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Main Series | Volume 29 (1 March 1796–31 December 1797) | Documents

From Benjamin Rush, 1 March 1796To James Monroe, 2 March 1796From Robert Pollard, 3 March 1796To James Madison, 6 March 1796From James Madison, 6 March 1796To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 6 March 1796To Richard Harrison, 8 March 1796Statement on Accounts as Minister Plenipotentiary in France, 8 March 1796To Richard Harrison, 9 March 1796From James Madison, 13 March 1796To Thomas Mann Randolph, 13 March 1796From Thomas Pinckney, 16 March 1796From William Cabell, 17 March 1796To Jean Antoine Gautier, 17 March 1796To Richard Harrison, 17 March 1796To William Blount, 19 March 1796To William Branch Giles, 19 March 1796To Thomas Mann Randolph, 19 March 1796To Robert Brooke, [20 March 1796]From William Branch Giles, 20 March 1796Memorandum to Richard Harrison, [ca. 20 March 1796]To John Pendleton, 20 March 1796To James Madison, 21 March 1796From James Madison, 21 March 1796To James Monroe, 21 March 1796To Benjamin Hawkins, 22 March 1796To John Bowyer, 25 March 1796From Patrick White, 25 March 1796From William Branch Giles, 26 March 1796To John Barnes, 27 March 1796To James Brown, 27 March 1796To James Madison, 27 March 1796To Thomas Mann Randolph, 27 March [1796]From Volney, 28 March 1796From William Branch Giles, 31 March 1796From James Madison, 4 April 1796To Archibald Stuart, 5 April 1796From John Adams, 6 April 1796From William Branch Giles, 6 April 1796To Volney, 10 April 1796From James Madison, 11 April 1796To Thomas Mann Randolph, 11 April 1796From John Stuart, 11 April 1796From Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 11 April 1796Agreement with Randolph Jefferson, 17 April 1796To James Madison, 17 April 1796Enclosure I: Extract of Madison's Notes on Debates in the Federal Convention, 17 April 1796Enclosure II: Extracts from Jefferson's Papers, with Comments, 17 April 1796From Thomas Pinckney, 17 April 1796From James Madison, 18 April 1796From Tench Coxe, 22 April 1796From Aaron Burr, 23 April 1796From James Madison, 23 April 1796Jefferson's Letter to Philip MazzeiTo James Madison, 24 April 1796To Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 24 April 1796To Thomas Mann Randolph, [25 April 1796]From Bushrod Washington, 26 April 1796From Edward Rutledge, 30 April 1796To James Lyle, 1 May 1796From James Madison, 1 May 1796From James Madison, 9 May 1796To James Lyle, 12 May 1796Enclosure: Deed of Mortgage of Slaves to Henderson, McCaul & Company, 12 May 1796Deed of Mortgage of Slaves to Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 12 May 1796To Francis Walker, 14 May 1796From Archibald Stuart, 15 May 1796To Mann Page, [16 May 1796]From Alexandre Lerebours, 17 May 1796From Patrick White, 19 May 1796From William Strickland, 20 May 1796From Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 21 May 1796To John Barnes, 2[2] May 1796From James Madison, 22 May 1796From William Thornton, 22 May 1796From Volney, 22 May 1796To James Brown, 23 May 1796To Archibald Stuart, 26 May 1796To John Stuart, 26 May 1796From Sir John Sinclair, 28 May 1796From William Strickland, 28 May 1796From Joseph Marx, 29 May 1796From James Madison, 30 May 1796From Robert Pleasants, 1 June 1796To Joseph Marx, 4 June 1796To Charles Willson Peale, 5 June 1796From Jean Antoine Gautier, 7 June 1796To James Monroe, 12 June 1796To John Barnes, 19 June 1796To George Washington du Motier de Lafayette, [19 June 1796]To George Washington, 19 June 1796From Richard Stith, 20 June 1796From Jonathan Williams, 20 June 1796To John Breckinridge, 21 June 1796To Jean Baptiste Ducoigne, [21 June 1796]To Harry Innes, 21 June 1796To