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To ——, 26 July 1764Report on Parliamentary Procedure, [8 November–8 December 1769]From Samuel Jordan, with Jefferson's Notes, 7 August 1770To Thomas Turpin, 3 June 1771From John Lewis, 4 October 1772To Ann Eppes Harris, 26 April 1773Notes for Epitaph and Grave of Dabney Carr, [after 16 May 1773]Deed from Jane Randolph Jefferson for the Conveyance of Slaves, 29 September 1773From John Hook, 12 May 1774Election Tally for the Virginia Committee of Safety, [17 August 1775]To William Bradford, 26 April 1777Memorandum on Paper Money, [October 1777–January 1778]Will of Ann Eppes Harris, [1777]From Edmund Randolph, 13 November 1778From Riedesel, 19 June 1779From John Jay, 26 September 1779From Arthur Lee, 28 September 1779From Arthur Lee, 13 October 1779From Stephen Hopkins, 28 October 1779Board of Trade to Oliver Pollock, 6 November 1779To Bernardo de Gálvez, 29 January 1780From Charles Thomson, 1 February 1780From Arthur Lee, 7 February 1780From Samuel Huntington, 12 February 1780To James Wood, 20 March 1780To the Board of Trade, 23 March 1780Board of War to ——, 25 March 1780To the County Lieutenants of Berkeley and Certain Other Counties, 19 April 1780To Charles Thomas, 10 May 1780To Philip Mazzei, 12 May 1780From Arthur Lee, 13 May 1780To Arnold Henry Dohrman, 24 May 1780From the Continental Board of Admiralty, 19 June 1780To Thomas Sim Lee, 28 June 1780To George Gibson, 7 July 1780From Bernardo de Gálvez, [18 July 1780]William Armistead to Samuel Smith, 3 August 1780List of Virginia Recruiting Officers, with Jefferson's Note, [after 28 August 1780]From Samuel Huntington, 29 August 1780Appointment of a Commissioner of the Provision Law, [9] September 1780Certificate from the Virginia Delegates in Congress, 5 September 1780To John Page, 10 October 1780To Timothy Pickering, 21 November 1780To Robert Lawson, 23 November 1780From Theodorick Bland, 17 December 1780To the Virginia Delegates in Congress, 18 December 1780George Muter to the Auditors, 3 January 1781To John Woodson, 4 January 1781From George Weedon, 11 January 1781From Steuben, 13 January [1781]From George Weedon, 23 January 1781From Edward Stevens, 11 February 1781From Thomas Nelson, 14 February 1781From Commissary Benjamin Harrison, 20 February 1781From the Virginia Delegates in Congress, 27 February 1781From Steuben, 28 February [1781]From Steuben, 4 March [1781]From Lafayette, 8 March 1781From Steuben, 22 March [1781]To William Davies?, 27 March 1781From Robert Hoakesly, 28 March 1781From James Barbour, 5 April 1781To Thomas Walker, John Walker, and Nicholas Lewis, 5 April 1781Contract between Thomas A. Talbot and the Board of War, 6 April 1781From Samuel Huntington, 7 April 1781To William Davies, 9 April 1781From George Weedon, 9 April 1781From the Virginia Delegates in Congress, [ca. 10 April 1781]From Samuel Huntington, 29 April 1781From Silas Deane, 2 May 1781To the Commander of the Essex County Militia, 8 May 1781From La Luzerne, 4 June 1781From Harry Innes, 29 November 1781Enclosure: State of the Case, with Jefferson's Notes, 29 November 1781From Thomas Mann Randolph, Sr., 10 April 1781From Esteban Rodríguez Miró, 4 May 1782From John Taylor, with Jefferson's Opinion on Mary Wayland, [16 August 1782]Epitaph for Martha Wayles Jefferson, [after 6 September 1782]From James Madison, 12 February 1783Memorandum from James Madison, [ca. 6 March 1783]Deed for the Purchase of Lego, 14 August 1783Notes on Resolutions of Congress, [after 4 November 1783]From Eliza House Trist, 13 December 1783To William Whipple, 12 January 1784To Thomas Hutchins, 24 January 1784From the Massachusetts Delegates in Congress, 29 February [1784]To Benjamin Harrison, 16 April 1784To William Whipple, 27 April 1784From James Madison, 8 May 1784To —— Cabot, 24 July 1784Notes on France and Great Britain, [1784–1789]To David Hartley, [29 January 1785]Memorandum from Thomas Ruston, [April 1785?]To John Quincy Adams, 12 May 1785To Giovanni Fabbroni, 23 May 1785From John Paul Jones, 23 June 1785To John Paul Jones, 24 June 1785To Samuel Hardy, James Madison, and James Monroe, 5 July 1785To Jan Ingenhousz, 14 July 1785From Abigail Adams, 12 August 1785To John Langdon, [11 September 1785]From Thomas Boylston, 11 November 1785To Giovanni Fabbroni, 2 March 1786From Thomas Robinson, 25 March 1786From Martha Jefferson Carr, 22 May 1786To Mary Barclay, 3 November 1786From J. F. Marmontel, 28 November 1786From James Madison, 18 March 1787From Mary Jefferson Bolling, 3 May 1787From Tench Coxe, 15 September 1787From Tench Coxe, 