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Main Series | Volume 20 (1 April–4 August 1791) | Documents

Fixing the Seat of GovernmentTo Richard Harison, 1 April 1791To Benjamin Hawkins, 1 April 1791From William Lewis, 1 April 1791To George Read, Jr., 1 April 1791To William Short, 1 April 1791To John Sitgreaves, 1 April 1791From George Washington, 1 April 1791From James Maxwell, 2 April 1791To George Washington, 2 April 1791To William Brown, 4 April 1791From Edward Carrington, 4 April 1791To Charles Carroll, 4 April 1791From Joshua Johnson, 4 April 1791To Nicholas Lewis, 4 April 1791Unofficial Diplomacy on Indian AffairsTo Robert and Peter Bruce, 5 April 1791From Francis Eppes, 5 April 1791To Richard Hanson, 5 April 1791To Daniel L. Hylton, 5 April 1791To William Lewis, 5 April 1791To Matthew McAllister, 5 April 1791To Richard Potts, 5 April 1791From Mary Jefferson Bolling, 6 April 1791From Elizabeth Wayles Eppes, 6 April 1791From William Temple Franklin, 6 April 1791To Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr., 6 April 1791From James Currie, 7 April 1791To John Harvie, Jr., 7 April 1791From Adam Lindsay, 7 April 1791From Henry Skipwith, 7 April 1791From C. W. F. Dumas, 8 April 1791From David Humphreys, 8 April 1791From William Short, 8 April 1791From Charles Carroll, 10 April 1791From Mercy Otis Warren, 10 April 1791The Debt to France: The Proposals of Schweitzer, Jeanneret & Cie.To William Carmichael, 11 April 1791To David Humphreys, 11 April 1791To David Humphreys, 11 April 1791From William Lindsay, 12 April 1791From James Currie, 13 April 1791From George Washington, 13 April 1791From Alexander Hamilton, 14 April 1791From Daniel L. Hylton, 14 April 1791To Charles Carroll, 15 April 1791From John Chester, 15 April 1791From Tench Coxe, 15 April 1791To Adam Lindsay, 15 April 1791Tench Coxe Seeks Office as Comptroller of the TreasuryTo James Monroe, 17 April 1791To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 17 April 1791From Joshua Johnson, 18 April 1791From Mary Jefferson, 18 April 1791To Richard Soderstrom, 18 April 1791From Thomas Barclay, 19 April 1791From Nathaniel Cutting, 19 April 1791From William Knox, 19 April 1791To Tench Coxe, 20 April 1791From Tench Coxe, 20 April 1791To Charles Thomson, 20 April 1791From Jeremiah Wadsworth, 20 April 1791To Benjamin Franklin Bache, 22 April 1791From Tench Coxe, 23 April 1791Enclosure: Remarks on the Consular return, 23 April 1791From Delamotte, 24 April 1791To Mary Jefferson, 24 April 1791To George Washington, 24 April 1791From J. P. P. Derieux, 25 April 1791To William Short, 25 April 1791From William Short, 25 April 1791Appointments of Vice-Consuls for Portugal, 26 April 1791–6 July 1791From Joseph Fenwick, 26 April 1791From Moustier, 26 April 1791From William Short, 26 April 1791Rights of Man: The “Contest of Burke and Paine … in America”From Francis Eppes, 27 April 1791From Thomas Digges, 28 April 1791From Pierre Guide, 28 April 1791To William Smith, 28 April 1791From Sylvanus Bourne, 29 April 1791From Charles François d'Anmours, 29 April 1791From Louis Guillaume Otto, 29 April 1791From Pierpont Edwards, 30 April 1791From Richard Hanson, 30 April 1791From David Humphreys, 30 April 1791From Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr., 30 April 1791From Peter Carr, 1 May 1791To James Currie, 1 May 1791To William Drayton, 1 May 1791To Robert Gilmor & Company, 1 May 1791To Pierre Guide, 1 May 1791From