacob Vernes, 27 December 1788From John Brown Cutting, 27 December 1788To Père Chauvier, 27 December 1788To Jean & David Baux, 28 December 1788From Claudius De Bert, 28 December 1788From Madame de Bréhan and Moustier, 29 December 1788From André Sasserno, 29 December 1788From Père Chauvier, 30 December 1788From Richard Claiborne, 30 December 1788From John Rutledge, Jr., 31 December 1788From William Short, 31 December 1788From Marc Chazal, [1788]From Charlotte Hare, [1788?]From Madame Le Roy, [1787–1788?]From Jacques Ragondez, [1788?][From Hannah Stephen, 1788?]From De Vernon, [ca. December? 1788][From Gerard Walter, 1788?]From Stephen Cathalan, Jr., 1 January 1789From Thomas Delaire, 1 January 1789From John Adams, 2 January 1789[From Nathaniel Barrett, 2 January 1789]From William Jones, 2 January 178[9]To Augustin Dupré, 3 January 1789From Thomas Russell-Greaves, 4 January 1789From Lucy Ludwell Paradise, 4 January 1789From St. John de Crèvecoeur, 5 January 1789[From Pierre Simon Duvivier, 5 January 1789]To Thomas Lee Shippen, 5 January 1789[From Augustin Dupré, 6 January 1789]To Lucy Ludwell Paradise, 6 January 1789To Richard Price, 8 January 1789From Edward Hall, Jr., 9 January 1789From Morgan, Père et fils, 9 January 1789From Perrault, 9 January 1789To John Ramsay, 9 January 1789From Henry Knox, 10 January 1789To Charles Lilburne Lewis, 10 January 1789From Barziza, 11 January 1789To John Jay, 11 January 1789To Randolph Jefferson, 11 January 1789From Edward Luttrell, 11 January 1789From Jacques Necker, 11 January 178[9]To James Madison, 12 January 1789Enclosure: Proposed Declarations of Rights Drawn by the Marquis de Lafayette and by Dr. Richard GemTo John Trumbull, 12 January 1789From Pouget, 13 January 1789From Chardon, 13 [January 1789][From Lefévre, 13 January 1789]To John Adams, 14 January 1789From John Bondfield, 14 January 1789To Maria Cosway, 14 January 1789From Havré, 14 January [1789]To John Jay, 14 January 1789From William Short, 14 January 1789From Virieu, 14 January 1789From Thomas Paine, 15 January 1789From Lucy Ludwell Paradise, 15 January 1789Circular Letter to American Agents in France, 15 January 1789From Alexander Donald, 16 January 1789From Dussaut, 16 January 1789To Dussaut, 16 January 1789[From Richard O'Bryen, 16 January 1789]To Béthune-Charost, 17 January 1789To Morgan, Père et Fils, 17 January 1789To Lucy Ludwell Paradise, 17 January 1789From Samuel Blackden, 18 January 1789To Stephen Cathalan, Jr., 18 January 1789To Stephen Cathalan, Jr., 18 January 1789To De Bert, 18 January 1789To Thomas Russell-Greaves, [18 January 1789]From André Limozin, 18 January 1789From La Luzerne, 18 January 1789From Lucy Ludwell Paradise, 18 January 1789To John Trumbull, 18 January 1789From John Trumbull, 18 January 1789Enclosure: Thomas Jefferson to John Kemp, 6 November 1788From Thomas Lee Shippen, 19 January 1789From Van Damme, 19 January 1789From Gaudenzio Clerici, 20 January 1789To Diodati, 20 January 1789To La Lande, 20 January 1789To Edward Luttrell, 20 January 1789From Maupin, 20 January 1789From De La Borde de Mereville to Martha Jefferson, 21 January 1789To John Jay, 21 January 1789From Würtz, 21 January 1789From Mademoiselle Thomas de Langat, 22 January 1789From Madame Necker, 22 January 1789To Parent, 22 January 1789To John Rutledge, Jr., 22 January 1789To William Short, 22 January 1789From Burrill Carnes, 23 January 1789From C. W. F. Dumas, 23 January 1789To Würtz, 23 January 178[9]To La Luzerne, 