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Main Series | Volume 15 (27 March 1789–30 November 1789) | Documents | Documents from 1789

From Edward Bancroft, 27 March 1789[From Descamets, 27 March 1789]From Sir John Sinclair, 27 March 1789From James Madison, 29 March 1789To Edward Bancroft, 30 March 1789To Boyd, Ker & Co., 30 March 1789From Lucy Ludwell Paradise, 31 March 1789From Madame Oster, 1 April 1789From Edward Rutledge, [ca. 1 April 1789][From Charpentier, 2 April 1789]From Francis Hopkinson, 2 April 1789From André Limozin, 2 April 1789From Sarsfield, 2 April 1789From Nicolas & Jacob van Staphorst, 2 April 1789From Willink, Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 2 April 1789From C. W. F. Dumas, 3 April 1789From Ralph Izard, 3 April 1789To Jean Baptiste LeRoy, 3 April 1789From John Rutledge, Jr., 3 April 1789To Sarsfield, 3 April 1789From William Short, 3 April 1789From Jonathan Jones, 4 April 1789From MacCarthy Brothers, 4 April 1789To Thomas Payne, 4 April 1789From Charles Pinckney, 4 April 1789To Madame Oster, 5 April 1789To Lucy Ludwell Paradise, 6 April 1789From Sarsfield, 7 April 1789From David Ramsay, 8 April 1789To John Trumbull, 8 April 1789To Edward Bancroft, 9 April 1789From James Rumsey, 9 April 1789To Willink, Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 9 April 1789Enclosure: The Commissioners of the Treasury to Willink & Van Staphorst, 21 February 1789From P. van Ishoven, 10 April 1789[From Pierre Simon Duvivier, 11 April 1789]To John Bondfield, 12 April 1789From Stephen Cathalan, Jr., 12 April 1789To André Limozin, 12 April 1789From John Fraser, 13 April 1789From Geismar, 13 April 1789To Jean Durival, 13 April 1789To William Short, 13 April 1789From D'Anterroches, 14 April 1789From Lucy Ludwell Paradise, 14 April 1789From Schweighauser & Dobrée, 14 April 1789From Madame Oster, 15 April 1789From Bayard, 16 April 1789From William Bingham, 16 April 1789From John Gallwey, 16 April 1789From André Limozin, 16 April 1789From Jacob Vernes, [ca. 16 April 1789]From Willink, Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 16 April 1789From Edward Bancroft, 17 April 1789To Rayneval, 17 April 1789To John Rutledge, Jr., 17 April 1789From John Bondfield, 18 April 1789From Brissot de Warville, 19 April 1789From Ruellan & Cie., 20 April 1789From Ruÿsch, 20 April 1789From William Short, 20 April 1789From Thiery fils ainé, 20 April 1789From Louis Gomez, 21 April 1789To Grand & Cie., 23 April 1789To Ruellan & Cie., 23 April 1789To Edward Bancroft, 24 April 1789From André Limozin, 24 April 1789From John Bondfield, 25 April 1789From Francis Kinloch, 26 April 1789From Sarsfield, 26 April 1789From John Rutledge, Jr., 27 April 1789From Edward Bancroft, 28 April 1789From John Bondfield, 28 April 1789From Guichard de Mareil, 28 April 1789From William Short, 28 April 1789[From Boyd, Ker & Co., 29 April 1789]From C. W. F. Dumas, 29 April 1789[From Gouverneur Morris, 29 April 1789]From Jean Baptiste LeRoy, [30 April 1789]To Lucy Ludwell Paradise, 30 April 1789Memorandum Concerning Public Accounts, April 1789From John Trumbull, 1 May 1789From John Bondfield, 2 May 1789From William Short, 2 [May] 1789From D'Anterroches, 3 May 1789To Nicholas Hubbard, 3 May 1789To André Limozin, 3 May 1789To William Short, 3 May 1789To Van Damme, 3 May 1789To Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 3 May 1789To Willink, Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 3 May 1789From Gaetano Drago, 4 May 1789From Richard Price, 4 May 1789From William Short, 4 [May] 1789From Willink, Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 4 May 1789From Samuel Broome, 5 May 1789From Hastings Marks, 5 May 1789From Lucy Ludwell Paradise, 5 May 1789From Edward Jerningham, 6 May 1789To Lafayette, 6 May 1789From Louis de Pontière, 6 May 1789To James Swan, 6 May 1789To Brailsford & Morris, 7 May 