Henri Peyroux de la Coudrèniere, 21 June 1796To Isaac Shelby, 21 June 1796To Archibald Stuart, 21 June 1796From Tench Coxe, 22 June 1796From Charles Willson Peale, 22 June 1796To —— Hite, 29 June 1796To Archibald Stuart, 29 June 1796To David Rittenhouse, 3 July 1796To Jonathan Williams, 3 July 1796To J. P. P. Derieux, [4 July 1796?]From George Washington, 6 July 1796To Madame de Chastellux, 10 July 1796To Tench Coxe, 10 July 1796To James Monroe, 10 July 1796From La Rochefoucauld-Liancourt, 11 July 179[6]From Volney, 12 July 1796From John Stuart, 13 July 1796To Francis Willis, 15 July 1796From John Guillemard, 18 July 1796From Philip Turpin, 18 July 1796From James Martin, [20 July 1796]To William Alexander, 26 July 1796From George Wythe, 27 July 1796From George Washington du Motier de Lafayette, 29 July 1796From James Monroe, 30 July 1796From Benjamin Smith Barton, 1 August 1796To Francis Eppes, 4 August 1796To John Barnes, 7 August 1796To George Wythe, 8 August 1796To Thomas Mann Randolph, 12 August 1796From William Cocke, 17 August 1796To Wilson Cary Nicholas, 19 August 1796To Thomas Mann Randolph, 19 August 1796From Archibald Stuart, 19 August 1796From Wakelin Welch, 22 August 1796Enclosure: Account with Robert Cary & Company, 22 August 1796From Volney, 24 August 1796From John Stuart, 25 August 1796To Robert Pleasants, [27 August 1796]From George Washington, 28 August 1796Questions on the Cow Pea, with Answers of Philip Tabb, [after 30 August 1796?]From John Carey, 1 September 1796From Benjamin Smith Barton, 5 September 1796From Sir John Sinclair, 10 September 1796To John Barnes, 11 September 1796To Joseph Donath, 11 September 1796From —— Galvan, 21 September 1796From John Garland Jefferson, 21 September 1796From John Wayles Eppes, 25 September 1796To John Barnes, 2 October 1796To Joseph Donath, 2 October 1796To William Booker, 4 October 1796From William Booker, 7 October 1796To Bushrod Washington, 9 October 1796From William Frederick Ast, 10 October 1796To Benjamin Smith Barton, 10 October 1796Documents Relating to the 1796 Campaign for Electors in VirginiaTo William Cocke, 21 October 1796From Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 21 October 1796To James Currie, 22 October 1796From Benjamin Smith Barton, 25 October 1796From James Lyle, 25 October 1796Enclosure: Statement of Interest and Payments on Bonds to Henderson, McCaul & Company, 25 October 1796From William Fleming, 30 October 1796To John Carey, 10 November 1796To John Stuart, 10 November 1796To John Barnes, 13 November 1796From William Booker, 17 November 1796From Jean Armand Tronchin, 17 November 1796Enclosure: Tronchin's Memorandum on Recovering Foreign Debts in America, [17 October 1796]Deed of Mortgage of Slaves to Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 21 November 1796To Peter Carr, 28 November 1796To Thomas Mann Randolph, 28 November 1796To John Barnes, 4 December 1796To Joseph Donath, 4 December 1796To Henry Banks, 5 December 1796From James Madison, 5 December 1796To Wilson Cary Nicholas, 5 December 1796From John Wickham, 8 December 1796From James Madison, 10 December 1796To John Barnes, 11 December 1796Enclosure: Power of Attorney to John Barnes for William Short, 10 December 1796To Thomas A. Taylor, 11 December 1796From Volney, 12 December 1796To John Garland Jefferson, 17 December 1796To James Madison, 17 December 1796To Volney, [17 December] 1796From John Wayles Eppes, 19 December 1796From James Madison, 19 December 1796From James Madison, 25 December 1796From Volney, 26 December 1796From Enoch Edwards, 27 December 1796To Edward Rutledge, 27 December 1796Jefferson's Letter to John AdamsFrom Volney, 29 December 1796From Archibald Stuart, 31 December 