Mary Jefferson, 1 May 1791From James Madison, 1 May 1791To James McClurg, 1 May 1791To James Maury, 1 May 1791To Beverley Randolph, 1 May 1791To Thomas Mann Randolph, 1 May 1791To Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr., 1 May 1791From Fulwar Skipwith, 1 May 1791To George Washington, 1 May 1791To David Humphreys, 2 May 1791From William Short, 2 May 1791From Causin, 3 May 1791From Condorcet, [ca. 3 May 1791]Enclosure: Report to the Academy of Sciences on a Unit of Measure, [19 March 1791]From Benjamin Hawkins, 3 May 1791From David Humphreys, 3 May 1791From William Short, 3 May 1791From François André Danican (Philidor), 4 May 1791From Pierre Guide, 5 May 1791To David Ross, 6 May 1791To Henry Skipwith, 6 May 1791From James Sullivan, 6 May 1791From Barbier Demarais, 7 May 1791From Alexander Hamilton, 7 May 1791To Tobias Lear, 7 May 1791To Peter Carr, 8 May 1791To J. P. P. Derieux, 8 May 1791To Maxcey Ewell, 8 May 1791To Mary Jefferson, 8 May 1791To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 8 May 1791To David Rittenhouse, 8 May 1791From David Rittenhouse, 8 May 1791From William Short, 8 May 1791From George Washington, 8 May 1791To Thomas Leiper, 10 May 1791To William Short, 10 May 1791To Pierpont Edwards, 11 May 1791To James Lyle, 11 May 1791To James Maxwell, 11 May 1791To Daniel Smith, 11 May 1791To James Strange, 11 May 1791To Benjamin Vaughan, 11 May 1791To Jeremiah Wadsworth, 11 May 1791To Willink, Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 11 May 1791To Willink, Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 11 May 1791To Benjamin S. Barton and Others, 12 May 1791From William Murray, 12 May 1791Official Instructions for Thomas Barclay, 13 May 1791Confidential Instructions for Thomas Barclay, 13 May 1791To Francisco Chiappe, 13 May 1791Circular to Consuls and Vice-Consuls, 13 May 1791To Alexander Donald, 13 May 1791To David Humphreys, 13 May 1791To William Short, 13 May 1791To Willink, Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 13 May 1791To James Lackington, 14 May 1791From James Lyons, 14 May 1791To Thomas Mann Randolph, 14 May 1791To William Short, 14 May 1791From Sir John Sinclair, 14 May 1791To Thomas Sumter, 14 May 1791To James Currie, 15 May 1791To Francis Eppes, 15 May 1791To Elizabeth Wayles Eppes, 15 May 1791To Daniel L. Hylton, 15 May 1791To the Mayor of Philadelphia, 15 May 1791To Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr., 15 May 1791To George Washington, 15 May 1791To William Carmichael, 16 May 1791To Pierre Guide, 16 May 1791To William Hay, 16 May 1791To Nicholas Lewis, 16 May 1791Jefferson's Instructions for Henry Remsen, Jr., 16 May 1791To John Vaughan, 16 May 1791From David Humphreys, 17 May 1791From George C. Morgan, 17 May 1791To Thomas Leiper, 19 May 1791From the Abbés Arnoux and Chalut, 20 May 1791From Samuel Blackden, 20 May 1791To Joseph Willard, 20 May 1791The Northern Journey of Jefferson and MadisonFrom Charles Carter, 21 May 1791From David Humphreys, 21 May 1791From Stephen Cathalan, Jr., 23 May 1791From Martha Jefferson Randolph, 23 May 1791From C. W. F. Dumas, 24 May 1791From Daniel L. Hylton, 29 May 1791From Mary Jefferson, 29 May 1791From Harry Innes, 30 May 1791From James Yard, 31 May 1791The American Consul at London: Joshua Johnson and the Brigantine RachelFrom Benjamin Harrison, Jr., 1 June 1791From James Swan, 2 June 1791From La Rochefoucauld d'Enville, 3 June 1791From the President