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Main Series | Volume 30 (1 January 1798–31 January 1799) | Documents

From Luther Martin, 1 January 1798To John Page, [1] January 1798To Mann Page, 2 January 1798To James Madison, 3 January 1798From George Jefferson, 4 January 1798From Stevens Thomson Mason, 4 January 1798Notes on the Formation of the Federal Government, 5 January 1798To Mary Jefferson Eppes, 7 January 1798From Luther Martin, 8 January 1798From James Monroe, 8 January 1798To Angelica Church, 11 January 1798To Catherine Church, 11 January 1798To Thomas Mann Randolph, 11 January 1798From John Gibson, 12 January 1798From Thomas Mann Randolph, 13 January 1798To James Brown, 14 January 1798To George Jefferson, 14 January 1798From Luther Martin, 14 January 1798To Edmund Pendleton, 14 January 1798To Edmund Randolph, 14 January 1798From Samuel Magaw, 19 January 1798From Mann Page, 19 January 1798Stevens Thomson Mason's Copy of Logan's Speech, 20 January 1798Notes on a Conversation with Uriah Springer, 20 January 1798From James Madison, 21 January 1798To Peter Legaux, 22 January 1798From John Page, 22 January 1798From Martha Jefferson Randolph, 22 January 1798Jefferson, the Aurora, and Delamotte's Letter from FranceFrom William Short, 23 January 1798To James Madison, 24 January 1798From George Jefferson & Company, 25 January 1798To Thomas Mann Randolph, 25 January 1798From James Monroe, 27 January 1798To Henry Tazewell, 27 January 1798Enclosure: Notes on Criminal Procecutions and Impeachment, [26 January 1798]To Samuel Livermore, 28 January 1798From Thomas Mann Randolph, 28 January 1798From John Wise, 28 January 1798From Edmund Pendleton, 29 January 1798From La Rochefoucauld-Liancourt, 30 January 1798From Thomas Mann Randolph, 30 January 1798From Mary Jefferson Eppes, 1 February 1798From Peter Charles Varlé, 1 February 1798From Arthur Campbell, 2 February 1798From John Gibson, 2 February 1798From Hugh Williamson, 2 February 1798Enclosure: Memorandum on Exports of North Carolina, 2 February 1798From Luther Martin, 3 February 1798From Thomas Mann Randolph, 3 February 1798To William Linn, 5 February 179[8]To David Longworth, 5 February 1798Notes on Anti-French Sentiment in the Washington Administration, [before 6 February 1798]Notes on a Conversation with Abraham Baldwin, 6 February 1798From Samuel Sitgreaves, 6 February 1798Address from Samuel Sitgreaves to the Senate, [7 February 1798]From William Linn, 8 February 1798To James Madison, 8 February 1798To James Monroe, [8 February 1798]Notes on the Framing of Oaths, [ca. 8–9 February 1798]To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 8 February 1798Notes for a Letter to Hugh Williamson, [11 February 1798]To Hugh Williamson, 11 February 1798From James Madison, 12 February 1798From James Monroe, 12 February 1798To John Wise, 12 February 1798To John Gibson, 13 February 1798From Mann Page, 13 February 1798Enclosure I: Statement of John Anderson, 13 February 1798Enclosure II: Hugh Mercer's Copy of Logan's Speech, 13 February 1798To George Jefferson, 14 February 1798From Luther Martin, 14 February 1798From Horatio Gates, 15 February 1798To James Madison, 15 February 1798Notes on a Conversation with John Adams, 15 February 1798To Thomas Mann Randolph, 15 February 1798To John Wayles Eppes, 18 February 179[8]From James Madison, [18 or 19 February 1798]From Nathaniel Cutting, 19 February 1798From James Monroe, 19 February 1798Emendations to the Senate Journal, [20 February 1798]To Jean Armand Tronchin, 20 February 1798To Horatio Gates, 21 February 1798Notes on Newspaper Articles, 21 February 1798To