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Main Series | Volume 17 (6 July–3 November 1790) | Documents | Fixing the Seat of Government on the Potomac

Editorial Note: Fixing the Seat of Government on the PotomacI. Jefferson's Draft of Agenda for the Seat of Government, [29 August 1790]II. Jefferson's Report to Washington on Meeting Held at Georgetown, [14 September 1790]III. Thomas Lee Shippen to William Shippen, 15 September 1790IV. Thomas Jefferson to George Washington, 17 September 1790Enclosure I: Thomas Jefferson to Daniel Carroll, [17 September 1790]Enclosure II: Sketches for the Conveyance of the Lands whereon the Federal Seat is to be fixed, [17 September 1790]V. Thomas Jefferson to Zachariah Johnston, 7 October 1790VI. Proposals by Georgetown Landowners, [13 October 1790]