24 January 1789To Jacques Necker, 24 January 1789To Madame Necker, 24 January 1789Affidavit for De Bellefonds, 25 January [1789?]To Thomas Delaire, 25 January 1789To Van Damme, 25 January 1789To Edward Bancroft, 26 January 1789Jefferson's Notes from Condorcet on SlaveryFrom William Carmichael, 26 January 1789Enclosure: Description of the Megatherium, 26 January 1789From John Paul Jones, 26 January 1789From Dominique Audibert, 27 January 1789Enclosure: Observations sur la Potasse, January 1789[From Fraissmet & Cie., 27 January 1789]To Mademoiselle Thomas de Langat, 27 January 1789From Béthune-Charost, 28 January 1789From Hannah Parkhouse Cowley, 28 January 1789To Pierre Dessin, 28 January 1789To Thomas Payne, 28 January 1789From Lucy Ludwell Paradise, 29 January 1789From John Trumbull, 29 January 1789From Angelica Schuyler Church, 30 January [1789]From John Paul Jones, 31 January 1789From Lucy Ludwell Paradise, 31 January 1789From Fulwar Skipwith, 1 February 1789From Thomas Lee Shippen, 3 February 1789From M. Amoureux, 4 February 1789To John Jay, 4 February 1789To Meunier, 5 February 1789To John Trumbull, 5 February 1789From John Trumbull, 5 February 1789From Maria Cosway, 6 February 1789To Jonathan Nesbitt, 7 February 1789From Burrill Carnes, 9 February 1789To William Short, 9 February 1789From James I. Brossier, 10 February 1789From Burrill Carnes, 10 February 1789To Stephen Cathalan, Jr., 10 February 1789To James Fanning, 10 February 1789From the Rev. James Madison, 10 February 1789To Villedeuil, 10 February 1789To James I. Brossier, 11 February 1789From John Rutledge, Jr., 11 February 1789From William Short, 11 February 1789Jefferson's Notes on Macaroni, [after 11 February 1789]From Lewis Littlepage, 12 February 1789[From Joseph Chiappe, 13 February 1789]To Augustin Dupré, 13 February 1789From George Washington, 13 February 1789From John Bondfield, 14 February 1789From J. F. Frin & Cie., 14 February 1789From Jean Claude de la Métherie, 14 February 1789To Madame de Bréhan, 15 February 1789To Burrill Carnes, 15 February 1789To Angelica Schuyler Church, 15 February 1789To Augustin Dupré, 15 February 1789To J. F. Frin & Cie., 15 February 1789To De Langeac, 15 February 1789To De Langeac, 15 February 1789From James Monroe, 15 February 1789From William Stephens Smith, 15 February 1789To John Trumbull, 15 February 1789From Thomas Paine, 16 February 1789From Parent, 16 February 1789From Willink & Van Staphorst, 16 February 1789From William Short, 17 February 1789To Villedeuil, 17 February 1789From Guichard de Mareil, 18 February 1789From Ladevese, 18 February 1789From Jonathan Nesbitt, 18 February 1789[From John Rutledge, Sr., 18 February 1789][From Giuseppe Chiappe, 19 February 1789]From Edward Bancroft, 20 February 1789From Madame de Brionne, 20 February 1789From the Commissioners of the Treasury, 20 February 1789To Geismar, 20 February 1789From Charlotte Hare, [20? February 1789]From Villedeuil, 20 February 1789From John Bondfield, 21 February 1789From James Fanning, 21 February 1789To Willink & Van Staphorst, 22 February 1789To Augustin Dupré, 23 February 1789[From Pierre Simon Duvivier, 23 February 1789]From Madame d'Anterroches, 24 February 1789From Burrill Carnes, 24 February 1789To Guichard de Mareil, 24 February 1789From Elie Lefebvre Frères, 24 February 1789From William Short, 25 February 1789From Duncan Rose, 26 February 1789To the Commissioners of the Treasury, 27 February 1789From Lucy Ludwell