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Main Series | Volume 28 (1 January 1794–29 February 1796) | Documents

From George Washington, 1 January 1794To John Ross, 2 January 1794Enclosure: Power of Attorney, 2 January 1794To Certain Diplomats of the United States, 3 January 1794To George Hammond, 3 January 1794To Thomas Willing and Willink, Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 3 January 1794From Horatio Gates, 5 January 179[4]From Hauterive, 15 January 1794Memorandum to Thomas Mann Randolph, [ca. 16–24 January 1794]From Harry Innes, 21 January 1794From Robert Leslie, 22 January 1794To Archibald Stuart, 26 January 1794From Thomas Pinckney, with Jefferson's Note, 29 January 1794From Ferdinando Fairfax, 31 January 1794To Horatio Gates, 3 February 1794To James Innes, 3 February 1794To Edmund Randolph, 3 February 1794From O. A. Bertrand, 8 February 1794Enclosure I: List of Notes, 8 February 1794Enclosure II: Agricultural Prospectus, 8 February 1794From Tobias Lear, 12 February 1794To Hartman Elliot, 15 February 1794To James Madison, 15 February 1794From Tench Coxe, 22 February 1794From Tench Coxe, 27 February 1794From James Madison, 2 March 1794From James Monroe, 3 March 1794From James Madison, 9 March 1794From Giuseppe Ceracchi, 11 March 1794To James Monroe, 11 March 1794From James Madison, 12 March 1794From Richard Peters, 13 March 1794From Horatio Gates, 14 March 1794From James Madison, 14 March 1794From Tench Coxe, 16 March 1794From James Monroe, 16 March 1794From Diodati, 17 March 1794From James Madison, 24 March 1794From James Madison, 26 March 1794From James Monroe, 26 March 1794From James Madison, 31 March 1794From James Monroe, 31 March 1794From James Monroe, 2 April 1794To Thomas Walker, Jr., 2 April 1794To Benjamin Bankson, 3 April 1794To James Madison, 3 April 1794From John Adams, 4 April 1794From James Lyle, 14 April 1794From James Madison, 14 April 1794To Edmund Randolph, [17 April 1794]To Charles Rose, 17 April 1794To James Lyle, 24 April 1794To James Monroe, 24 April 1794From George Washington, 24 April 1794To John Adams, 25 April 1794To Ferdinando Fairfax, 25 April 1794To Madame Plumard de Bellanger, 25 April 1794To John Garland Jefferson, 26 April 1794From James Madison, 28 April 1794To William Nelson, Jr., 28 April 1794To John Ross, 30 April 1794Memorandum from Bowling Clark, April 1794To Charles Carter, 1 May 1794To Tench Coxe, 1 May 1794To John Taylor, 1 May 1794From James Monroe, 4 May 1794From John Adams, 11 May 1794From James Madison, 11 May 1794To Edmund Randolph, 14 May 1794To George Washington, 14 May 1794To James Madison, 15 May 1794From Joseph L'Epine, 16 May 1794From William Short, 22 May 1794From James Madison, 25 May 1794From James Monroe, 26 May 1794From James Monroe, 27 May 1794To John Garland Jefferson, 28 May 1794To Joseph L'Epine, 28 May 1794To Edmund Randolph, 28 May 1794From Tench Coxe, 31 May 1794From James Madison, 1 June 1794From John Taylor, 1 June 1794From James Monroe, 6 June 1794From Thomas Pinckney, 6 June 1794To James Brown, 8 June 1794List of Unretained Letters, [ca. 9 June 1794]From James Monroe, 17 June 1794From Timothy Pickering, 30 June 1794From Tench Coxe, 7 July 1794From John Leach, 12 July 1794To Thomas Mann Randolph, 14 July 1794To Timothy Pickering, 23 July [1794]From William W. Hening, 24 July 1794To Richard Morris, 27 July 1794To Benjamin Carter Waller, 27 July 1794From Benjamin Carter Waller, 2 August 1794To Christopher Clark, 5 August 1794To Nicholas Davies, 6 August 1794To Thomas Mann Randolph, 7 August 1794From John Taylor, 15 August 1794To James Steptoe, 16 August 1794To Francis Eppes, 28 August 1794From Edmund Randolph, 28 August 1794Enclosure I: Josef de Jaudenes to Edmund Randolph, 16 August 1794Enclosure II: Edmund Randolph's Memorandum