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Main Series | Volume 33 (17 February–30 April 1801) | Documents

Announcement of Election Results, [17 February 1801]From Hugh Henry Brackenridge, 17 February 1801From Thomas Leiper, 17 February 1801From George Meade, 17 February 1801From Nicholas J. Roosevelt, 17 February 1801Notes on a Letter of William Pinkney, [after 17 February 1801]Notes on New York Patronage, [after 17 February 1801]To John Adams, 18 February 1801To Henry Dearborn, 18 February 1801To William Jackson, 18 February 1801List of John Adams's Judicial Appointments, [18 February 1801]To James Madison, 18 February 1801From Benjamin Perkins, 18 February 1801To Craven Peyton, 18 February 1801From Benjamin Stoddert, 18 February 1801From Caspar Wistar, 18 February 1801To Thomas Mann Randolph, 19 February 1801From Stephen Thorn, 19 February 1801To Thomas Whitlaw, 19 February 1801From John Adams, 20 February 1801To Samuel Dexter, 20 February 1801From Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 20 February 1801To the House of Representatives, 20 February 1801From Josef Ignacio de Viar, 20 February 1801From George Logan, 20 February 1801From James Lyon, 20 February 1801From Thomas McKean, 20 February 1801From Stephen Sayre, 20 February 1801From John Wright, 20 February 1801From John Dickinson, 21 February 1801From Joseph Fay, 21 February 1801To George Jefferson, 21 February 1801To Charles Willson Peale, 21 February 1801To Benjamin Stoddert, 21 February 1801To Daniel Trump, 21 February 1801To John Wayles Eppes, 22 February 1801To William Evans, 22 February 1801From Robert Gourlay, 22 February 1801From Elijah Griffiths, 22 February 1801From Israel Israel, 22 February 1801To Philippe de Létombe, 22 February 1801From James Martin, 22 February 1801From William Munson, 22 February 1801From James Thomson Callender, 23 February 1801From Catherine Church, 23 February 1801From Thomas T. Davis, 23 February 1801To Thomas Leiper, 23 February 1801To Meriwether Lewis, 23 February 1801List of John Adams's Appointments, 23 February 1801From John Moody, 23 February 1801From Francis Say, 23 February 1801To Samuel Harrison Smith, [23 February 1801]To James Wilkinson, 23 February 1801From James Bowdoin, 24 February 1801From Elbridge Gerry, 24 February 1801From William Jackson, 24 February 1801From Thomas Lewis, Jr., 24 February 1801To Robert R. Livingston, 24 February 1801From Jonathan H. Nichols, 24 February 1801From Joseph Nourse, 24 February 1801From Marinus Willett, 24 February 1801From John Gardiner, 25 February 1801From William Heath, 25 February 1801To Thomas Lomax, 25 February 1801To Richard Richardson, 25 February 1801From Benjamin Stoddert, 25 February 1801From Isaac Weaver, Jr., 25 February 1801From Joseph Anderson and William Cocke, 26 February 1801From Samuel Bryan, [ca. 26 February 1801]From Pierce Butler, 26 February 1801From Nicolas Gouin Dufief, 26 February 1801From William Findley, 26 February 1801From Philippe de Létombe, 26 February 1801To Robert Morris, 26 February 1801From Patrick Sim, 26 February 1801From John Strode, 26 February 1801From John Beckley, 27 February 1801From Delamotte, 27 February 1801From Johann Eckstein, 27 February 1801From William Evans, 27 February 1801From George Jefferson, 27 February 1801From George Logan, 27 February 1801To Tarleton Bates, [23?] February 1801From Joseph Hardy, 28 February 1801From Philippe de Létombe, 28 February 1801From James Madison, 28 February 1801To the