James Madison, 22 February [1798]To Thomas Mann Randolph, 22 February 1798To Thomas Mann Randolph, 22 February 1798Certificate for George Taylor, Jr., 22 February 1798To Peregrine Fitzhugh, 23 February 1798To James Martin, 23 February 1798To Thomas Willing, 23 February 1798From George Jefferson, 24 February 1798From James Monroe, 25 February 1798From Luther Martin, 26 February 1798From Martha Jefferson Randolph, 26 February 1798From Thomas Mann Randolph, 26 February 1798From Horatio Gates, 27 February 1798From William Short, 27 February 1798From George Jefferson, 1 March 1798Notes on a Conversation with Henry Tazewell, 1 March 1798To James Madison, 2 March 1798To Thomas Mann Randolph, 2 March 1798From Hugh Williamson, 3 March 1798To Bishop James Madison, 4 March 1798From James Madison, 4 March 1798From Edmund Pendleton, 5 March 1798To Mann Page, 6 March 1798To Mary Jefferson Eppes, 7 March 1798To George Jefferson, 8 March 1798To James Monroe, 8 March 1798To Thomas Mann Randolph, 8 March 1798From James Currie, 11 March 1798Notes on Conversations with Abraham Baldwin, John Brown, and John Hunter, 11 March 1798From Joel Barlow, 12 March 1798From Joel Barlow, 12 March 1798From James Madison, 12 March 1798Notes on Senators' Comments about House Impeachment Committee, 12 March 1798From Thomas Mann Randolph, 12 March 1798From Bishop James Madison, 13 March 1798To George Jefferson, 14 March 1798From John Beckley, 15 March 1798From George Jefferson, 15 March 1798To James Madison, 15 March 1798To Thomas Mann Randolph, 15 March 1798From Fulwar Skipwith, 17 March 1798From Mary Jefferson Eppes, 20 March 1798From James Thomson Callender, 21 March 1798To James Madison, 21 March 1798To James Monroe, 21 March 1798To George Jefferson, 22 March 1798To Thomas Mann Randolph, 22 March 1798To Carlos Martínez de Irujo, 23 March 1798From Tadeusz Kosciuszko, [on or before 23 March 1798]To Philippe de Létombe, 23 March 1798To Sir John Sinclair, 23 March 1798To William Strickland, 23 March 1798To Elizabeth Wayles Eppes, 24 March 1798To Andrew Gwin, 24 March 1798To Samuel Brown, 25 March 1798To Henry Remsen, 25 March 1798From John Taylor, 25 March 1798To John Wickham, 25 March 1798From Joel Barlow, 26 March 1798From Andrew Gwin, 26 March 1798From George Jefferson, 26 March 1798From James Monroe, 26 March 1798To Robert Liston, 27 March 1798To Robert Patterson, 27 March 179[8]From Benjamin H. Latrobe, 28 March 1798From Isaac Ledyard, 29 [March] 1798To James Madison, 29 March 1798From Robert Patterson, 29 March 1798To Thomas Mann Randolph, 29 March 1798From Louis of Parma, 30 March 1798To Robert Patterson, 30 March 1798To Robert Patterson, 31 March 1798To Mary Jefferson Eppes, 1 April 1798To Bishop James Madison, 1 April 1798To Mathew Carey, 2 April 1798To William Linn, 2 April 1798From James Madison, 2 April 179[8]To Edmund Pendleton, 2 April 1798From John Wickham, 2 April 1798From William Linn, 4 April 1798From John Taylor, 4 April 1798To James Madison, 5 April 1798To James Monroe, 5 April 1798Notes on a Conversation with Benjamin Rush, 5 April 1798To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 5 April 1798From Aaron Burr, 6 April 1798To James Madison, 6 April 1798To John Taylor, 6 April 1798Enclosure: Drawing of a Threshing Machine, 6 April 1798From James Monroe, 8 April 1798To Thomas Carstairs, 9 April 1798From “Americanus”, 10 April 179[8]To John Wayles Eppes, 11 April 1798To John Heckewelder, 11 April 1798From George Jefferson, 11 April 1798To Peter Carr, 12 April 1798To James Madison, 12 April 1798To Thomas Mann Randolph, 12 April 1798Enclosure: Memorandum for Samuel