of the National Assembly, 6 June 1791Enclosure: Report of the Diplomatic Committee of the National Assembly of France, 2 June 1791From William Short, 6 June 1791Enclosure: Short to Montmorin, 1 June 1791From David Humphreys, 7 June 1791From David Humphreys, 7 June 1791From Lafayette, 7 June 1791From William Short, 7 June 1791From William Short, 7 June 1791From Alexander Hamilton, 8 June 1791From Stephen Cathalan, Jr., 10 June 1791From William Short, 10 June 1791From John Rutledge, Jr., 14 June 1791From George Washington, 15 June 1791Enclosure: Louis Lagrenade and Others to the President, [24 January 1791]From Henry Remsen, Jr., 16 June 1791From David Humphreys, 17 June 1791From James Monroe, 17 June 1791From George Washington, 17 June 1791To George Washington, 20 June 1791To Seth Jenkins, 21 June 1791To James Madison, 21 June 1791From C. W. F. Dumas, 22 June 1791From William Short, 22 June 1791To William Carmichael, 23 June 1791From Tench Coxe, 23 June 1791To Christopher Gore, 23 June 1791To David Humphreys, 23 June 1791From James Madison, 23 June 1791From James Maury, 23 June 1791To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 23 June 1791To Tobias Lear, 24 June 1791To William Short, 24 June 1791To Fulwar Skipwith, 24 June 1791To Alexander Hamilton, 25 June 1791To Mary Jefferson, 26 June 1791To Nicholas Lewis, 26 June 1791From Richard Peters, 26 June 1791From William Short, 26 June 1791From George Washington, 26 June 1791From Samuel Hopkins, 27 June 1791From James Madison, 27 June 1791P. N. Godin to Robert Morris, 28 June 1791To James Madison, 28 June 1791From George Rogers Clark, 29 June 1791From William Short, 29 June 1791From Sylvanus Bourne, 30 June 1791From Tench Coxe, 30 June 1791To Richard Peters, 30 June 1791From Tench Coxe, [ca. June 1791]From David Humphreys, 1 July 1791From George Skene Keith, 1 July 1791From James Madison, 1 July 1791From Daniel Carroll, 2 July 1791From Joshua Johnson, 2 July 1791To Alexander Martin, 2 July 1791From Henry Lee, 3 July 1791From John Carey, 4 July [1791]To John Dobson, 4 July 1791From Jonathan Edwards, 4 July 1791From Eliphalet Pearson, 4 July 1791From Elias Porter, 4 July 1791To Burrill Carnes, 5 July 1791From Stephen Cathalan, Jr., 5 July 1791From Seth Jenkins, 5 July 1791From Alexander Donald, 6 July 1791To James Madison, 6 July 1791To William Prince, 6 July 1791From David Humphreys, 7 July 1791From Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr., 7 July 1791From Thomas Auldjo, 8 July 1791From William Irvine and John Kean, 8 July 1791From William Short, 8 July 1791From Tobias Lear, 9 July 1791To Charles Carter, 10 July 1791To James Currie, 10 July 1791To Daniel L. Hylton, 10 July 1791From Joshua Johnson, 10 July 1791To James Madison, 10 July 1791From James Madison, 10 July 1791To Louis Osmont, 10 July 1791To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 10 July 1791To Jeremiah Van Rensselaer, 10 July 1791From C. W. F. Dumas, 12 July 1791From David Humphreys, 12 July 1791To William Irvine and John Kean, 12 July 1791From James Maury, 12 July 1791From George Washington, 12 July 1791To John Bulkeley & Son, 13 July 1791From Tench Coxe, 13 July 1791To David Humphreys, 13 July 1791From Edmund Pendleton, 13 July 1791George Washington to William Stephens Smith, 13 July 1791To Willink, Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 13 July 1791Sylvanus Bourne to Henry Remsen, Jr., 14 July 1791To Nathaniel Chipman, 14 