1789To William Drayton, 7 May 1789To Parent, 7 May 1789From Benjamin Vaughan, 7 May 1789To William Carmichael, 8 May 1789To Lewis Littlepage, 8 May 1789From Richard Claiborne, 9 May 1789From Grand & Cie., 9 May 1789From Grand & Cie., [9 May 1789]To John Jay, 9 May 1789From James Madison, 9 May 1789To John Adams, 10 May 1789To George Washington, 10 May 1789From Nicholas Hubbard, 11 May 1789From Jan Ingenhousz, 11 May 1789To John Jay, 14 March–11 May 1789To James Madison, 11 May 1789Enclosure: Abstract of Mr. G. Morris's plan of American finances, 19 April 1789From Souche, 11 May 1789To the Commissioners of the Treasury, 11 May 1789From Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 11 May 1789To John Jay, 12 May 1789From Jean Claude de La Métherie, 12 May 1789From Stephen Cathalan, Jr., 13 May 1789From Jacob Vernes, 13 May 1789From Robert Fitz-Gerald, 14 May 1789From John Churchman, 15 May 1789From Lucy Ludwell Paradise, 15 May 1789To William Jones, 17 May 1789To Louis de Pontière, 17 May 1789To Benjamin Vaughan, 17 May 1789From Grand & Cie., 18 May 1789From Jacob Vernes, 18 May 1789To Thomas Paine, 19 May 1789To Richard Price, 19 May 1789To St. John de Crèvecoeur, 20 May 1789To Moustier, 20 May 1789To Maria Cosway, 21 May 1789To Edward Jerningham, 21 May 1789To John Trumbull, 21 May 1789From John Brown Cutting, 22 May 1789From James Rumsey, 22 May 1789From Benjamin Vaughan, 22 May 1789From John Bondfield, 23 May 1789From James Madison, 23 May 1789To Nathaniel Barrett, 24 May 1789To Giovanni Fabbroni, 24 May 1789From Jacob Vernes, 25 May 1789From Lucy Ludwell Paradise, 26 May 1789From John Trumbull, 26 May 1789From La Brissanne, 27 May 1789From James Madison, 27 May 1789From Parent, 27 May 1789From De Lormerie, 28 May [1789]From Peter Carr, 29 May 1789From John Trumbull, 29 May 1789From John Trumbull, 29 May 1789From Jacob Vernes, 29 May 1789From D. Lamy, 30 May 1789From John Brown Cutting, [30 May 1789]From Rodolphe Tillier, May 1789To Edward Bancroft, 1 June 1789To William Jones, 1 June 1789To Lucy Ludwell Paradise, 1 June 1789To John Trumbull, 1 June 1789From Lucy Ludwell Paradise, 2 June 1789To Lafayette, 3 June 1789From Lafayette, [before 3 June 1789]To Rabaut de St. Etienne, 3 June 1789Draft of a Charter of Rights, 3 June 1789From D. Alexandre, 5 June 1789From James Rumsey, 6 June 1789To Charles Louis Clérisseau, 7 June 1789To John Brown Cutting, 7 June 1789From Jacob Gerrit Diriks, 7 June 1789[From Pierre Simon Duvivier, 7 June 1789]From Edward Haskell, 8 June 1789From Paul Cahierre, 9 June 1789From John Brown Cutting, 9 June 1789To Grand & Cie., 9 June 1789From John Trumbull, 11 June 1789To Lafayette, 12 June 1789From James Madison, 13 June 1789From Richard O'Bryen, 13 June 1789From Benjamin Vaughan, [ca. 14 June 1789]To Edward Bancroft, 15 June 1789To Paul Cahierre, 15 June 1789To Richard Curson, 15 June 1789To Jacob Gerrit Diriks, 15 June 1789From François Cointeraux, 16 June 1789From Benjamin Huger, 16 June 1789From Souche, 16 June 1789To John Jay, 17 June 1789Enclosure: Caractere de Monsiery Neckar, 17 June 1789From Thomas Paine, 17 June 1789To James Madison, 18 June 1789Enclosure: Extract of Proceedings of the National Assembly, 17 June 1789From Thomas Paine, 18 June 1789To David Ramsay, 18 June 1789To John Trumbull, 18 June 1789From Edward Bancroft, 19 June 1789From C. W. F. Dumas to William Short, 19 June 1789From John Jay, 19 June 1789From Cavelier, fils, 20 June 1789To Dugald Stewart, 21 June 1789To John Trumbull, 21 June 1789From Gaetano Drago, 22 June 1789To John Jay, 24 June 1789From Moustier, 24 June 1789From Alexander McCaul, 25 June 1789From Stephen Cathalan, Jr., 26 June 1789From John Trumbull, 26 June 1789To John Bondfield, 27 June 1789To J. G. Streckensen, 27 June 1789From Veuve David & fils, 29 June 1789To John Jay, 29 June 1789To Amand Koenig, 29 June 1789To John Trumbull, 29 