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Main Series | Volume 22 (6 August 1791–31 December 1791) | Documents

From Charles Carter, [ca. 6 August 1791]From Tench Coxe, 6 August 1791From David Humphreys, 6 August 1791From Juan Nepomuceno de Quesada, 6 August 1791From Benjamin Russell, 6 August 1791To Arthur St. Clair, 6 August 1791To John Cleves Symmes, 6 August 1791To Francis Eppes, 7 August 1791From Tobias Lear, 7 August 1791To Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr., 7 August 1791From Edward Rutledge, 7 August 1791From Edward Rutledge, [7 August 1791]To George Washington, 7 August 1791From Robert Adam, 8 August 1791To Christopher Gore, 8 August 1791From Daniel L. Hylton, 8 August 1791From James Madison, 8 August 1791From Joseph Fay, 9 August 1791From Moustier, 9 August 1791From William Short, 9 August 1791From Ebenezer Stevens, 9 August 1791From John Garland Jefferson, [ca. 10 August 1791]From Joshua Johnson, 10 August 1791From Joshua Johnson, 10 August 1791To Henry Knox, 10 August 1791From Walter Boyd, 11 August 1791From Nathaniel Burwell, 11 August 1791To William Blount, 12 August 1791From Edward Church, 12 August 1791From Delamotte, 12 August 1791From J. P. P. Derieux, 12 August 1791To Jean Baptiste Ternant, 12 August 1791The “Anas”To Christian Baehr, 14 August 1791To Sylvanus Bourne, 14 August 1791To William Channing, 14 August 1791To Uriah Forrest, 14 August 1791From Thomas Greenleaf, 14 August 1791To John Harvie, 14 August 1791To David Jameson, 14 August 1791To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 14 August 1791From William Tatham, 15 August 1791To Thomas Leiper, 16 August 1791To William Blount, 17 August 1791From David Humphreys, 17 August 1791From David Humphreys, 18 August 1791To Pierre Charles L'Enfant, 18 August 1791To James Madison, 18 August 1791From Benjamin Banneker, 19 August 1791From William Carmichael, 19 August 1791From C. W. F. Dumas, 19 August 1791From David Rittenhouse, [ca. 20 August 1791]To Mary Jefferson, 21 August 1791From James Cole Mountflorence, 21 August 1791From George Washington, 21 August 1791To William Blount, 22 August 1791To Thomas Harwood, 22 August 1791From David Humphreys, 22 August 1791From James Maury, 22 August 1791From Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr., 22 August 1791From Thomas FitzSimons, 23 August 1791To David Humphreys, 23 August 1791To George Washington, 23 August 1791To William Carmichael, 24 August 1791To Thomas Leiper, 24 August 1791From Thomas Newton, Jr., 24 August 1791From Nathaniel Randolph, 24 August 1791From William Short, 24 August 1791To Sir John Sinclair, 24 August 1791From Joel Barlow, 25 August 1791To Edward Rutledge, 25 August 1791To Nathaniel Burwell, 26 August 1791From James Currie, 26 August 1791From Alexander Hamilton, 26 August 1791To James Madison, 26 August 1791To John Paradise, 26 August 1791To John Ross, 26 August 1791From William Tatham, [before 26 August 1791]From Thomas Harwood, 27 August 1791From Harry Innes, 27 August 1791From John Ross, 27 August 1791To Commissioners of the Federal District, 28 August 1791Queries for D. C. Commissioners, [ca. 28 August 1791]To Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr., 28 August 1791To James Brown, 29 August 1791To Joshua Johnson, 29 August 1791To Thomas Johnson, 29 August 1791To David Ross, 29 August 1791To William Short, 29 August 1791From George Washington, 29 August 1791To Benjamin Banneker, 30 August 1791To Condorcet, 30 August 1791To James Currie, 30 August 1791To Delamotte, 30 August 1791To James Duane, 30 August 1791To C. W. F. Dumas, 30 August 1791To Joseph Fay, 30 August 1791To Joseph Fenwick, 30 August 1791To James Maury, 30 August 1791To Gouverneur Morris, 30 August 1791From William Short, 30 August 1791From Joseph Fenwick, 31 August 1791To Alexander Hamilton, 31 August 1791From Alexander Hamilton, [31 August 1791]From David Humphreys, 31 August 1791To John Paul Jones, 31 August 1791To Thomas Leiper, 31 August 1791To Pierre Charles L'Enfant, 31 August 1791From Peyton Short, 31 August 1791From William Short, 31 August 1791Legal Opinion of Edmund Randolph, [ca. August 1791]From William Barton, 1 September 1791From George Clymer, 1 September 1791To Madame de Rausan, 1 September 1791Henry Remsen, Jr. to Tobias Lear, 1 September 1791To William Short, 1 September 1791From Daniel Smith, 1 September 1791To Jean