of a Conference with Josef de Jaudenes, 26 August 1794From François D'Ivernois, 5 September 1794Enclosure: François D'Ivernois's First Letter on the Genevan Revolution, 22 August [1794]From James Monroe, 7 September 1794To Edmund Randolph, 7 September 1794Power of Attorney to Caleb Lownes, 11 September 1794From François D'Ivernois, 16 September 1794Enclosure: Queries of François D'Ivernois, 16 September 1794To Joseph Mussi, 17 September 1794To Eliza House Trist, 17 September 1794From François D'Ivernois, 23 September 1794Enclosure: François D'Ivernois's Second Letter on the Genevan Revolution, 23 September [1794]From François D'Ivernois, 23 September 1794To Dabney Carr, 24 September 1794To Garrett Minor, 24 September 1794To Thomas Divers, 28 September 1794To Benjamin Franklin Bache, 29 September 1794To James Brown, 1 October 1794From François D'Ivernois, 2 October 1794From François D'Ivernois, 4 October 1794Enclosure: François D'Ivernois's Third Letter on the Genevan Revolution, 4 October [1794]From James Madison, 5 October 1794To John Barnes, 9 October 1794To Benjamin Carter Waller, 9 October 1794To George Wythe, [23 October 1794]To Thomas Mann Randolph, 27 October 1794To James Madison, 30 October 1794To Henry Remsen, 30 October 1794To Archibald Stuart, 30 October 1794From George Wythe, 1 November 1794From William Short, 4 November 1794To James Madison, 6 November 1794To Edmund Randolph, [6 November 1794]From Samuel Blackden, 9 November 1794From François D'Ivernois, 11 November 1794Enclosure I: Decree of the Geneva National Commission, 28 September 1794Enclosure II: Extract from Etienne Pestre's Pamphlet, October 1794From Giuseppe Ceracchi, 13 November 1794From Maria Cosway, 13 November 1794From James Madison, 16 November 1794To John Barnes, 20 November 1794To William Branch Giles, 20 November 1794To James Maury, 20 November 1794To Joseph Mussi, 20 November 1794From John Trumbull, 20 November 1794From John Adams, 21 November 1794To Wilson Cary Nicholas, 23 November 1794From Maria Cosway, 24 November 1794From Oliver Wolcott, Jr., 29 November 1794From James Madison, 30 November 1794To Archibald Stuart, 2 December 1794From William Branch Giles, 7 December 1794To James Madison, 9 December 1794To Samuel Blackden, 11 December 1794To James Madison, 12 December 1794To Wilson Cary Nicholas, 12 December 1794To James Lyle, 14 December 1794To William Branch Giles, 17 December 1794To Richard Adams, 18 December 1794From James Madison, 21 December 1794Deed of Manumission for Robert Hemings, 24 December 1794To James Lyle, 24 December 1794From Richard Adams, 26 December 1794Authorization for J. P. P. Derieux, 26 December 1794To Thomas Mann Randolph, 26 December 1794To Thomas Walker, Jr., 26 December 1794To James Madison, 28 December 1794To John Taylor, 29 December 1794Memorandum from Eli Alexander, [ca. December 1794?]Memorandum from Eli Alexander, [1794–1795?]Notes for Revising the Virginia Constitution, [1794 or later]From Marc Auguste Pictet, 1 January 17[95]From William Branch Giles, 4 January 179[5]To Henry Skipwith, 4 January 1795To Thomas Mann Randolph, [8 January 1795]Memorandum from Eli Alexander, 10 January 1795To Archibald Stuart, 10 January 1795From James Madison, 11 January 179[5]To Henry Banks, 15 January 1795From Martha Jefferson Randolph, 15 January 1795To Joseph Mussi, 21 January 1795To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 22 January 1795From James Madison, 26 January 1795To Thomas Mann Randolph, 29 January 1795From William Short, 29 January 1795Memorandum from Robert Bailey, [January 1795]From William Frederick Ast, 1 February 1795From John Adams, 5 February 1795To James Madison, 5 February 1795To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 5 February 1795To John Adams, 6 February 1795To