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Main Series | Volume 19 (24 January–31 March 1791) | Documents | Report on the Fisheries

Editorial Note: Report on the FisheriesI. The Governor of Massachusetts to the Secretary of State, 25 October 1790Enclosure: Peleg Coffin, Jr. and Others to John Hancock, 13 October 1790II. Tench Coxe's Notes on the Dutch and Prussian Fisheries, [ca. 23 November 1790]III. Tench Coxe's Notes on the American Fisheries, [ca. 23 November 1790]IV. Tench Coxe to the Secretary of State, 29 November 1790Enclosure I: Joseph Anthony to Tench Coxe, 27 November 1790Enclosure II: Answers to Queries on the Fisheries by Joseph Anthony, [ca. 27 November 1790]Enclosure III: Joseph Anthony's Table of PricesV. Memoranda by James Madison, [January 1791]VI. Christopher Gore to Tobias Lear, 10 December 1790VII. Jefferson's Notes and Outline for the Report, [January 1791]VIII. The Secretary of State to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, [1 February 1791]IX. Report on the American Fisheries by the Secretary of State, 1 February 1791No. 1: An Historical View of the Cod-fisheries of France, England, and the United StatesNo. 2: State of Code fishery of Massachusetts from 1765 to 1775. From 1786 to 1790, InclusiveNo. 3: Abstract of the Produce of the Fisheries exported from the United States, from about August 20th. 1789, to September 30th. 1790No. 4: Abstract of articles imported into the United States from British colonies for one year, commencing the 15th. August 1789 and ending on the 14th. of August 1790, 23 November 1790No. 5., 1 February 1790No. 6: An estimate of the Duties paid by the Proprietors and Navigators of a fishing Vessel of 65 tons and 11 handsNo. 7., 1 February 1791No. 8., 22 October 1786No. 9., 29 December 1787No. 10., 28 September 1788No. 11., 7 December 1788No. 12: State of the Whale Fishery in Massachusetts from 1771 to 1775No. 13., 10 January–31 December 1775No. 14: Abstract of Live stock exported from the United States from about August 20th. 1789 to September 30th. 1790No. 15: Grain and Flour imported from the United States of America into the Ports of France, in the Year 1789No. 16: Statement of the Vessels entered in the Ports of France from the U. S. of America in the Year 1789No. 17: Abstract of the Tonnage of foreign Vessels entered in the Ports of the United States from October 1st. 1789 to September 30th. 1790No. 18: on “the encouragement of our carrying Business,” 1 February 1791X. Thomas Jefferson to John Hancock, 20 February 1791