Senate, 28 February 1801From John Vanmetre, 28 February 1801From Burgess Allison, 1 March 1801From Joseph Anderson, 1 March 1801From Elijah Boardman, 1 March 1801From William Duane, 1 March 1801From Benjamin Hawkins, 1 March 1801From John Garland Jefferson, 1 March 1801From Matthew Lyon, 1 March 1801From Rembrandt Peale, 1 March 1801From Elizabeth House Trist, 1 March 180[1]From Stephen Burrowes, 2 March 1801From Joseph Eggleston, 2 March 1801To James Hillhouse, 2 March 1801From James Hillhouse, [2 March 1801]To John Marshall, 2 March 1801From John Marshall, 2 March 1801From Robert Morris, 2 March 1801From Anonymous, [before 3 March 1801]From David Jones, 3 March 1801From Matthew Lyon, 3 March 1801From James Monroe, 3 March 1801From Samuel A. Otis, 3 March 1801Enclosure: Orders on the Inauguration, 2 March 1801From Theodore Peters, 3 March 1801From Moses Robinson, 3 March 1801To the Senate, 3 March 1801From Benjamin Stoddert, 3 March 1801From Stephen Thorn, 3 March 1801First Inaugural AddressFrom Arthur Campbell, 4 March 1801From Thomas Claxton, 4 March 1801From the District of Columbia Commissioners, 4 March 1801Enclosure: Suspension of Certain Building Regulations, 11 March 1801From William Falkener, 4 March 1801Enclosure: From Warren County Inhabitants, 4 March 1801From Fayetteville Republican Citizens, 4 March 1801From Cyrus Griffin, 4 March 1801To George Jefferson, 4 March 1801From George Jefferson, 4 March 1801From Peter Legaux, 4 March 1801From Francis Mentges, 4 March 1801From the New Jerusalem Church of Baltimore, 4 March 1801From Richard Dobbs Spaight, 4 March 1801From John Cleves Symmes, 4 March 1801From James Warren, 4 March 1801From “Your Unknown Friend”, 4 March 1801From Joseph Yznardi, Sr., 4 March 1801Circular Letter to Midnight Appointees, [after 4 March 1801]From Joseph Anderson and William Cocke, 5 March 1801From Abraham Baldwin and Benjamin Taliaferro, 5 March 1801From William Findley, 5 March 1801From Nicholas King and Others, 5 March 1801To Philippe de Létombe, 5 March 1801To Levi Lincoln, 5 March 1801Receipt from John Minchin, 5 March 1801From James Monroe, 5 March 1801Notes on New Jersey Patronage, [ca. 5 March–before June 1801]From John Page, 5 March 1801From Charles Pinckney, 5 March 1801From Providence Citizens, 5 March 1801To the Senate, 5 March 1801From John R. Smith, 5 March 1801From Edward Thornton, 5 March 1801From Joseph Anderson, 6 March 1801From Abraham Baldwin, 6 March 1801From Columbia, South Carolina, Citizens, 6 March 1801From Thomas T. Davis, 6 March 1801From Jonathan Dayton and Aaron Ogden, 6 March 1801To John Dickinson, 6 March 1801From Albert Gallatin, 6 March 1801From Robert R. Livingston, 6 March 1801To Robert Morris, 6 March 1801To Charles Pinckney, 6 March 1801From John W. Pratt, 6 March 1801To Thomas Mann Randolph, 6 March 1801From James Reed Dermott, 7 March 1801From John Hall, 7 March 1801From James Madison, 7 March 1801To James Monroe, 7 March 1801From Wilson Cary Nicholas, 7 March 1801From Jonathan Williams, 7 March 1801From the Borough of Wilmington, 7 March 1801From John Woodward, 7 March 1801To John Adams, 8 March 1801To James Bowdoin, 8 March 1801From Jeremiah Brown, 8 March 1801To Horatio Gates, 8 March 1801From Thomas Leiper, 8 March 1801From John F. Mercer, 8 March 1801Notes on a Cabinet Meeting, 8 March 1801From Charles Willson Peale, 8 March 1801From Benjamin Ring, 8 March 1801From William Lee, [before 9] March 1801From David Austin, 9 March 1801To John Hargrove, 