François D'Ivernois, 6 February 1795To Thomas Mann Randolph, 12 February 1795From James Madison, 15 February 1795To Robert Morris, 19 February 1795Notes on Letters from François D'Ivernois, [19–23 February 1795]To Thomas Mann Randolph, 19 February 1795To Archibald Stuart, 19 February 1795Enclosure: Notes on Potash and Pearl Ash, 19 February 1795To Thomas A. Taylor, 19 February 1795To Richard Claiborne, 21 February 1795From Robert Pollard, 22 February 1795To James Madison, 23 February 1795To Edmund Randolph, 23 February 1795To George Washington, 23 February 1795To David Rittenhouse, 24 February 1795To John Barnes, 25 February 1795From François D'Ivernois, [26 February 1795]To Thomas Mann Randolph, 26 February 1795From James Madison, [ca. February–March 1795]From Dugald Stewart, 1 March 1795Bill in Chancery of Wayle's Executors against the Heirs of Richard Randolph, [on or before 2 March 1795]To James Madison, 5 March 1795To Thomas Pinckney, 5 March 1795To Thomas Mann Randolph, 5 March 1795From John Taylor, 5 March 1795To Joshua Fry, 8 March 1795From Giuseppe Ceracchi, 9 March 1795To John Mason, 11 March 1795To Henry Remsen, 11 March 1795To William Champe Carter, 15 March 1795From George Washington, 15 March 1795From William Champe Carter, 19 March [1795]From Tench Coxe, 20 March 1795From François D'Ivernois, 21 March 1795From James Madison, 23 March 1795From Jean Antoine Gautier, 24 March 1795From Grand & Cie., 24 March 1795From Grand & Cie. and Gautier & Cie., 24 March 1795From George Wythe, 26 March 1795From Jean Nicolas Démeunier, 30 March 1795From George Washington, 30 March 1795From James Lyle, 31 March 1795To Richard Hanson, 2 April 1795To Henry Remsen, 2 April 1795To Thomas A. Taylor, 2 April 1795From John Carey, 6 April 1795From Edmund Randolph, 11 April 1795From William Champe Carter, [on or before 13 April 1795]To John Taylor, 13 April 1795To William Champe Carter, 15 April 1795To John Taylor, 15 April 1795To John Barnes, 16 April 1795From William Branch Giles, 16 April 1795To James Brown, 18 April 1795To Archibald Stuart, 18 April 1795To George Wythe, 18 April 1795Articles of Agreement with William Champe Carter, 20 April 1795From Wilson Cary Nicholas, 20 April 1795To John Barnes, 23 April 1795To William Temple, 26 April 1795To William Branch Giles, 27 April 1795To John Harvie, Jr., 27 April 1795To James Madison, 27 April 1795To Jean Nicolas Démeunier, 29 April 1795From Eli Alexander, April 1795From Robert Pollard, 1 May 1795To James Monroe, 5 May 1795From Madame de Chastellux, 6 May 1795To James Brown, 7 May 1795To William O. Callis, 8 May 1795From John Harvie, Jr., 9 May 1795From Giuseppe Ceracchi, 11 May 1795To James Steptoe, 17 May 1795To Archibald Stuart, 17 May 1795To Isaac Zane, 17 May 1795To Archibald Stuart, 23 May 1795To Robert Brooke, 24 May 1795To William Short, 25 May 1795To Froullé, 26 May 1795To James Monroe, 26 May 1795To John Adams, 27 May 1795From Rodolph Vall-Travers, 29 May 1795To James Brown, 30 May 1795To Alexander Donald, 30 May 1795To Philip Mazzei, 30 May 1795Notes on Conversations with William Strickland, May 1795To Tench Coxe, 1 June 1795To Henry Knox, 1 June 1795From Robert Morris, 1 June 1795To Edmund Randolph, 1 June 1795To Benjamin Franklin Bache, 2 June 1795To John Barnes, 3 June 1795To John Barnes, 3 June 1795To William Champe Carter, 3 June 1795To Sarah Champe Carter, 4 June 1795From William Champe Carter, [ca. 4 June 1795]From William Champe Carter, 5 June [1795]From James Blake, 6 June 1795To John Barnes, 8 June 1795To John Taylor, 8 June 1795To Archibald Stuart, 11 June 1795From John Blair, 13 June 1795From John Barnes, 14 June 1795From James Madison, 14 June 1795To Henry Remsen, 18 June 1795From Henry Knox, 20 June 1795From Robert Pollard, 21 June 1795To John Barnes, 24 June 