Arnold, 12 April 1798Notes on British Instructions and on Clement Humphreys, 13 April 1798From Tadeusz Kosciuszko, [14 April 1798]From James Monroe, 14 April 1798From Bishop James Madison, 15 April 1798From James Madison, 15 April 1798From William Short, 15 April 1798To John Beckley, 16 April 1798To John Beckley, 17 April 1798To John Beckley, 17 April 1798To James Madison, 19 April 1798To James Madison, [19 April 1798]To James Monroe, 19 April 1798To Thomas Mann Randolph, 19 April 1798From David Redick, 19 April 1798Enclosure: David Redick to John Fenno, 29 March 1798From Tadeusz Kosciuszko, [21 April 1798]From James Madison, 22 April 1798From Thomas Mann Randolph, [22 April 1798]From John Heckewelder, 23 April 1798To Tadeusz Kosciuszko, 23 April 1798Memorandum to Tadeusz Kosciuszko, [25 April 1798]Notes on Conversation with Tench Coxe, 25 April 1798From Palisot de Beauvois, 25 April 1798From Edmund Pendleton, 25 April 1798From Timothy Pickering, 25 April 1798To James Madison, 26 April 1798From John Page, 26 April 1798To Thomas Mann Randolph, 26 April 1798From John Heckewelder, 28 April 1798Enclosure: Heckewelder's Memorandum on the Logan Affair, 28 April 1798To Sir John Sinclair, 28 April 1798From James Madison, 29 April 1798From Thomas Mann Randolph, 29 April 1798Power of Attorney from Tadeusz Kosciuszko, 30 April 1798To Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 30 April 1798To William Short, 1 May 1798To Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 1 May 1798From George St. Tucker, 2 May 1798To James Madison, 3 May 1798Notes on Presidential Appointments, 3 May 1798To Thomas Mann Randolph, 3 May 1798From James Lewis, Jr., 4 May 1798From James Monroe, 4 May 1798To Edmund Pendleton, 4 May 1798From Tadeusz Kosciuszko, [before 5 May 1798]Preliminary Will of Tadeusz Kosciuszko, [before 5 May 1798]Will of Tadeusz Kosciuszko, 5 May 1798From James Madison, 5 May 1798To John Wayles Eppes, 6 May 1798To John Harvie, 6 May 1798To George Jefferson, 6 May 1798From Peter Carr, 7 May 1798To James Lewis, Jr., 9 May 1798Notes on Insects, 9 May 1798To Thomas Mann Randolph, 9 May 1798To St. George Tucker, 9 May 1798To George Jefferson, 10 May 1798To James Madison, 10 May 1798To Timothy Pickering, 11 May 1798From Martha Jefferson Randolph, 12 May 1798From John Taylor, [before 13 May 1798]From James Madison, 13 May 1798From George Jefferson, 14 May 1798From James Monroe, 14 May 1798From John Harvie, 15 May 1798From James Lewis, Jr., 15 May 1798To James Madison, 17 May 1798To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 17 May 1798To Mary Jefferson Eppes, 18 May 1798To Aaron Burr, 20 May 1798To George Jefferson, 20 May 1798From James Madison, 20 May 1798To James Monroe, 21 May 1798From George Jefferson, 23 May 1798From Aaron Burr, 24 May 1798To James Madison, 24 May 1798To Thomas Mann Randolph, 24 May [1798]To Aaron Burr, 26 May 1798From Mary Jefferson Eppes, 27 May 1798From James Madison, 27 May 1798From Julian Ursin Niemcewicz, 27 May 1798From George Jefferson, 28 May 1798Enclosure: Statement of Account with George Jefferson, 28 May 1798From Lord Somerville, 28 May 1798To Tadeusz Kosciuszko, 30 May 1798To Jacob Van Staphorst, 30 May 1798To James Madison, 31 May 1798To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 31 May 1798From George Jefferson, 1 June 1798From James Monroe, 1 June 1798To Julian Ursin Niemcewicz, 1 June 1798From James Madison, 3 June 1798From Janet Livingston Montgomery, 3 June 179[8]From Thomas Mann Randolph, 3 June 1798Certificate for George Logan, 4 June 1798From Sir John Sinclair, 4 June 1798To John Taylor, 4 June 1798To