Baptiste Ternant, 1 September 1791From Francis Eppes, 2 September 1791Memorandum for Henry Remsen, Jr., [2 September 1791]From Stephen Cathalan, Jr., 4 September 1791Enclosure: Algier's affair, 4 September [1791]From William Short, 4 September 1791From Henry Skipwith, 4 September 1791From William Short, 5 September 1791From David Hartley, 6 September 1791From James Brown, 7 September 1791From William Knox, 7 September 1791From Thomas Auldjo, 8 September 1791From Sylvanus Bourne, 8 September 1791To Thomas Newton, Jr., 8 September 1791To George Washington, 8 September 1791From Willing, Morris & Swanwick, 8 September 1791From Henry Remsen, Jr., 9 September 1791From David Humphreys, 10 September 1791From Ezra L'Hommedieu, 10 September 1791From Tubeuf, 10 September 1791From Joshua Johnson, 12 September 1791From James Swan, 12 September 1791From James Maury, 14 September 1791From William Short, 14 September 1791From Edward Stevens, 14 September 1791To Augustine Davis, 15 September 1791To Andrew Ellicott, 15 September 1791To Adam Lindsay, 15 September 1791To James Lyle, 15 September 1791From C. W. F. Dumas, 17 September 1791From William Blount, 19 September 1791From Joseph Fay, 20 September 1791From John Harvie, 20 September 1791From Joseph Atkinson, 21 September 1791To James Wilson, 21 September 1791From William Short, 22 September 1791From David Humphreys, 23 September 1791From John Skey Eustace, 24 September 1791To Nicholas Lewis, 24 September 1791From Joseph Fenwick, 25 September 1791From William Short, 25 September 1791To James Brown, 27 September 1791From David Humphreys, 27 September 1791From Augustine Davis, 28 September 1791From William Short, 29 September 1791From William Short, 29 September 1791From Harry Innes, 30 September 1791From Joshua Johnson, 30 September 1791From George Twyman, [ca. 30 September 1791]From C. W. F. Dumas, 1 October 1791From David Humphreys, 1 October 1791From Fulwar Skipwith, 1 October 1791From Joseph Fenwick, 2 October 1791From William Short, 2 October 1791From James Currie, 3 October 1791From Gouverneur Morris, 3 October 1791From David Jameson, 4 October 1791From Daniel Smith, 4 October 1791To Francis Eppes, 5 October 1791To Robert Lewis, 5 October 1791To Robert Lewis, Jr., 5 October 1791To Henry Skipwith, 5 October 1791From James Yard, 5 October 1791To David Meade Randolph, 6 October 1791From William Short, 6 October 1791To Tubeuf, 6 October 1791To Francis Walker, 6 October 1791To James Wilson, 6 October 1791To John Bolling, 7 October 1791To Andrew Donald, 7 October 1791To James Lyle, 7 October 1791To Nathaniel Pope, 7 October 1791From Edward Rutledge, 7 October 1791To James Strange, 7 October 1791From William Short, 9 October 1791From William Tatham, 9 October 1791To the Rev. Matthew Maury, 10 October 1791From Thomas Bell, 11 October 1791From John Hamilton, 11 October 1791To John Garland Jefferson, 11 October 1791To Nicholas Lewis, 11 October 1791To Anderson Bryan, 12 October 1791From William Short, 14 October 1791From Delamotte, 15 October 1791From Peyton Short, 15 October 1791From William Short, 15 October 1791From William Short, 15 October 1791From David Humphreys, 16 October 1791From Augustine Davis, 17 October 1791From David Meade Randolph, 17 October 1791To Mary Jefferson, 18 October 1791From Uriah Forrest, 19 October 1791From James Brown, 21 October 1791From William Short, 22 October 1791From Archibald Stuart, 22 October 1791From James McHenry, 23 October 1791To George Washington, 23 October 1791From Francis Eppes, 24 October 1791Report on Census, 24 October 1791From John Trumbull, 24 October 1791From Willink, Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 24 October 1791Enclosure: Statement of Account with the United States, 30 June 1791To James Brown, 25 October 1791To J. P. P. Derieux, 25 October 1791To the Rev. Matthew Maury, 25 October 1791To Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr., 25 October 1791From C. W. F. Dumas, 26 October 1791To George Hammond, 26 October 1791From George Hammond, 26 October 1791The President to the House of Representatives, 26 October 1791From Delamotte, 27 October 1791From Thomas Pleasants, Jr., 27 October 1791From Louis Alexandre, 28 October 1791From Thomas Barclay, 28 October 1791From Joseph Fenwick, 28 October 1791From Joseph Fenwick, 28 October 1791From David Humphreys, 28 October 1791From George Hammond, 30 