Paradise, 27 February 1789To Stephen Cathalan, Jr., 28 February 1789To Thomas Russell-Greaves, 28 February 1789From André Limozin, 28 February 1789To William Short, 28 February 1789From John Adams, 1 March 1789Enclosure: Stephen Higginson to John Adams, 17 January 1789To Edward Bancroft, 1 March 1789To John Jay, 1 March 1789To Fulwar Skipwith, 1 March 1789To Edward Bancroft, 2 March 1789From Quesnay de Beaurepaire, 2 March 1789From William Short, 2 March 1789From Willink & Van Staphorst, 2 March 1789From Lucy Paradise Barziza, 3 March 1789From C. W. F. Dumas, 3 March 1789From John Rutledge, Jr., 3 March 1789To Nicolas van Staphorst, 3 March 1789To William Carmichael, 4 March 1789To Quesnay de Beaurepaire, 4 March 1789From Nathaniel Barrett, 6 March 1789From Henry Lee, 6 March 1789From Renaud, 6 March 1789To John Bondfield, 8 March 1789To C. W. F. Dumas, 8 March 1789To André Limozin, 8 March 1789From Quesnay de Beaurepaire, 8 March 1789To Madame d'Anterroches, 9 March 1789From De Brahm, 9 March 1789From John Jay, 9 March 1789From Madame de Tessé, 9 March [1789]From Edward Bancroft, 10 March 1789From Brailsford & Morris, 10 March 1789From John Trumbull, 10 March 1789From Stephen Cathalan, Jr., 11 March 1789To Ladevese, 11 March 1789To Malesherbes, 11 March 1789To Jonathan Nesbitt, 11 March 1789To Parent, 11 March 1789To Thomas Lee Shippen, 11 March 1789From John Trumbull, 11 March 1789To Benjamin Vaughan, 11 March 1789To Willink & Van Staphorst, 11 March 1789From William Carmichael, 12 March 1789From Thomas Delaire, 12 March 1789To John Jay, 12 March 1789To James Lackington, 12 March 1789From Malesherbes, 12 March 1789From Nicolas & Jacob van Staphorst, 12 March 1789[From Dugald Stewart, 12 March 1789]From M. Amoureux, 13 March 1789To D'Estaing, 13 March 1789To Francis Hopkinson, 13 March 1789To Moustier, 13 March 1789From William Playfair, 13 March 1789From Ruellan & Cie., 13 March 1789To Madame de Bréhan, 14 March 1789To the Commissioners of the Treasury, 14 March 1789To Edward Bancroft, 15 March 1789To John Jay, 15 March 1789To James Madison, 15 March 1789To John Trumbull, 15 March 1789From Thomas Lee Shippen, 16 March 1789To William Short, 16 March 1789To John Trumbull, 16 March 1789From Alexander Cain, 17 March 1789[From James Lackington, 17 March 1789]From MacCarthy Brothers, [17 March 1789]To Thomas Paine, 17 March 1789From Benjamin Vaughan, 17 March 1789To William Gordon, 18 March 1789From Jean Baptiste de Gouvion, 18 March 1789To David Humphreys, 18 March 1789From R. Macarty, 18 March 1789From Parent, 18 March 1789To Jean Baptiste de Gouvion, 19 March 1789From Willink & Van Staphorst, 19 March 1789From François Soulés, 21 March 1789From Madame d'Anterroches, 23 March 1789To John Paul Jones, 23 March 1789To MacCarthy Brothers, 23 March 1789To François Soulés, 23 March 1789To James Swan, 23 March 1789To Edward Bancroft, 24 March 1789From C. W. F. Dumas, 24 March 1789To Lucy Ludwell Paradise, 24 March 1789To William Short, 24 March 1789To Joseph Willard, 24 March 1789To D'Aranda, 25 March 1789From Béthune-Charost, 25 March 1789To William Carmichael, 25 March 1789From Giovanni Fabbroni, 25 March 1789To John Rutledge, Jr., 25 March 1789To Willink & Van Staphorst, 25 March 1789To Lafayette, [26 March?] 1789From Madame de Lafayette, 26 March 1789From William Short, 26 March 1789From Thiery fils aîné, 26 March 1789To Thiery fils aîné, 26 March 1789From Van Damme, 26 March 1789From Benjamin Vaughan, 26 March 1789