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Main Series | Volume 32 (1 June 1800–16 February 1801) | Documents

From Waller Holladay, 1 June 1800From Count Rumford, 1 June 1800From Gideon Granger, 4 June 1800From Robert R. Livingston, 4 June 1800Enclosure: Description of a Steam Engine, 4 June 1800From Sir John Sinclair, 6 June 1800To George Jefferson, 7 June 1800From George Jefferson, 9 June 1800To Amos Alexander, 13 June 1800To James Madison, 13 June 1800To Samuel Latham Mitchill, 13 June 1800From Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 15 June 1800From George Jefferson, 16 June 1800From Edmund Pendleton, 17 June 1800Enclosure: Queries on Parliamentary Procedure with Pendleton's Answers, 17 June 1800From George Jefferson, 23 June 1800From Joseph Priestley, 23 June 1800To John Barnes, 24 June 1800To Samuel Harrison Smith, 24 June 1800From Samuel Morse, 26 June 1800From Peyton Short, 28 June 1800From William Dunbar, 30 June 1800From George Jefferson, 30 June 1800To John Breckinridge, 4 July 1800To Mary Jefferson Eppes, 4 July 1800To Waller Holladay, 4 July 1800To Harry Innes, 4 July 1800From Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 6 July 1800From John Wayles Eppes, 6 July 1800From Daniel Smith, 6 July 1800From Elijah Griffiths, 8 July 1800To George Jefferson, 9 July 1800From Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 10 July 1800From Stevens Thomson Mason, 11 July 1800From Benjamin Hawkins, 12 July 1800From Jeremiah Moore, 12 July 1800From William Dunbar, 14 July 1800From George Jefferson, 14 July 1800From Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 17 July 1800To John Barnes, 19 July 1800To George Jefferson, 19 July 1800From Uriah McGregory, 19 July 1800To James Madison, 20 July 1800From George Jefferson, 21 July 1800From Giuseppe Ceracchi, 23 July 1800To Philip Ludwell Grymes, 24 July 1800From John Barnes, 26 July 1800To Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 26 July 1800From Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 26 July 1800To Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 1 August 1800From Julian Ursin Niemcewicz, 2 August 1800From John Wayles Eppes, 4 August 1800From Daniel Trump, 4 August 1800From William Short, 6 August 1800To Pierce Butler, 11 August 1800To Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 11 August 1800From George Jefferson, 11 August 1800From Samuel Miller, 11 August 1800To Philip Norborne Nicholas, 11 August 1800To Joseph Priestley, 11 August 1800To Gideon Granger, 13 August 1800To Uriah McGregory, 13 August 1800From James Madison, [before 14 August 1800]From James Thomson Callender, 14 August 1800From Tadeusz Kosciuszko, [14 August] 1800To Jeremiah Moore, 14 August 1800Memorandum on Postal Service from Philadelphia, [15 August 1800]Declaration for the Mutual Assurance Society, 16 August 1800From James Lyle, 18 August 1800Agreement with John H. Craven, 22 August 1800List of Fields Leased to John H. Craven, [ca. 22 August 1800]From Benjamin Rush, 22 August 1800From Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 24 August 1800From John Barnes, 28 August 1800To James Madison, 29 August 1800To John Beale Bordley, 30 August 1800To Philip Ludwell Grymes, 30 August 1800From James Wilkinson, 1 September 1800To Robert R. Livingston, 2 [September] 1800Summary of Public Service, [after 2 September 1800]To John Vanmetre, 4 September 1800To George Jefferson, 5 September 1800From Stevens Thomson Mason, 5 September 1800From James Thomson Callender, 8 September [1800]From George Jefferson, 8 September 1800From James Monroe, 9 September 1800From Sylvanus Bourne, 10 September 1800To Daniel Smith, 10 September 1800From George Smith Houston, 11 September 1800From James Thomson Callender, 13 September 1800To George Jefferson, 13 September 1800From Samuel Hanson [document redated and moved]To Samuel Miller, 14 September 1800From Joel Barlow, 15 September 1800From James Monroe, 15 September 1800To James Madison, 17 September 1800From William Short, 18 September 1800To James Monroe, 20 September 1800From George Jefferson, 22 September 1800From James Monroe, 22 September 1800From David Humphreys, 23 September 1800Indenture with John H. Craven for the Lease of Fields and Slaves at Tufton and Monticello, 23 September 1800To Benjamin Rush, 23 