1795From James Monroe, 27 June 1795Enclosure: Sketch of the State of Affairs in France, 23 June 1795From Sarah Champe Carter, 30 June 1795To Archibald Stuart, 30 June 1795From Henry Tazewell, 1 July 1795From James Monroe, 3 July 1795From James Ogilvie, [before 3 July 1795]From Mann Page, 3 July 1795From John Jay, 7 July 1795To James Lyle, 10 July 1795From John Craig Millar, 10 July 1795From William Branch Giles, 13 July 1795To James Madison, 13 July 1795To Archibald Stuart, 14 July 1795From Sir John Sinclair, 15 July 1795To James Brown, 16 July 1795To Archibald Stuart, 20 July 1795To John Barnes, 21 July 1795Notes on Infractions of Neutral Rights by France and Great Britain, [after 21 July 1795]Notes on the Account with Richard Harvie & Company, 22 July 1795From John Breckinridge, 25 July 1795From Robert Pollard, 25 July 1795To Thomas Mann Randolph, 26 July 1795To Archibald Stuart, 26 July 1795From John Barnes, 28 July 1795Enclosure: Account with John Barnes, 28 July 1795From Tench Coxe, 30 July 1795From Christoph Daniel Ebeling, 30 July 1795Enclosure: Note on Sources, 1 August 1795To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 31 July 1795To William Champe Carter, 3 August 1795To James Madison, 3 August 1795To Robert Pollard, 3 August 1795List of Groceries for Gamble & Temple, [6 August 1795?]From James Madison, 6 August 1795From Robert Pollard, 9 August 1795To Thomas Mann Randolph, 11 August 1795To John Barnes, 12 August 1795To Joseph Donath, 12 August 1795Notes for Account with John Barnes, [after 12 August 1795]To Robert Pollard, 12 August 1795To Thomas Mann Randolph, 18 August 1795To Thomas Mann Randolph, 20 August 1795To Mann Page, 30 August 1795From Anthony Gerna, 2 September 1795From William Short, 2 September 1795To John Wayles Eppes, 3 September 1795From William Short, 3 September 1795From Robert Brooke, 4 September 1795To James Monroe, 6 September 1795To Madame de Tessé, 6 September 1795To Jean Antoine Gautier, 7 September 1795To Angelica Schuyler Church, 8 September 1795To Maria Cosway, 8 September 179[5]To Philip Mazzei, 8 September 1795To Thomas Pinckney, 8 September 1795From Pierre Auguste Adet, 9 September 1795To Caleb Lownes, 9 September 1795Notes on St. George Tucker's Measurements of the Natural Bridge, 9 September 1795To Tench Coxe, 10 September 1795From Grand & Cie., 11 September 1795To Charles Lilburne Lewis, 11 September 1795To George Washington, 12 September 1795To John Craig Millar, 13 September 1795To Henry Tazewell, 13 September 1795To John Barnes, 14 September 1795To Sampson Crosby, 15 September 1795To St. George Tucker, 15 September 1795To Joseph Donath, 16 September 1795From Rodolph Vall-Travers, 16 September 1795Inquest on Shadwell Mill, 18 September 1795To James Madison, 21 September 1795From John Carr, 22 September 1795To Eliza House Trist, 23 September 1795To Bushrod Washington, 23 September 1795Bill in Chancery on the Henderson Milldam, [24 September 1795]From Richard Harrison, 28 September 1795To William Alexander, 29 September 1795From William Short, 30 September 1795To Bushrod Washington, 1 October 1795From George Washington, 4 October 1795From Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 10 October 1795From Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 10 October 1795From Edward Rutledge, 12 October 1795To Pierre Auguste Adet, 14 October 1795From Antonia Carmichael, 14 October 1795To Marc Auguste Pictet, 14 October 1795Notes on the Letter of Christoph Daniel Ebeling, [after 15 October 1795]From James Madison, 18 October 1795To Wilson Cary Nicholas, 19 October 1795From James Blake, 20 October 1795To James Brown, 20 October 1795From James Lyle, 23 October 1795To James Lyle, 28 October 1795From William Branch Giles, 29 October 1795From Tench Coxe, 30 October 1795From