Mary Jefferson Eppes, [6 June 1798]From James Fennell, 6 June 1798To John Page, 6 June 1798To James Madison, 7 June 1798To Thomas Mann Randolph, 7 June 1798To Archibald Stuart, 8 June 1798From Julian Ursin Niemcewicz, 9 June 1798From James Monroe, [before 10] June 1798From James Madison, 10 June 1798From Thomas Mann Randolph, 10 June 1798To John Beckley, 12 June 1798To James Fennell, 12 June 1798To James Madison, 14 June 1798To Julian Ursin Niemcewicz, 14 June 1798To Thomas Mann Randolph, 14 June 1798To Benjamin Harrison, Jr., 15 June 1798To George Jefferson, 15 June 1798To James Lyle, 15 June 1798To John Wickham, 15 June 1798To Aaron Burr, 16 June 1798From James Monroe, 16 June 1798To Tadeusz Kosciuszko, 18 June 1798To James Madison, 21 June 1798From John Page, 21 June 1798To Thomas Mann Randolph, 21 June 1798To Peter Carr, [2]2 June [1798]From John Wickham, 22 June 1798To John Marshall, 23 June 1798From Martha Jefferson Randolph, [23 June 1798]From John Marshall, [24 June 1798]To Philip Nolan, 24 June 1798To John Read, 25 June 1798From John Taylor, 25 June 1798To George Jefferson, 26 June 1798Statement of Account from John Francis, [27 June 1798]From John Brown, 29 June 1798Certificate for John and Gabriella Brockenbrough, 29 June 1798From Stevens Thomson Mason, 29 June 1798Memorandum of Expenses in Philadelphia, [June 1798]From Henry Tazewell, 5 July 1798From Stevens Thomson Mason, 6 July 1798From George Jefferson, 9 July 1798From Samuel Clarke, 10 July 1798From Henry Tazewell, 12 July 1798To Mary Jefferson Eppes, 13 July 1798To Mary Jefferson Eppes, 14 July 1798To George Jefferson, 14 July 1798From Tadeusz Kosciuszko, [15 July–5 August 1798]From Tadeusz Kosciuszko, [15 July–5 August 1798]From James Monroe, 16 July 1798From William Strickland, 16 July 1798From John Wickham, 16 [July] 1798From Benjamin Harrison, Jr., 18 July 1798From Archibald Hamilton Rowan, [before 19] July 1798From George Jefferson, 23 July 1798From Jacob Van Staphorst, 25 July 1798From Pierre Auguste Adet, 27 July 1798To John Barnes, 27 July 1798From George Jefferson, 30 July 1798Declaration of Hanbury's Executor against Wayles's Executors, [July 1798]To St. George Tucker, 2 August 1798To John Wickham, 2 August 1798Notes on Federalist Arguments in Congressional Debates, [after 3 August 1798]From William Short, 6 August 1798To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 15 August 1798To Samuel Smith, 22 August 1798From William Short, 24 August 1798From Tadeusz Kosciuszko, [24–29 August 1798]From Sir Peyton Skipwith, 25 August 1798From Nathaniel Cutting, 27 August 1798From Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, [27 August 1798]From Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 28 August 1798To Thomas Mann Randolph, [29 August 1798]To John Barnes, 31 August 1798From Julian Ursin Niemcewicz, 3 September 1798From Samuel Brown, 4 September 1798Enclosure: George Rogers Clark to Samuel Brown, 17 June 1798From Palisot de Beauvois, 4 September 1798To Janet Livingston Montgomery, 4 September 1798To Sir Peyton Skipwith, 4 September 1798Certificate for Alexander Spotswood, 12 September 1798From John Brown, 15 September 1798From James Thomson Callender, 22 September 1798From Benjamin H. Latrobe, 22 September 1798To John Barnes, 25 September 1798To Samuel Clarke, 25 September 1798To John McDowell, 25 September 1798To Archibald Hamilton, 26 September 1798From John McDowell, 27 September 1798The Kentucky Resolutions of 1798From Wilson Cary Nicholas, 4 October 1798To Wilson Cary Nicholas, 5 October 1798From William Short, 9 October 1798To James Thomson Callender, 11 