September 1800To John McDowell, 24 September 1800From James Madison, [before 25 September 1800]To John Barnes, 26 September 1800To George Jefferson, 26 September 1800From Joseph Barnes, 27 September 1800From James Thomson Callender, 29 September 1800Enclosure: Account of Richmond Trials, [ca. 18 September 1800]A Course of Reading for Joseph C. Cabell, September 1800From Delamotte, 1 October 1800From James Madison, 1 October 1800From Thomas Paine, 1 October 1800From Joel Barlow, 3 October 1800From Nathaniel Cutting, 3 October 1800From Thomas Paine, 4 October 1800Notes on John Adams's Replies to XYZ Addresses, [before 6 October 1800]From Nathan Haley, [6 October 1800]From Thomas Paine, 6 October 1800From Benjamin Rush, 6 October 1800From Samuel Smith, 8 October 1800From Aaron Burr, 9 October 1800From Thomas Leiper, 9 October 1800From Tadeusz Kosciuszko, [10 October 1800]From James Thomson Callender, 11 October 1800From James Monroe, 12 October 1800From Charles Pinckney, 12 October 1800From Caesar A. Rodney, 13 October 1800From Matthew L. Davis and William A. Davis, 14 October 1800From George Douglas, 15 October 1800From Thomas Leiper, 16 October 1800From Thomas Paine, [16 October 1800]From Andrew Ellicott, 17 October 1800From Stevens Thomson Mason, 17 October 1800To James Monroe, 17 October 1800To Samuel Smith, 17 October 1800From Gideon Granger, 18 October 1800From Caspar Wistar, 19 October 1800From James Thomson Callender, [ca. 20] October 1800From James Madison, 21 October 1800To George Jefferson, 24 October 1800From James Thomson Callender, 27 October 1800From Joseph Young, 29 October 1800From James Thomson Callender, 1 November 1800From Bishop James Madison, 1 November 1800From George Jefferson, 3 November 1800From George Jefferson, 3 November 1800From James Monroe, 3 November 1800To Charles Pinckney, 4 November 1800From Benjamin Hawkins, 6 November 1800From James Monroe, 6 November 1800To George Jefferson, 7 November 1800To George Jefferson, 7 November 1800From John Armstrong, 8 November 1800From Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 8 November 1800From James Herry, 8 November 1800To James Monroe, 8 November 1800From Abraham Labagh, 9 November 1800To James Madison, 9 November 1800From George Jefferson, 10 November 1800From George Jefferson, 11 November 1800From Lafayette, [11 November 1800]From James Madison, [ca. 11] November 1800To John McDowell, 13 November 1800From James Thomson Callender, 17 November 1800From John Barnes, 20 November 1800From Charles Pinckney, 22 November 1800From George Jefferson, 24 November 1800To Thomas Mann Randolph, [25 November 1800]From Thomas Leiper, 26 November 1800Terms for Conrad & McMunn's Boarding House, [ca. 27 November 1800]To George Jefferson, 29 November 1800From James Lyon, 29 November 1800From James Wilkinson, 29 November 1800To Thomas Mann Randolph, 30 November 1800To Benjamin Ogle, 1 December 1800From Benjamin Waterhouse, 1 December 1800From Morgan Brown, 2 December 1800From Peter Freneau, 2 December 1800From Benjamin Rush, 2 December 1800From Charles Pinckney, [3] December 1800From Dr. John Vaughan, 3 December 1800From Thomas Law, 4 December 1800From John Barnes, 5 December 1800To Thomas Mann Randolph, 5 December 1800From Alexander White, 5 December 1800From Benjamin Williams, 5 December 1800From Philip Mazzei, 6 December 1800From Charles Pinckney, 6 December 1800From George Wythe, 7 December 1800Enclosure: Queries on Parliamentary Procedure, 7 December 1800From Thomas Mann Randolph, 8 December 1800From Hugh Williamson, 8 December 1800From Caspar Wistar, 8 December 1800From John Hoomes, 9 December 1800From Edward Livingston, 9 December 1800From William Short, 9 December 1800From George Jefferson, 10 December 1800To Robert Patterson, 10 December 1800To Joseph Young, 10 December 1800To Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 12 December 1800To Thomas Mann Randolph, 12 December 1800To James Currie, 14 December 1800To Thomas Leiper, 14 December 1800To Robert R. Livingston, 14 December 1800From James Lyon, 14 December 1800To Benjamin Rush, 14 December 1800To Aaron Burr, 15 December 1800From Thomas McKean, 15 December 1800From Pierpont Edwards, 16 December 1800From James Monroe, 16 December 1800To Caspar Wistar, 16 December 1800To Caspar Wistar, 16 December 