9 March 1801From Tobias Lear, 9 March 1801To Thomas McKean, 9 March 1801From John Mitchell, 9 March 1801To Jonathan H. Nichols, 9 March 1801Notes on a Cabinet Meeting, 9 March 1801From Henry Roosen, 9 March 1801To Samuel Smith, 9 March 1801From John Stuart, 9 March 1801From George Taylor, 9 March 1801From Benjamin Smith Barton, 10 March 1801From George Caines, 10 March 1801From Tench Coxe, 10 March 1801From Samuel Hanson, 10 March 1801From Meriwether Lewis, 10 March 1801From Henry Whetcroft, 10 March 1801From William Bache, 11 March 1801From William Brent, 11 March 1801From Mary Glenholmes, 11 March 1801From Samuel Hanson, 11 March 1801From Samuel Kennedy, [11 March 1801]From Samuel A. Otis, 11 March 1801From John Smith, 11 March 1801Enclosure: Certificate from John Beckley, 10 March 1801From Benjamin Stoddert, [11 March 1801]From Samuel Smith, [before 12 March 1801]To John James Barralet, 12 March 1801Pardon for David Brown, 12 March 1801To Stephen Burrowes, 12 March 1801To John Dawson, 12 March 1801To Nicolas Gouin Dufief, 12 March 1801To Cyrus Griffin, 12 March 1801From Samuel Hanson, 12 March 1801From Robert R. Livingston, 12 March 1801To James Madison, 12 March 1801From James Monroe, 12 March 1801From Thomas Newton, 12 March 1801To Francis Peyton, 12 March 1801From Charles Pinckney, [12 March 1801]To Thomas Mann Randolph, 12 March 1801From Benjamin Rush, 12 March 1801From Benjamin Stoddert, 12 March 1801From Daniel Trump, 12 March 1801To John Wright, 12 March 1801From Nathaniel Anderson, 13 March 1801To Gabriel Duvall, 13 March 1801To Andrew Ellicott, 13 March 1801From Carlos Martínez de Irujo, 13 March 1801To Lafayette, 13 March 1801From Francis Peyton, 13 March 1801To Samuel Smith, 13 March 1801To Benjamin Stoddert, 13 March 1801From Elizabeth House Trist, 13 March 1801To Joel Barlow, 14 March 1801From Albert Gallatin, 14 March 1801Enclosure I: Estimate of Receipts and Expenditures for 1801, 14 March 1801Enclosure II: Estimate for Receipts and Expenditures after 1801, 14 March 1801Enclosure III: Estimate of Military Expenditures, 14 March 1801From Benjamin Galloway, 14 March 1801From Abel Janney, 14 March 1801From Walter Jones, 14 March 1801To Tadeusz Kosciuszko, 14 March 1801From Richard Parrott, 14 March 1801From Thomas Mann Randolph, 14 March 1801From Benjamin Stoddert, 14 March 1801Enclosure: Account of French Prisoners, 14 March 1801From Benjamin Stoddert, 14 March 1801To the Borough of Wilmington, 14 March 1801From Joseph Yznardi, Sr., 14 March 1801From David Austin, 15 March 1801From the Aliens of Beaver County, Pennsylvania, 15 March 1801From Charles Copland, 15 March 1801Enclosure: Charles Copland to Ariana Randolph, 31 January 1801From Tench Coxe, 15 March 1801From Edmund Custis, 15 March 1801From Philippe de Létombe, 15 March 1801From Andrew Shepherd, 15 March 1801From Benjamin Vaughan, 15 March 1801From Joseph B. Barry, 16 March 1801From Carlo Bellini, 16 March 1801From Benjeman Bryen, 16 March 1801From Aaron Burr, 16 March 1801Pardon for James Thomson Callender, 16 March 1801From William Branch Giles, 16 March 1801From Samuel Hanson, 16 March 1801From Henry Knox, 16 March 1801From Robert R. Livingston, 16 March 1801From John Strode, 16 March 1801From Leonard Vandegrift, Sr., 16 March 1801From John James Barralet, 17 March 1801From Mathew Carey, 17 March 1801From Thomas Cooper, 17 March 1801From Samuel Dexter, 17 March 1801To Fayetteville Republican Citizens, 17 March 1801To Samuel Hanson, 17 March 