October 1791From James Brown, 31 October 1791From Francis Eppes, 31 October 1791From Tench Coxe, 1 November 1791From Jonathan N. Havens and Sylvester Dering, 1 November 1791From Thomas Hemming, 1 November 1791From Archibald McCalester, 1 November 1791From Edmund Randolph, 2 November 1791From Elizabeth Carter, 3 November 1791From Samuel Smith, 5 November 1791To William Carmichael, 6 November 1791To Francis Eppes, 6 November 1791To Thomas Mifflin, 6 November 1791From Gouverneur Morris, 6 November 1791To Thomas Pinckney, 6 November 1791To George Washington, 6 November 1791From Seth Jenkins, 7 November 1791From Gouverneur Morris, 7 November 1791To George Washington, 7 November 1791From William Prince, 8 November 1791From William Short, 8 November 1791From John Street, 8 November 1791To George Washington, 8 November 1791Enclosure: Report on Public Lands, 8 November 1791To William Short, 9 November 1791To Samuel Smith, 9 November 1791To Lord Wycombe, 9 November 1791To David Campbell, 10 November 1791From James Maury, 10 November 1791To George Washington, 10 November 1791To James Madison, 11 November 1791From Daniel L. Hylton, 12 November 1791From James Cole Mountflorence, 12 November 1791To Francis Eppes, 13 November 1791To Ebenezer Hazard, 13 November 1791To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 13 November 1791To Hugh Williamson, 13 November 1791Report on Petition of William How, 14 November 1791Report on Petition of Charles Colvill, 14 November 1791Report on Petition of John Mangnall, 14 November 1791To George Washington, 14 November 1791From J. P. P. Derieux, 15 November 1791To William Short, 16 November 1791To Jean Baptiste Ternant, 16 November 1791From George Muter, 17 November 1791To William Short, 17 November 1791To Samuel Smith, 17 November 1791From Caspar Wistar, Jr., 17 November 1791From James Hutchinson, 18 November 1791From David Campbell, 19 November 1791From Francis Eppes, 19 November 1791From John Ettwein, 19 November 1791From Thomas Barclay, 20 November 1791To Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr., 20 November 1791To the Commissioners of the Federal District, 21 November 1791From Sharp Delany, 21 November 1791To Andrew Ellicott, 21 November 1791To Lafayette, 21 November 1791From William Short, 21 November 1791From Fulwar Skipwith, 21 November 1791To the Speaker of the House of Representatives, 21 November 1791Enclosure: Report on Desalination of Sea Water, 21 November 1791From David Humphreys, 22 November 1791From La Rochefoucauld, [22 November 1791]To Tobias Lear, [22 November 1791]From Thomas Barclay, 23 November 1791To Alexander Donald, [23 November 1791]Enclosure: Lackington's Catalogue for 1792, [23 November 1791]To William Short, 24 November 1791From C. W. F. Dumas, 25 November 1791To William Short, 25 November 1791To John Adams, 26 November 1791From George Hammond, 26 November 1791To George Washington, 26 November 1791Proposed Treaty of Commerce with France, [26 November 1791]To Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr., 27 November 1791To James Brown, 28 November 1791To William Carmichael, 29 November 1791From Nathaniel Cutting, 29 November 1791From Joseph Fay, 29 November 1791To George Hammond, 29 November 1791To David Humphreys, 29 November 1791To Thomas Leiper, 29 November 1791From Thomas Pinckney, 29 November 1791From Andrew Ellicott, 30 November 1791From George Hammond, 30 November 1791From George Washington, 30 November 1791A Bill to Promote the Progress of the Useful Arts, [1 December 1791]From Augustine Davis, 1 December 1791From Thomas Pinckney, 1 December 1791Plan of a Bill concerning Consuls, [1 December 1791]To James Somerville, 1 December 1791To George Washington, 1 December 1791Enclosure I: George Washington to Commissioners of the Federal District, 1 December 1791Enclosure II: George Washington to Pierre Charles L'Enfant, 1 December 1791From Pierce Butler, 2 December 1791To Pierce Butler, 2 December 1791Enclosure I: Draught of a Secret resolution of the Senate, 2 December 1791Enclosure II: Draught of a Secret resolution of both houses, 2 December 1791From Charles Willson Peale, [after 3 December 1791]From James Brown, 4 December 1791From Nathaniel Cutting, 4 December 1791To John Dobson, 4 December 1791From David Humphreys, 4 December 1791From Adam Lindsay, 4 December 1791To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 