July 1791To Jonathan Edwards, 14 July 1791Peter de Franchi to Robert Morris, 14 July 1791To F. P. Van Berckel, 14 July 1791Enclosure: Samuel Shaw to George Washington, 7 December 1790From Joseph Fenwick, 15 July 1791From Mary Jefferson, 16 July 1791From John Pemberton, 16 July 1791To William Smith, 16 July 1791From Philip Wilson, 16 July 1791From William Blount, 17 July 1791From Charles Carter, 17 July 1791From Robert Montgomery, 17 July 1791To Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr., 17 July 1791From William Short, 17 July 1791From William Linn, 18 July 1791From Tench Coxe, 19 July 1791To Henry Knox, 19 July 1791From Henry Knox, 19 July 1791From Tench Coxe, 20 July 1791From Jean François Froullé, 20 July 1791From William Short, 20 July 1791From Fulwar Skipwith, 20 July 1791To Pierre Guide, 21 July 1791 [redated]From David Humphreys, 21 July 1791To James Madison, 21 July 1791To Henry Knox, 22 July 1791From Louis Guillaume Otto, 22 July 1791Enclosure: Montmorin to Otto, [23 April 1791]From Pio, 22 July 179[1]From Chantrot, 24 July 1791To Augustine Davis, 24 July 1791To John Dobson, 24 July 1791To James Madison, 24 July 1791From James Madison, 24 July 1791To Peter Marks, 24 July 1791From Robert Montgomery, 24 July 1791To Edmund Pendleton, 24 July 1791To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 24 July 1791To Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr., 24 July 1791From William Short, 24 July 1791From James Currie, 25 July 1791From Delamotte, 25 July 1791From David Humphreys, 25 July 1791To David Humphreys, 26 July 1791From James Madison, 26 July 1791From Robert Montgomery, 26 July 1791To Gouverneur Morris, 26 July 1791From William Blount, 27 July 1791From William Channing, 27 July 1791From Edward Church, 27 July 1791To James Madison, 27 July 1791From William Short, 27 July 1791To George Washington, 27 July 1791From Pierre Guide, 28 July 1791From John Macpherson, 28 July 1791To John Macpherson, 28 July 1791To James Madison, 28 July 1791To William Short, 28 July 1791To William Short, 28 July 1791From George Washington, 28 July 1791Enclosure I: Gouverneur Morris to George Washington, 22 November 1790Enclosure II: Gourverneur Morris to George Washington, 1 December 1790Enclosure III: Gouverneur Morris to George Washington, 24 December 1790Enclosure IV: Gouverneur Morris to George Washington, 9 March 1791From Nathaniel Barrett, 29 July 1791From Daniel Carroll, 29 July 1791From Giuseppe Ceracchi, 29 July 1791From Nathaniel Cutting, 29 July 1791To Lewis Littlepage, 29 July 1791From James Maury, 29 July 1791To George Washington, 30 July 1791From George Washington, 30 July 1791To Charles Carter, 31 July 1791To Mary Jefferson, 31 July 1791To William Linn, 31 July 1791[To James McHenry, 31 July 1791]From James Madison, 31 July 1791To Fulwar Skipwith, 31 July 1791To James Sullivan, 31 July 1791Robert Morris' Notes on Commerce, [ca. July 1791]To Nathaniel Burwell, 1 August 1791From Augustine Davis, 1 August 1791Enclosure: Proposal for the Establishment of Cross-posts in Virginia, 1 August 1791From C. W. F. Dumas, 1 August 1791From Thomas Leiper, 2 August 1791To Philip Mazzei, 2 August 1791To James Madison, 3 August 1791To George Washington, [3 August 1791]Enclosure: Notes on Virginia Lands, 3 August 1791From James Madison, 4 August 1791From John Nicholson, 4 August 1791From Fulwar Skipwith, 4 August 1791Jefferson, Freneau, and the Founding of the National Gazette