1796Declaration for the Mutual Assurance Society, [1796 or later]Memorandum on Farming Operations, [1796 or later]Notes on a Copying Process, [1796]Jefferson's Letter to James MadisonFrom Benjamin Rush, 4 January 1797To Archibald Stuart, 4 January 1797From the American Philosophical Society, 7 January 1797To James Madison, 8 January 1797From James Madison, 8 January 1797To Volney, 8 January 1797To Thomas Mann Randolph, 9 January 1797From James Sullivan, 12 January 1797From James Wood, 14 January 1797From James Madison, 15 January 1797To James Madison, 16 January 1797From John Stuart, 16 January 1797To Henry Tazewell, 16 January 1797To John Wickham, 20 January 1797To Enoch Edwards, 22 January 1797To John Langdon, 22 January 1797To James Madison, 22 January 1797From James Madison, 22 January 1797To Thomas Mann Randolph, 22 January 1797To Benjamin Rush, 22 January 1797To George Wythe, 22 January 1797To the American Philosophical Society, 28 January 1797To John Barnes, 28 January 1797To John Marshall, 28 January [1797]To James Wood, 28 January 1797From James Madison, 29 January 1797To James Madison, 30 January 1797From Henry Tazewell, 1 February 1797From George Wythe, 1 February 1797From Benjamin Rush, 4 February 1797From James Madison, 5 February 1797From Charles Willson Peale, 6 February 1797To Thomas Mann Randolph, 6 February 1797From Robert Pleasants, 8 February 1797To James Sullivan, 9 February 1797Memoir on the Megalonyx, [10 February 1797]From James Madison, 11 February 1797From Timothy Pickering, 11 February 1797From Timothy Pickering, 11 February 1797To James Lyle, 12 February 1797From Timothy Pickering, 16 February 1797From Mary Jefferson, 27 February 179[7]To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 28 February 1797Notes on a Paragraph by John Henry, [after 1 March 1797]From James Wood, 3 March 1797Address to the Senate, [4 March 1797]From Madame de Chastellux, 5 March 1797From Enoch Edwards, [6 March 1797]From Enoch Edwards, 9 March 1797To Mary Jefferson, 11 March 1797To Thomas Mann Randolph, 11 March 1797To William Short, 12 March 1797To Sir John Sinclair, 12 March 1797To William Strickland, 12 March 1797From Volney, 15 March 1797From Samuel Brown, 17 March 1797To Thomas Mann Randolph, 23 March [1797]From Peregrine Fitzhugh, 25 March 1797To John Barnes, 26 March 1797From Timothy Pickering, 26 March 1797From John Trumbull, 26 March 1797From Elbridge Gerry, 27 March 1797To William Vans Murray, 27 March 1797To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 27 March 1797To Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 27 March 1797Enclosure: Bond to Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 26 March 1797To Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 28 March 1797From William Short, 30 March 1797From Martha Jefferson Randolph, 31 March 1797From Willink, Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 31 March 1797To James Wood, 31 March 1797Enclosure I: Notes on Plan of a Prison, 31 March 1797Enclosure II: Table of Estimates, 31 March 1797From Thomas Paine, 1 April 1797To John Brown, 5 April 1797To Peregrine Fitzhugh, 9 April 1797From Alexandre Giroud, [9 April 1797]To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 9 April 1797To Thomas Mann Randolph, 9 April 1797To Elizabeth House Trist, 9 April 1797To Volney, 9 April 1797From Mann Page, 19 April 1797From Jean François Paul Grand, 1 May 1797From Pierre Auguste Adet, 4 May 1797From Elbridge Gerry, 4 May 17[97]From Edward Rutledge, 4 May 1797From William Wirt, with Jefferson's Notes, 4 May 1797From “Monitor”, 7 May 1797To Thomas Mann Randolph, 7 May 1797From Antonia Reynon Carmichael, 8 May 1797From Horatio Gates, 9 May 1797To Elbridge Gerry, 