4 December 1791To John Cleves Symmes, 4 December 1791To John Dobson, 5 December 1791To George Hammond, 5 December 1791To Daniel L. Hylton, 5 December 1791To Edmund Randolph, 5 December 1791From Edmund Randolph, [5] December 1791From George Hammond, 6 December 1791Memorandum of Conversation with José de Jaudenes, 6 December 1791From Jonathan Dayton, 7 December 1791George Washington to Beverley Randolph, 7 December 1791From Tench Coxe, 8 December 1791To John Adams, 9 December 1791To Thomas Barclay, 9 December 1791Report on the Petition of Samuel Breck and Others, 9 December 1791From Daniel Smith, 9 December 1791From George Washington, [9 December 1791]From Sylvanus Bourne, 10 December 1791From the Commissioners of the Federal District, 10 December 1791To Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr., 11 December 1791To George Washington, 11 December 1791Enclosure: Observations on L'Enfant's Letter, 11 December 1791From Richard Bruce, 12 December 1791From Daniel Carroll, 12 December 1791To George Hammond, 12 December 1791Enclosure: Extract of Letter concerning W. A. Bowles, 12 December 1791Report on Matters for Negotiation with Great Britain, 12 December 1791From José Ignacio de Viar, 12 December 1791From Thomas Barclay, 13 December 1791To Christopher Gore, 13 December 1791To George Hammond, 13 December 1791To David Humphreys, 13 December 1791From Charles Willson Peale, [13? December 1791]To José Ignacio de Viar, 13 December 1791To George Washington, 13 December 1791From George Hammond, 14 December 1791From George Hammond, 14 December 1791From George Washington, 14 December 1791To Nathaniel Barrett, 15 December 1791From Tench Coxe, 15 December 1791To the Governors of Georgia and South Carolina, 15 December 1791Enclosure I: James Seagrove to Juan Nepomuceno de Quesada, 2 August 1791Enclosure II: Juan Nepomuceno de Quesada to James Seagrove, 6 August 1791Enclosure III: Agreement on Fugitive Slaves, 7 August 1791To George Hammond, 15 December 1791From Edward Church, 16 December 1791To Tench Coxe, 16 December 1791To George Washington, 16 December 1791Enclosure: Draft Message on Western Defense, 16 December 1791From Thomas Barclay, 18 December 1791To Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr., 18 December 1791From George Washington, 18 December 1791From Delamotte, 19 December 1791From George Hammond, 19 December 1791From Martin de Villeneuve, 19 December 1791Report on Sale of Lands on Lake Erie, 19 December 1791To Adam Lindsay, 20 December 1791To George Washington, 20 December 1791Enclosure: Statement of Conflict between Pennsylvania and Virginia, 20 December 1791To José Ignacio de Viar and José de Jaudenes, 21 December 1791To Jonathan N. Havens and Sylvester Dering, 22 December 1791From Daniel L. Hylton, 22 December 1791To Ezra L'Hommedieu, 22 December 1791To Archibald McCalester, 22 December 1791To Eliphalet Pearson, 22 December 1791From Martin de Villeneuve, 22 December 1791Note on the Subject of Vacant Consulships, 22 December 1791Report on Negotiations with Spain, 22 December 1791To Alexander Hamilton, 23 December 1791From David Humphreys, 23 December 1791To Archibald Stuart, 23 December 1791To George Washington, 23 December 1791Enclosure: Report on Commerce, 23 December 1791To William Blount, 24 December 1791From Joseph Fenwick, 24 December 1791To Daniel L. Hylton, 24 December 1791To Henry Mullins, 24 December 1791To Daniel Smith, 24 December 1791Notes on Conversation on Rufus King, 25 December 1791To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 25 December 1791From George Washington, 25 December 1791From George Washington, 25 December 1791From Thomas Barclay, 26 December 1791From William Blount, 26 December 1791From Lewis Littlepage, 26 December 1791From James Currie, 27 December 1791Memorandum of Conversation with José de Jaudenes, 27 December [1791]From George Washington, [27 December 1791]From Nathaniel Cutting, 28 December 1791From Nicholas Forster, 28 December 1791From George Hammond, 28 December 1791To George Hammond, 28 December 1791From Robert R. Livingston, 28 December 1791From Sylvanus Bourne, 29 December 1791To Sylvanus Bourne, 30 December 1791From William Short, 30 December 1791From Thomas Barclay, 31 December 1791From Thomas Barclay, 31 December 1791From William Barton, 31 December 1791From C. W. F. Dumas, 31 December 1791From Joshua Johnson, 31 December 1791