Louis of Parma, 2 November 1795From Bushrod Washington, 2 November 1795From James Lyle, 3 November 1795To the Heirs of Bennett Henderson, 7 November 1795To James Lyle, 8 November 1795From James Madison, 8 November 1795To Madame de Kersaint, 9 November 1795To James Lyle, 12 November 1795To Richard Harrison, 13 November 1795From Volney, with Postscript by Thomas Lee Shippen, 13 November 1795To Thomas Mann Randolph, 14 November 1795From James Monroe, 18 November 1795From James Lyle, 19 November 1795From Thomas Mann Randolph, 22 November 1795To James Lyle, 25 November 1795To Thomas Mann Randolph, 25 November 1795Enclosure: State of the Case for the Virginia Land Office, [ca. 25 November 1795]To James Madison, 26 November 1795From Richard Harrison, 28 November 1795To Edward Rutledge, 30 November 1795To James Madison, 3 December 1795From Maria Cosway, 4 December 1795From James Madison, 6 December 1795From James Blake, 8 December 1795From William Branch Giles, 9 December 1795To Thomas Lee Shippen, 9 December 1795From Sir Peyton Skipwith, 9 December 1795To Volney, 9 December 1795To John Barnes, 11 December 1795To Bowling Clark, 12 December 1795To Richard Stith, 12 December 1795From James Madison, 13 December 1795From William Branch Giles, 15 December 1795To Henry Remsen, 17 December 1795From William Branch Giles, 20 December 1795To Sir Peyton Skipwith, 24 December 1795To Benjamin Franklin Bache, 26 December 1795To Sampson Crosby, [26] December 1795From James Madison, 27 December 1795Notes on Edmund Randolph's Vindication, [after 29 December 1795]To William Branch Giles, 31 December 1795Notes of a Conversation with Edmund Randolph, [after 1795]From Martha Jefferson Randolph, 1 January 1796From George Wythe, 1 January 1796From James Hopkins, 2 January 1796To J. P. P. Derieux, 3 January 1796To Archibald Stuart, 3 January 1796From Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 5 January 1796To Thomas Mann Randolph, 6 January 1796From James Madison, 10 January 1796To Thomas Mann Randolph, 11 January 1796To Thomas Mann Randolph, 12 January 1796To George Wythe, 12 January 1796To George Wythe, 16 January 1796To George Wythe, 16 January 1796Enclosure: Statement of the Laws of Virginia, 13 January 1796To John Barnes, 17 January 1796To Thomas Mann Randolph, 18 January 1796To John Barnes, 24 January 1796From Jonathan Williams, 24 January 1796Enclosure I: Extract from Jonathan Williams's Meteorological Journal, 1791Enclosure II: Height of Virginia Mountains by Barometrical Measurement, 24 January 1796To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 25 January 1796From Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 27 January 1796From John Adams, 31 January 1796From James Madison, 31 January 1796To Philip Mazzei, 31 January 1796To Thomas Mann Randolph, 31 January 1796Deed of Manumission for James Hemings, 5 February 1796From James Madison, 7 February 1796To Thomas Mann Randolph, [7 February 1796]To John Barnes, 14 February 1796To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 14 February 1796James Hemings's Inventory of Kitchen Utensils at Monticello, [20 February 1796]To John Barnes, 21 February 1796Enclosure: Power of Attorney for John Barnes, 21 February 1796To James Madison, 21 February 1796From James Madison, 21 February 1796To John Harvie, Jr., 22 February 1796To Thomas Mann Randolph, 22 February 1796To Archibald Stuart, 22 February 1796To John Adams, 28 February 1796To John Barnes, 28 February 1796To Tobias Lear, 28 February 1796To Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 28 February 1796To James Blake, 29 February 1796To Sampson Crosby, 29 February 1796From John Harvie, Jr., 29 February 1796From James Madison, 29 February 1796To Robert Pollard, 29 February 1796To Thomas Mann Randolph, 29 February 1796