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Main Series | Volume 20 (1 April–4 August 1791) | Documents | The Northern Journey of Jefferson and Madison

Editorial Note: The Northern Journey of Jefferson and MadisonI. Jefferson's Journal of the Tour, [21 May–10 June 1791]II. Jefferson's Notes on the Hessian Fly, [24 May–18 June 1791]III. Thomas Jefferson to Henry Remsen, Jr., 28 May 1791IV. Thomas Jefferson to Mary Jefferson, 30 May 1791V. Thomas Jefferson to Martha Jefferson Randolph, 31 May 1791VI. Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr., 5 June 1791VII. Thomas Jefferson to George Washington, 5 June 1791VIII. Jefferson's Vocabulary of the Unquachog Indians, [14 June 1791]IX. Jefferson's Table of Distances and Rating of Inns, [17 May–19 June 1791]