June 1789From James Madison, 30 June 1789From Lucy Ludwell Paradise, 30 June 1789Lafayette's Draft of a Declaration of Rights, June 1789From Dalzan, 1 July 1789From James I. Brossier, 2 July 1789From Veuve Limozin & fils, 2 July 1789To Jean Dominique de Cassini, 3 July 1789To Jean Antoine Houdon, 3 July 1789A Fourth of July Tribute to Jefferson, 4 July 1789From Edward Limozin, 5 July 1789To John Paradise, 5 July 1789The Mirabeau IncidentFrom William Jones Dawson, 6 July 1789From Nicolas & Jacob van Staphorst, 6 July 1789From Madame d'Houdetot, 7 July 1789From Amand Koenig, 8 July 1789To Montmorin, 8 July 1789From Chardon, 10 July 1789From James Swan, 10 July 1789Enclosure: Propositions pour fournir une certaine quantité de Bois de construction…, 10 July 1789From John Trumbull, 10 July 1789From John Bondfield, 11 July 1789From John Brown Cutting, 11 July 1789From John Mason, 11 July 1789From George C. Morgan, 11 July 1789To Thomas Paine, 11 July 1789To Edward Bancroft, 12 July 1789To Richard Price, 12 July 1789To Madame Denise Broutin, 13 July 1789To Thomas Paine, 13 July 1789From Thomas Paine, 13 July 1789To Lucy Ludwell Paradise, 13 July 1789From John Trumbull, 14 July 1789To John Bondfield, 16 July 1789To John Brown Cutting, 16 July 1789To John Mason, 16 July 1789From Madame Denise Broutin, 17 July 1789To Thomas Paine, 17 July 1789To Richard Price, 17 July 1789From Madame d'Houdetot, 18 July 1789From Lucy Ludwell Paradise, 18 July 1789To the Abbé Arnoux, 19 July 1789From Frimont de Barail, 19 July 1789To John Jay, 19 July 1789From the Archbishop of Bordeaux, 20 July 1789From Edward Bancroft, 21 July 1789From John Brown Cutting, 21 July 1789From John Fraser, 21 July 1789From John Trumbull, 21 July 1789To the Archbishop of Bordeaux, 22 July 1789From C. W. F. Dumas, 22 July 1789To James Madison, 22 July 1789To John Jay, 23 July 1789To Thomas Paine, 23 July 1789From Cavelier fils, 24 July 1789From Diodati, 24 July 1789From C. W. F. Dumas, 24 July 1789To Maria Cosway, 25 July 1789To Sir John Sinclair, 25 July 1789To Lord Wycombe, 25 July 1789To William Carmichael, 26 July 1789To Giovanni Fabbroni, 26 July 1789To Benjamin Huger, 26 July 1789From Ruellan & Cie., 26 July 1789[To Souche, 27 July 1789]To Stephen Cathalan, Jr., 27 July 1789To Cavelier fils, 27 July 1789To Veuve David & fils, 27 July 1789To C. W. F. Dumas, 27 July 1789To Edward Limozin, 27 July 1789From Jacob Vernes, 27 July 1789From Willink, Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 27 July 1789To John Jay, 29 July 1789To James Madison, 29 July 1789To James I. Brossier, 30 July 1789To C. W. F. Dumas, 30 July 1789To Ruellan & Cie., 30 July 1789From Madame Plumard de Bellanger, 31 July 1789Houdon's Proposals Concerning an Equestrian Statue of Washington [ca. July 1789?][From Grand & Cie., 1 August 1789][From Brissot de Warville, 2 August 1789]From Stephen Cathalan, Jr., 2 August 1789James Madison to Wilson Cary Nicholas, 2 August 1789To Diodati, 3 August 1789To Messrs. Robert & Hugh Ingram, 3 August 1789To Alexander McCaul, 3 August 1789From Richard Price, 3 August 1789To John Trumbull, 3 August 1789To Willink, Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 3 August 1789To Edward Bancroft, 5 August 1789To John Jay, 5 August 1789To John Trumbull, 5 August 1789From Cavelier fils, 7 August 1789To William Carmichael, 9 August 1789From Maria Cosway, 9 August 1789From Messrs. Robert & Hugh Ingram, 10 August 1789To John Jay, 12 August 1789From William Carmichael, 13 August 1789From Willink, Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 13 August 1789From Veuve David & Fils, 14 August 1789To Cambray, 15 August 1789To Jean Baptiste de Gouvion, 15 August 1789To La Lande, 15 August 1789To Willink, Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 15 August 1789From Cambray, 17 August 1789To Nicolas & Jacob van Staphorst, 17 August 1789From