1800From Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 17 December 1800From Horatio Gates, 17 December 1800From Rembrandt Peale, 17 December 1800To Stephen B. Balch, 18 December 1800To Hugh Henry Brackenridge, 18 December 1800From Mathew Carey, 18 December 1800To Simon Chaudron, 18 December 1800To Andrew Ellicott, 18 December 1800To James Madison, 19 December 1800To Thomas Mann Randolph, 19 December 1800From Delamotte, 20 December 1800From Samuel McDowell, Sr., 20 December 1800From James Madison, 20 December 1800To James Monroe, 20 December 1800To Thomas Newton, 20 December 1800To Patricot, 20 December 1800From Charles Pinckney, 20 December 1800To Matthew L. Davis and William A. Davis, 21 December 1800To George Douglas, 21 December 1800From Andrew Ellicott, 21 December 1800To Caesar A. Rodney, 21 December 1800To Samuel Harrison Smith, 21 December 1800From Amos Alexander, 22 December 1800From Joseph Barnes, 22 December 1800From Richard Richardson, 22 December 1800From Aaron Burr, 23 December 1800From Nicolas Gouin Dufief, 23 December 1800From Andrew Ellicott, 23 December 1800To John Wayles Eppes, 23 December 1800Notes on Candidates for Public Office, 23 December 1800From Bishop James Madison, 24 December 1800From Samuel Smith, 24 December 1800To Gouverneur Morris, 25 December 1800Notes on Conversations with Benjamin Hichborn, 25 December 1800From James Swan, 25 December 1800To Benjamin Waterhouse, 25 December 1800To Amos Alexander, 26 December 1800From Alexandre Charles Louis d'Ambrugeac, 26 December 1800From Aaron Burr, 26 December 1800To James Madison, 26 December 1800From Andrew Alexander, 27 December 1800From Stephen Thorn, 27 December 1800From Ebenezer Burling, 28 December 1800From Mary Jefferson Eppes, 28 December [1800]From Thomas Herty, 28 December 1800To John Marshall, 28 December 1800From Julian Ursin Niemcewicz, 28 December 1800From Caesar A. Rodney, 28 December 1800From Thomas Newton, 29 December 1800From James Monroe, 30 December 1800From Oliver Wolcott, Jr., 30 December 1800From John James Barralet, 31 December 1800To Tench Coxe, [31 December 1800]To Henry Remsen, 31 December 1800From William Thornton, 31 December 1800Bill for Settling Disputed Presidential Elections, [1800] Extracts from Beeke's Observations, [1800?]Notes on Potential Changes to the Constitution, [1800?]Bill on Intercourse with Nations at War, [before 1801]From Joseph Mathias Gérard de Rayneval, 1 January 1801To Thomas Mann Randolph, 1 January 1801From Joseph Moss White, 1 January 1801From Robert Patterson, 2 January 1801From James Lyle, 3 January 1801From Thomas McKean, 3 January 1801From James Monroe, 3 January 1801From Thomas Mann Randolph, 3 January 1801To Mary Jefferson Eppes, 4 January 180[1]From Madame de La Marche, [on or before 4 January 1801]From Joseph Yznardi, Sr., 4 January 1801To Andrew Alexander, 5 January 1801From James Thomson Callender, 5 January 180[1]From Benjamin Hichborn, 5 January 1801From John Hoomes, 5 January 1801To George Jefferson, 5 January 1801From James Kyle, Jr., 5 January 1801From James Monroe, 6 January 1801To Samuel Harrison Smith, [6 January 1801]From John Barnes, 7 January 1801From Robert R. Livingston, 7 January 1801To Francis Walker, 7 January 1801From William Arthur, 8 January 1801From James Currie, 8 January 1801From Charles Pinckney, 8 January 1801To Richard Richardson, 8 January 1801From James Thomson Callender, 9 January 1801To Nicolas Gouin Dufief, 9 January 180[1]To David Jackson, 9 January 1801From George Jefferson, 9 January 1801From James Monroe, 9 January 1801To Thomas Mann Randolph, 9 January 1801From Simon Chaudron, 10 January 1801To Charles Copland, 10 January 1801From Tench Coxe, 10 January 1801From George Jefferson, 10 January 1801From Lafayette, [10 January 1801?]From Thomas McKean, 10 January 1801From James Madison, 10 January 1801To Thomas Mann Randolph, 10 January 1801From Thomas Mann Randolph, 10 January 1801From Dr. John Vaughan, 10 January 1801To Hugh Williamson, 10 January 1801To Ebenezer Burling, 11 January 1801To Julian Ursin Niemcewicz, 11 January 1801To Joseph Moss White, 11 January 1801To Joseph Anthony, 12 January 1801To Mathew Carey, 12 January 1801From Claudine Cenas, 12 January 1801To William Dunbar, 12 January 1801From George Jefferson, 12 January 1801From George Jefferson, 12 January 1801From John Jouett, Jr., 