October 1798To Stevens Thomson Mason, 11 October 1798From George Jefferson, 15 October 1798To George Jefferson, 18 October 1798To Benjamin H. Latrobe, 18 October 1798To Samuel Clarke, 22 October 1798To John McDowell, 22 October 1798From John McDowell, 23 October 1798From Benjamin Smith Barton, 26 October 1798From James Thomson Callender, 26 October 1798To James Madison, 26 October 1798To Sir Herbert Croft, 30 October 1798From James Madison, 31 October 1798Petition to the General Assembly of Virginia, [2 or 3 November 1798]To James Madison, 3 November 1798To Aaron Burr, 12 November 1798From Elbridge Gerry, 12 November 1798From George Jefferson, 12 November 1798To James Madison, 17 November [1798]From James Thomson Callender, 19 November 1798To John Barnes, 23 November 1798From Stevens Thomson Mason, 23 November 1798From John Wayles Eppes, 24 November 1798From George Jefferson & Company, 26 November 1798To John Taylor, 26 November 1798To Wilson Cary Nicholas, 29 November 1798To Julian Ursin Niemcewicz, 30 November 1798From Lord Somerville, 1 December 1798From George Jefferson, 3 December 1798To George Jefferson, 4 December 1798To Thomas Mann Randolph, 4 December 1798Course of Reading for William G. Munford, [5 December 1798]From Henry Tazewell, 7 December 1798To Mary Jefferson Eppes, 8 December 1798Statement of Account with William Davenport, 10 December 1798From John Taylor, [before 11 December 1798]From James Madison, 11 December 1798To George Jefferson, 17 December 1798To Thomas Mann Randolph, 20 December 1798To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 27 December 1798From James Madison, 29 December 1798To Mary Jefferson Eppes, 1 January 1799From George Jefferson & Company, 1 January 1799Notes on Comments by John Adams, [1–14 January 1799]To George Jefferson, 2 January 1799To James Madison, 3 January 1799To James Monroe, 3 January 1799To Thomas Mann Randolph, 3 January 1799Notes on William Blount's Impeachment Trial, 5 January 1799To Aaron Burr, 7 January 1799From George Jefferson, 8 January 1799From James Sullivan, 8 January 1799To George Jefferson, 10 January 1799Senate Resolution on William Blount, [11 January 1799]From James Madison, 12 January 1799To Jean Antoine Gautier, 14 January 1799Notes on Comments by Timothy Pickering and John Adams, 14 January 1799From George Jefferson, 15 January 1799To James Madison, 16 January 1799To Julian Ursin Niemcewicz, 16 January 1799To Thomas Mann Randolph, 17 January 1799From Julian Ursin Niemcewicz, 19 January 1799From Thomas Mann Randolph, 19 January 1799From John Wayles Eppes, 20 January 1799From George Jefferson, 20 January 1799To John Wayles Eppes, 21 January 1799From Mary Jefferson Eppes, 21 January 1799To George Jefferson, 22 January 1799To James Monroe, 23 January 1799To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 23 January 1799From John Beckley, 24 January 1799From John Wayles Eppes, 24 January 1799To John Page, 24 January 1799To John Taylor, 24 January 1799To James Wood, 24 January 1799From James Madison, 25 January 1799To Henry Remsen, 25 January 1799To Elbridge Gerry, 26 January 1799Enclosure: Senate Votes on Gerry's Appointment as Envoy to France, 22 January 1799From Robert Livingston, 26 January 1799Enclosure: Livingston's Steam Engine, 26 January 1799From James Monroe, 26 January 1799Notes on a Letter from Thomas Tingey to the Secretary of the Navy, 27 January 1799From George Jefferson, 29 January 1799To Edmund Pendleton, 29 January 1799To Nicholas Lewis, 30 January 1799To James Madison, 30 January 1799To Thomas Mann Randolph, 30 January 1799To George Jefferson, 31 January 1799