C. W. F. Dumas, 18 August 1789To Messrs. Robert & Hugh Ingram, 18 August 1789To Amand Koenig, 18 August 1789From Lucy Ludwell Paradise, 18 August 1789From Maria Cosway, 19 August 1789To Willink, Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 19 August 1789From Edward Bancroft, 21 August 1789From Robert Crew, 21 August 1789From James I. Brossier, [25 August 1789]From Lafayette, [25 August 1789]From Royez, 25 August 1789To John Jay, 27 August 1789From James Swan, 27 August 1789To Madame de Tessé, 27 August 1789To James Madison, 28 August 1789From Frimont de Barail, 29 August 1789To Francis Eppes, 29 August 1789[To Charles Pinckney, 29 August 1789]From Madame de Tessé, 29 August 1789To John Bondfield, 30 August 1789To Stephen Cathalan, Jr., 30 August 1789To Nathaniel Cutting, 30 August 1789To John Jay, 30 August 1789[To Lafayette, 30 August 1789]From Kyran Hoyne, [31 August 1789]List of Baggage Shipped by Jefferson from France, [ca. 1 September 1789]From Collow Frères, Carmichael & Co., 1 September 1789To Nathaniel Cutting, 1 September 1789From Lucy Ludwell Paradise, [ca. 1 September 1789]From François Cointeraux, 2 September 1789From Nathaniel Cutting, 3 September 1789From James Swan, 3 September 1789To James Swan, 4 [September] 1789From John Bondfield, 5 September 1789From John Gallwey, 5 September 1789The Earth Belongs in Usufruct to the LivingFrom Noailles, [7? September 1789]From John Trumbull, 7 September 1789From John Bondfield, 8 September 1789From John Brown Cutting, 8 September 1789From John Mason, 8 September 1789From Lucy Ludwell Paradise, 8 September 1789From James Rumsey, 8 September 1789To Francisco Chiappe, 9 September 1789To James Lackington, 9 September 1789From James Maurice, 9 September 1789To John Trumbull, 9 September 1789To Willink, Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 9 September 1789To Cambray, 10 September 1789From Stephen Cathalan, Jr., 10 September 1789To Collow, Frères, Carmichael & Co., 10 September 1789To Robert Crew, 10 September 1789To John Brown Cutting, 10 September 1789To Nathaniel Cutting, 10 September 1789To Lucy Ludwell Paradise, 10 September 1789To James Rumsey, 10 September 1789To Maria Cosway, 11 September 1789From John Brown Cutting, 11 September 1789To Henry Lee, 11 September 1789From James Maurice, 11 September 1789From Rochambeau, 11 September 1789From John Trumbull, 11 September 1789To William Carmichael, 12 September 1789From Condorcet, [12 September 1789]From Nathaniel Cutting, 12 September 1789To C. W. F. Dumas, 12 September 1789[From Pierre Samuel Dupont, 12 September 1789]To Henry Knox, 12 September 1789To Francis Coffyn and Others, 13 September 1789To Madame d'Houdetot, 13 September 1789To Thomas Paine, 13 September 1789To Richard Price, 13 September 1789To Benjamin Vaughan, 13 September 1789To John Trumbull, 14 September 1789From John Brown Cutting, 15 September 1789To Nathaniel Cutting, 15 September 1789From Thomas Paine, 15 September 1789To Père Chauvier, 16 September 1789From Madame d'Houdetot, 16 September 1789To William Ludlam, 16 September 1789To John Mason, 16 September 1789To James Maurice, 16 September 1789From John Paradise, 16 September 1789To John Trumbull, 16 September 1789To Nathaniel Cutting, 17 September 1789To John Jay, 17 September 1789To James Madison, 17 September 1789To Willink, Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 17 September 1789From Willink, Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 17 September 1789To John Churchman, 18 September 1789From John Brown Cutting, 18 September 1789From C. W. F. Dumas, 18 September 1789To Ralph Izard, 18 September 1789Documents on the Rice TradeFrom Thomas Paine, 18 September 1789To David Ramsay, 18 September 1789From Rayneval, 18 September 1789To Edward Rutledge, 18 September 1789From John Trumbull, 18 September 1789From Madame d'Enville, 19 September 1789To