1801From Samuel Hanson, 1[7] March 1801From William Hardy, 17 March 1801To David Humphreys, with Levi Lincoln, [17] March 1801From Robert R. Livingston, 17 March 1801To Philip Mazzei, 17 March 1801Memorandum from Aaron Burr, [ca. 17 March 1801]Memorandum from Charles Pinckney, [ca. 17 March 1801]From James Monroe, 17 March 1801To Charles Pinckney, 17 March 1801From Benjamin Rittenhouse, 17 March 1801To William Short, 17 March 1801From Samuel Smith, 17 March 1801To Benjamin Stoddert, 17 March 1801To Volney, 17 March 1801From Thomas Waterman, 17 March 1801From John Beckley, 18 March 1801To Napoleon Bonaparte, 18 March 1801To Daniel Carroll Brent, 18 March 1801From Gabriel Duvall, 18 March 1801To Oliver Ellsworth and William Vans Murray, with Levi Lincoln, [18] March 1801From John Wayles Eppes, 18 March 1801From Carlos Martínez de Irujo, 18 March 1801To William Jones, 18 March 1801From Ephraim Kirby, 18 March 1801From James Monroe, 18 March 1801From Benjamin Nones, 18 March 1801To Thomas Paine, 18 March 1801From Henry Sheaff, 18 March 1801From James D. Westcott, 18 March 1801From Joseph Yznardi, Sr., 18 March 1801From Joseph Barnes, 19 March 1801From Thomas Cogswell, 19 March 1801To Philippe de Létombe, 19 March 1801From George Meade, 19 March 1801From Francis Peyton, 19 March 1801To Thomas Mann Randolph, 19 March 1801From Hugh Rose, 19 March 1801To Madame de Tessé, 19 March 1801To Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 20 March 1801From Andrew Ellicott, 20 March 1801To Albert Gallatin, 20 March 1801To Joseph Mathias Gérard de Rayneval, 20 March 1801From Christian G. Hahn, 20 March 1801From John Hobby, 20 March 1801From Henry Ingle, 20 March 1801From Jacob Lewis, 20 March 1801From John Thomson Mason, 20 March 1801From Sarah Mease, 20 March 1801From Samuel Smith, 20 March 1801Enclosure: From Allegany County Republican Citizens, 4 March 1801To Warren County Inhabitants, 20 March 1801From Joseph Yznardi, Sr., 20 March 1801From Joseph Yznardi, Sr., 20 March 1801From David Austin, 21 March 1801From Samuel Bryan, 21 March 1801From Stephen Burrowes, 21 March 1801To George Caines, 21 March 1801From Levi Lincoln, 21 March 1801To George Logan, 21 March 1801From Thomas McKean, 21 March 1801To Joseph Priestley, 21 March 1801From Henry Rose, 21 March 1801From Stephen Sayre, 21 March 1801To James Warren, 21 March 1801From Washington, D.C., Inhabitants, [ca. 21 March 1801]To Isaac Weaver, Jr., 21 March 1801From John Dawson, 22 March 1801To Joseph Fay, 22 March 1801From Joseph Fenwick, 22 March 1801To Elijah Griffiths, 22 March 1801To Nathaniel Niles, 22 March 1801From Joseph Allen Smith, 22 March 1801Memorial from Eliakim Littell and Squier Littell, [before 23 March 1801]From Joseph Louis d'Anterroches, 23 March 1801To Columbia, South Carolina, Citizens, 23 March 1801From Tench Coxe, 23 March 1801From Theodore Foster, 23 March 1801To William Branch Giles, 23 March 1801From Joseph Habersham, 23 March 1801From William Jones, 23 March 1801From William Kilty, 23 March 1801From James Magoffin, 23 March 1801From James Monroe, 23 March 1801To Thomas Newton, 23 March 1801From Jonathan H. Nichols, 23 March 1801To John Page, 23 March 1801To Moses Robinson, 23 March 1801From Andrew Rounsavell, 23 March 1801To Andrew Rounsavell, 23 March 1801From John Adams, 24 March 1801From Charles Burrall, 24 March 1801To William Findley, 24 March 1801To Philip Ludwell Grymes, 24 March 180[1]To Joseph Habersham, 24 March 1801To Carlos Martínez de Irujo, 