12 January 1801From Stephen Sayre, 12 January 1801From John Breckinridge, 13 January 1801To James Lyle, 13 January 1801From Richard Brent, 14 January 1801From Samuel Brown, 14 January 1801From Samuel Lewis, Sr., 14 January 1801From John Barnes, 15 January 1801From Elbridge Gerry, 15 January 1801To Craven Peyton, 15 [January] 1801Statement of Account with Gibson & Jefferson, 15 January 1801From Charles Copland, 16 January 1801To George Jefferson, 16 January 1801From Patricot, 16 January 1801To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 16 January 1801To John Adams, 17 January 1801From John Garland Jefferson, 17 January 1801From Lewis Littlepage, 17 January 1801From Andrew Ellicott, 18 January 1801From James Monroe, 18 January 1801From Hugh Henry Brackenridge, 19 January 1801To John Wayles Eppes, 19 January 1801From Elbridge Gerry, 20 January 1801From William Hylton, Sr., 20 January 1801From John Barnes, 21 January 1801From Thomas Mendenhall, 21 January 1801From Simon Chaudron, 22 January 1801To Joseph Habersham, 23 January 1801From George Jefferson, 23 January 1801To Thomas Mann Randolph, 23 January 1801From John Barnes, 24 January 1801From Isaac Briggs, 24 January 1801From Joseph Habersham, 24 January 1801To John Hoomes, 24 January 1801To Patricot, 24 January 1801From Charles Pinckney, 24 January 1801From Anonymous, 25 January 1801To John Redman Coxe, 25 January 1801From Tench Coxe, 25 January 1801From James Monroe, 27 January 1801From Joseph H. Nicholson, [27 January 1801]From Robert Leslie, 28 January 1801To Littleton W. Tazewell, 28 January 1801From John Hoomes, 29 January 1801From George Jefferson, 29 January 1801To Thomas Mann Randolph, 29 January [1801]From Hugh Henry Brackenridge, 30 January 1801From James Sloan, 30 January 1801From John Tyler, 30 January 1801From Lucy Ludwell Paradise, 31 January 1801From Martha Jefferson Randolph and Thomas Mann Randolph, 31 January 1801To Aaron Burr, 1 February 1801From John James Dufour, 1 February 1801From Benjamin Hichborn, 1 February 1801To George Jefferson, 1 February 1801To John Garland Jefferson, 1 February 1801To James Madison, 1 February 1801From Mary Jefferson Eppes, 2 February [1801]To Thomas McKean, 2 February 1801Notes on Convention of 1800, [before 3 February 1801]To John Hoomes, 3 February 1801From William Jackson, 3 February 1801From John Morton, 3 February 1801To Caspar Wistar, 3 February 1801To Thomas Leiper, 4 February 1801Enclosure: Jackson & Wharton to McMurdo & Fisher, 4 February 1801From Andrew Ellicott, 5 February 1801To George Jefferson, 5 February 1801From Edward Livingston, [5 February 1801]Enclosure: Verses to Daniel McKinnen, 5 February 1801From Thomas Lomax, 5 February 1801From Philip Mazzei, 5 February 1801To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 5 February 1801From George Jefferson, 6 February 1801From Craven Peyton, 6 February 1801From Thomas Mann Randolph, 7 February 1801To Isaac Briggs, 8 February 1801To Simon Chaudron, 8 February 1801From William McDowell, 8 February 1801From James Barbour of Kentucky, 9 February [1801]From John Barnes, 9 February 1801From Horatio Gates, 9 February 1801From Carlos Martínez de Irujo, [9 February 1801]From George Jefferson, 9 February 1801From Charles Pinckney, [9 February 1801]From Harry Innes, 10 February 1801From Caesar A. Rodney, 10 February 1801To Tench Coxe, 11 February 1801From Thomas Leiper, 11 February 1801From Samuel Lewis, Sr., 11 February 1801From Frederick Muhlenberg, 11 February 1801From Aaron Burr, 12 February 1801Jefferson's Reports of Balloting in the House of RepresentativesFrom Nathaniel Niles, 12 February 1801Notes on a Conversation with Edward Livingston, 12 February 1801From Diodati, 13 February 1801From Joseph Barnes, 14 February 1801To Benjamin Smith Barton, 14 February 1801To Andrew Ellicott, 14 February 1801Notes on a Conversation with Gen. John Armstrong, 14 February 1801To Stephen Sayre, 14 February 1801To John Stuart, 14 February 1801To William Thornton, 14 February 1801From Joseph Crockett, 15 February 1801To Mary Jefferson Eppes, 15 February 1801To James Monroe, 15 February 1801To John Tyler, 15 February 1801From John Breckinridge, 16 February 1801To Robert R. Livingston, 16 February 1801Notes on a Newspaper Article, 16 February 1801From Richard Richardson, 16 February 1801