4 October 1787From Jarnac, 30 November 1787Memorandum on Wine, [after 23 April 1788]To Boyd, Ker & Company, 9 May 1788To Martha Jefferson, 16 June 1788From John Ledyard, 4 July [1788]To Mary Jefferson, [12 July 1788]John Paradise's Power of Attorney to Nathaniel Burwell, 8 August 1788Memorandums to William Short, [before 17 September 1788]From Thomas Boylston, 18 November 1788To Adrian Kissam, 24 November 1788From D'Estaing, 14 March 1789Notes on Arranging Books at Monticello, [before 26 September 1789]To James Brown, 19 December 1789From Lafayette, 1 February 1790From Richard R. Saltonstall, 5 February 1790Memorandum on Land Dispute with John Harvie, Jr., [after 12 February 1790]From Thomas Mann Randolph, Sr., 15 February 1790Notes for the Settlement of the Estate of Jane Randolph Jefferson, [ca. February 1790]Notes on the Will of Jane Randolph Jefferson, [ca. February 1790]Notes on Executive Departments, [after 21 March 1790]Marriage Certificate for Louis Guillaume Otto and America Francès de Crèvecoeur, 13 April 1790From Sylvanus Bourne, 19 April 1790To Alexander Hamilton, 29 April 1790To Tench Coxe, 6 June 1790Petition of William Pollard to the Patent Board, 29 June 1790To William Temple Franklin, 6 July 1790Notes on Fresco Painting, [before 6 August 1790]From William Blount, 20 August 1790Memorandums to Henry Remsen, 31 August 1790From Samuel Clarke, 2 September 1790From William Blount, 26 November 1790From Tench Coxe, 26 November 1790Memorandum to George Washington, [29 November 1790]From Michael Jenifer Stone, with Jefferson's Note, 23 December 1790From Nathan Read, 8 January 1791Petition of Ezekiel Hall to the Patent Board, 11 January [1791–1793]From James Madison, [ca. 11 January 1791]To Albert Gallatin, 14 January 1791From John Woodward, 1 February 1791From Tobias Lear, 5 February 1791To James Brown, 9 February 1791To David Ross, [6 May 1791]From Alexander Martin, 10 May 1791John Stevens to the Patent Board, [10 May 1791]To Pierre Guide, 21 July 1791Petition of Henry Voigt to the Patent Board, [before 10 August 1791]From Thomas Leiper, 16 August 1791From James Madison, 16 August 1791From Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr., 22 August [1791]Thomas FitzSimons's Notes on Jefferson's Draft Report on Commerce, [23 August 1791]From Benjamin Bourne, [after 26 August 1791]Enclosure: Extracts from Benjamin Peirce's Letters on Trade with Denmark, [1791]From Nathaniel Irish, 27 August 1791From Tobias Lear, with List of Patents, 30 August 1791From the University of the State of Pennsylvania, 20 September 1791To James Strange, [7 October 1791]From David Campbell, 3 November 1791From Jan H. C. Heineken, 10 November 1791To James Brown, [13 November 1791]From Samuel Smith, 13 November 1791To Henry Remsen, [14 November 1791]From Thomas Keene, 23 November 1791From George Washington, [1 December 1791]From Willing, Morris & Swanwick, 1 December 1791From Tench Coxe, [17 December 1791]From Edmund Randolph, [18 December 1791]Memorandum to James Monroe, [after 21 December 1791]Memorandum to James Monroe, 21 December 1791From Willink, Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 30 December 1791From William Vans Murray, [1791–1793]From William Vans Murray, [1791–1793]To George Hammond, 2 [January] 1792Memorandum to James Madison, [after 12 January 1792]From William Knox, 18 January 1792Circular to the Governors of the States, 1 March 1792From Tobias Lear, 3 March 1792From Tobias Lear, 13 March 1792From Tobias Lear, 16 March 1792From Tobias Lear, 16 March 1792From Edmund Randolph, [after 18 March 1792]Notes on Cotton, [ca. 24 March 1792]From Tobias Lear, 31 March 1792Memorandum to James Monroe?, [before 4 April 1792]To Alexander Hamilton, 10 April 1792Notes on John Robertson and Algerine Prisoners, 10 April 1792Notes on Headaches, 10 April 1792Dissenting Opinion on the Sinking Fund, [12 April 1792?]From William Lambert, 17 April 1792From Alexander Hamilton, 12 May 1792Edmund Randolph's Notes on Jefferson's Letter to George Hammond, [ca. 16 May 1792]From Eliza House Trist, [ca. 30 May 1792]Memorial from William Green, 11 June 1792From John Carey, 13 July [1792]From John Fitch, 24 July 1792From Charles Carroll of Carrollton, 9 August 1792Petition of Jonathan Williams, Jr., to the Patent Board, 20 November 1792Directions for Building the Great Clock, [1792–1793]Memorandum from Tench Coxe, [before 5 February 1793?]To Tench Coxe, [on or before 8 February 1793]Memorandum to Henry Sheaff, [after 20 February 1793]To Nathaniel Cutting, 20 March 1793From Robert Montgomery, 23 July 1793