13 May 1797From Thomas Paine, 14 May 1797From Thomas Bee, 16 May 1797To Benjamin Smith Barton, 17 May 1797From Stephen Cathalan, Jr., 17 May 1797From Dugnani, 17 May 1797To Thomas Bell, 18 May 1797To James Madison, 18 May 1797Richard O'Brien's Memorandum on Naval Protection, 18 May 1797From John Oliver, 18 May 1797To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 18 May 1797From Peregrine Fitzhugh, 19 May 1797From “A Native American”, [19 May 1797]To Thomas Mann Randolph, 19 May 1797From Edward Rutledge, 19 May 1797From Elbridge Gerry, 22 May 1797To Alexandre Giroud, 22 May 1797To Allen Jones, 22 May 1797From Charles Louis Clérisseau, 23 May 1797To Louis of Parma, 23 May 1797The Senate to John Adams, [23 May 1797]John Adams to the Senate, [24 May 1797]To Angelica Schuyler Church, 24 May 1797From Hugh Williamson, 24 May 1797To Elbridge Gerry, 25 May 1797To Mary Jefferson, 25 May 1797From William Linn, 25 May 1797To William Wardlaw, 25 May 1797To Thomas Mann Randolph, 26 May 1797From Elbridge Gerry, 28 May 1797From Hugh Williamson, 28 May 1797From Sebastian Bauman, 29 May 1797To Thomas Pinckney, 29 May 1797To Antonia Reynon Carmichael, 30 May 1797To Horatio Gates, 30 May 1797To John Oliver, 30 May 1797To John Gibson, 31 May 1797To James Madison, 1 June [1797]To Thomas Mann Randolph, 1 June [1797]To Dugald Stewart, [2 June 1797]To Peregrine Fitzhugh, 4 June 1797To Wakelin Welch, 4 June 1797Senate Resolution on Appointment of Charles C. Pinckney, [5 June 1797]From Tench Coxe, 7 June 1797To James Madison, 8 June 1797To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 8 June 1797To French Strother, 8 June 1797To Thomas Mann Randolph, 9 June 1797From Thomas Bell, 12 June 1797From Mary Jefferson, 12 June 1797To John Moody, 13 June 1797To Mary Jefferson, [14 June 1797]To Edward Stevens, 14 June 1797To John Strode, 14 June 1797To James Madison, 15 June 1797From Pierre Malon, 15 June 1797To Thomas Mann Randolph, 15 June 1797To Aaron Burr, 17 June 1797From John Gibson, 17 June 1797To Henry Remsen, 17 June 1797From Peregrine Fitzhugh, 20 June 1797Book Dedication from Benjamin Smith Barton, 21 June 1797From Aaron Burr, 21 June 1797To Elbridge Gerry, 21 June 1797From Sir John Sinclair, 21 June 1797To James Madison, 22 June 1797To Thomas Mann Randolph, 22 June 1797To John Gibson, 24 June 1797From Luther Martin, 24 June 1797To Edward Rutledge, 24 June 1797From Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 26 June 1797To Andrew G. Fraunces, 27 June 1797To Edmund Randolph, 27 June 1797To Andrew G. Fraunces, 28 June 1797To James Madison, 29 June 1797To Thomas Mann Randolph, 29 June 1797From La Rochefoucauld-Liancourt, 30 June 1797To William Short, 30 June 1797From Willem H. van Hasselt, 30 June 1797To Thomas Mifflin, 1 July 1797Account with John Francis, 3 July 1797From Arthur Campbell, 4 July 1797From Edmund Charles Genet, 4 July 1797Senate Resolution on William Blount, [4 July 1797]To Volney, 5 July 1797From Volney, 5 July 1797From Elbridge Gerry, 6 July 1797Suit Against the Estate of William Ronald: Order and Report, 10 July 1797From James Monroe, 12 July 1797From Sir John Sinclair, 15 July 1797From William Wirt, with Jefferson's Notes, 15 July 1797To John Barnes, [18] July 1797From Volney, 19 July 1797To James Madison, 24 July 1797From John Barnes, 26 July 1797To John Barnes, 31 July 1797From Delamotte, 31 July 1797Note on Diplomatic Appointments, July 1797From Thomas Bee, 1 August 1797From James Madison, 2 August 1797From St. George Tucker, 2 August 1797To James Madison, 3 August 1797Petition to Virginia House of DelegatesFrom James Madison, 5 August 1797To Volney, 5 August 1797From Citizens of Vincennes, 7 August 1797From John F. Mercer, 9 August 