John Jay, 19 September 1789Enclosure: From Perrin to Chauvier, 19 August 1789From Montmorin, 19 September 1789From Van Damme, 20 September 1789From James Maurice, 21 September 1789To Charles Pinckney, 21 September 1789From John Bondfield, 22 September 1789From John Brown Cutting, 22 September 1789From James Rumsey, 22 September 1789From John Trumbull, 22 September 1789To John Brown Cutting, 24 September 1789From Grand & Cie., 24 September 1789To John Trumbull, 24 September 1789From Willink, Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 24 September 1789Enclosure: Willink, Van Staphorst & Hubbard to the Commissioners of the Treasury, 11 September 1789To Edward Bancroft, 25 September 1789To William Bingham, 25 September 1789From Nathaniel Cutting, 25 September 1789From Paul Jodrell, 25 September 1789To Imbert de la Platière, 25 September 1789From De Lormerie, 25 September 1789From James Maurice, 25 September 1789To John Paradise, 25 September 1789To Willink, Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 25 September 1789From Nathaniel Cutting, 26 September 1789To Jacques Necker, 26 September 1789From De Valady, 26 September 1789Passports Issued by Jefferson, 1785–1789, [September 1789]Jefferson's Form Letter for Refusing Requests for Use of his Influence, [1784–1789]From Walter Boyd, 28 September 1789Memoir on Salt by the Farmers-General, [ca. 29 September 1789]Extract from the Diary of Nathaniel Cutting at Le Havre and Cowes, [28 September–12 October 1789]From John Brown Cutting, 30 September 1789To John Jay, 30 September 1789To Walter Boyd, 1 October 1789From John Trumbull, 3 October 1789From James Rumsey, 4 October 1789To William Short, 4 October 1789From Benjamin Hawkins, 6 October 1789To William Jones, 7 October 1789From Lucy Ludwell Paradise, 7 October 1789To William Short, 7 October 1789From James Madison, 8 October 178[9]From William Short, 8 October 1789From Maria Cosway, 9 October 1789From Bayard de La Vingtrie, 9 October 1789From John Brown Cutting, [10 October 1789]From John Trumbull, 10 October 1789Enclosure: John Trumbull to William Pitt, 24 September 1789From Nathaniel Cutting, [12 October 1789]From George Washington, 13 October 1789To Madame de Corny, 14 October 1789To Maria Cosway, 14 October 1789To Grand & Cie., 14 October 1789To Thomas Paine, 14 October 1789To James Rumsey, 14 October 1789To Willink, Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 14 October 1789To John Brown Cutting, 17 October 1789To John Jay, 17 October 1789To William Short, 17 October 1789From Thomas Handy, 20 October 1789To Daniel Parker, 20 October 1789To Grand & Cie., 21 October 1789To Willink, Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 21 October 1789To William Short, 23 October 1789From Joseph Fielding, 28 October 1789From James Madison, 1 November 1789From Fulwar Skipwith, 1 November 1789John Brown Cutting to William Short, 3 November 1789From William Short, 3 November 1789From Jacob Vernes, 3 November 1789Enclosure: Jacob Vernes to Brailsford & Morris, 4 November 1789From Jacob Vernes, 3 November 1789From C. W. F. Dumas, 15 November 1789Jefferson's Memorandum for Nathaniel Colley, 16 November 1789From Thomas Delaire, 17 November 1789From William Short, 19 November 1789[From Van Dale, 19 November 1789]To Nathaniel Cutting, 21 November 1789To William Short, 21 November 1789To John Jay, 23 November 1789From Madame de Corny, 25 November 1789Address of Welcome of the Officials of Norfolk, 25 November 1789Jefferson's Reply to the Foregoing Address of Welcome, 25 November 1789From William Short, 25 November 1789To John Trumbull, 25 November 1789From John Trumbull, 26 November 1789From Wilson Miles Cary, 27 November 1789From James Currie, 27 November 1789From Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 28 November 1789From Edward Dowse, 29 November 1789From William Short, 30 November 1789