1797From John Barnes, 10 August 1797To John Stuart, 15 August 1797From William Strickland, 16 August 1797From William Strickland, 18 August 1797From Allen Jones, 20 August 1797From Rufus King, 22 August 1797From St. George Tucker, 22 August 1797From James Madison, 24 August 1797Notes on Alexander Hamilton, 24 August 1797To Willem H. van Hasselt, 27 August 1797To St. George Tucker, 28 August 1797To Robert Lawson, 31 August 1797To Benjamin Vaughan, 31 August 1797To John Vaughan, 31 August 1797To Arthur Campbell, 1 September 1797To John Barnes, 2 September 1797From Volney, 2 September 1797To John F. Mercer, 5 September 1797From James Monroe, 5 September 1797To Archibald Stuart, 5 September 1797From John Stuart, 6 September 1797To James Monroe, 7 September 1797To Alexander White, 10 September 1797To John Vaughan, 11 September 1797To Alexander White, 12 September 1797From John Barnes, 14 September 1797To John Barnes, 17 September 1797To Francis Eppes, 24 September 1797To John Barnes, 25 September 1797From Andrew Ellicott, 25 September 1797From James Thomson Callender, 28 September 1797From Arthur Campbell, 30 September 1797From Dugnani, 30 September 1797Statement of Nailery Profits, 30 September 1797From John Barnes, 3 October 1797From John McQueen, 6 October 1797To John Barnes, 8 October 1797To John Barnes, 8 October 1797Enclosure: Power of Attorney to John Barnes, 8 October 1797To John Taylor, 8 October 1797From Elizabeth Wayles Eppes, 10 October 1797Marriage Settlement for John Wayles EppesMarriage Settlement for Mary JeffersonNote on Spanish Expenditures, 13 October 1797Notes on Conversations with John Adams and George Washington, [after 13 October 1797]From John Taylor, 14 October 1797From Peregrine Fitzhugh, 15 October 1797Enclosure I: A Citizen to the Rights of Man, 4 July 1797Enclosure II: Peregrine Fitzhugh to the Rights of Man, 15 September 1797From John Barnes, 19 October 1797From James Madison, 20 October 1797From James Monroe, [22] October 1797From James Madison, 25 October 1797To James Monroe, 25 October [1797]From James Monroe, [27 October 1797]From Benjamin Galloway, [October 1797]Memorial of Charleston Merchants to the Senate, 2 November 1797To William Bradford, 6 November 1797From Thomas Mann Randolph, 6 November 1797Memorial of Charleston Wharfholders to the Senate, 10 November 1797From Paroy, [before 10 November 1797]From Edmund Randolph, 15 November 1797From John Wayles Eppes, [17 November 1797]From John Taylor, 19 November 1797From Edmund Randolph, 21 November 1797Bond to Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 25 November 1797To Henry Tazewell, 28 November 1797From James Monroe, [November 1797]To Mary Jefferson Eppes, 2 December 1797To George Jefferson, 2 December 1797From James Monroe, 2 December 1797From Mary Jefferson Eppes, 8 December 1797From Arthur Campbell, 10 December 1797From Luther Martin, 11 December 1797To Thomas Mann Randolph, 14 December 1797From Oliver Wolcott, Jr., 15 December 1797To Richard Richardson, 16 December 1797To John Wayles Eppes, 21 December 1797To Francis Walker, 21 December 1797To John Taylor, 23 December 1797John Henry to Henry Tazewell, 24 December 1797From James Madison, 25 December 1797Notes on Comments by John Adams and Robert Goodloe Harper, 26 December 1797To James Monroe, 27 December 1797Notes on a Conversation with Tench Coxe, [27 December 1797]To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 27 December 1797From William Short, 27 December 1797From George Jefferson, 30 December 1797To John Gibson, 31 December 1797To John Henry, 31 December 1797To Henry Tazewell, 31 December 1797Design for Chimney and Flues, [1797]Notes on John Jay's Mission to Great Britain, [1797 or after]