24 March 1801To Peter Legaux, 24 March 1801From James Linn, 24 March 1801To Robert R. Livingston, 24 March 1801From Rembrandt Peale, [24 March 1801]To Thomas Perkins, 24 March 1801From Andrew Rounsavell, 24 March 1801To Benjamin Rush, 24 March 1801To Samuel Smith, 24 March 1801Enclosure: To Allegany County Republican Citizens, 23 March 1801To Thomas Sumter, 24 March 1801To Joseph Yznardi, Sr., 24 March 1801From Gideon Granger, 25 March 1801Enclosure: From Suffield Citizens, 16 March 1801From John Gregorie, 25 March 1801From Joseph Habersham, 25 March 1801To John Strode, 25 March 1801From John Sutton, 25 March 1801From Samuel Hanson, 26 March 1801To Tobias Lear, 26 March 1801From Tobias Lear, 26 March 1801From Philippe de Létombe, 26 March 1801From Levi Lincoln, 26 March 1801To James Madison, 26 March 1801To Thomas McKean, 26 March 1801To Sarah Mease, 26 March 1801From John Miller, 26 March 1801To Thomas Mann Randolph, 26 March 1801To Samuel Smith, 26 March 1801To Joseph Yznardi, Sr., 26 March 1801From Alexander Boyd, 27 March 1801To Catherine Church, 27 March 1801To John Wayles Eppes, 27 March 1801To Gibson & Jefferson, 27 March 1801From George Hadfield, 27 March 1801From William Hylton, 27 March 1801To George Jefferson, 27 March 1801To Henry Knox, 27 March 1801From Ralph Mather, 27 March 1801From Joseph H. Nicholson, 27 March 1801To Providence Citizens, 27 March 1801From Stephen Sayre, 27 March 1801From Joseph Yznardi, Sr., 27 March 1801From John Barnes, 28 March 1801From Thomas U. P. Charlton, 28 March 1801From the District of Columbia Commissioners, 28 March 1801To John Wayles Eppes, 28 March 1801From John Vaughan, 28 March 1801From Joseph Yznardi, Sr., 28 March 1801From Joseph Yznardi, Sr., 28 March 1801From Joseph Yznardi, Sr., 28 March 1801To Samuel Adams, 29 March 1801From Jabez Bingham, 29 March 1801To Pierpont Edwards, 29 March 1801To Elbridge Gerry, 29 March 1801To Gideon Granger, 29 March 1801From John Garland Jefferson, 29 March 1801From Henry Knox, 29 March 1801To Thomas Leiper, 29 March 1801From Robert R. Livingston, 29 March 1801From David Austin, 30 March 1801From Samuel Dexter, [30] March 1801To Enoch Edwards, 30 March 1801Enclosure: Instructions for a Carriage, 30 March 1801To Benjamin Stoddert, 30 March 1801From Mathew Carey, 31 March 1801Statement of Account with Thomas Carpenter, 31 March 1801From John Dawson, 31 March 1801To Henry Dearborn, 31 March 1801To Samuel Dexter, 31 March 1801To William Evans, 31 March 1801To Walter Jones, 31 March 1801To Philippe de Létombe, 31 March 1801To Meriwether Lewis, 31 March 1801To Charles Little, 31 March 1801From John Thomson Mason, 31 March 1801To Benjamin Vaughan, 31 March 1801To Caspar Wistar, 31 March 1801Jacob Wagner's Memorandum on State Department Clerks, [March 1801]Notes on South Carolina Patronage, [March–November 1801]From Jean Chas, 1 April 1801From Auguste de Grasse, 1 April 1801From Benjamin Hichborn, 1 April 1801From Robert Leslie, 1 April 1801From “A. B.”, 2 April 1801From Thomas Cooper, 2 April 1801From Thomas Lomax, 2 April 1801From Louis André Pichon, 2 April 1801From Samuel Smith, 2 April 1801From Enoch Edwards, 3 April 1801From George Helmbold, 3 April 1801From Meriwether Lewis, 3 April 1801From Joseph Rapin, 3 April 1801From “A Vermont Republican”, 3 April 1801From Matthew Lyon, 4 April 1801From Oliver Pollock, 4 April 1801From Tench Coxe, 5 April 1801From Samuel Hanson, 6 April 1801From George Jefferson, 6 April 1801From Michael Leib, 6 April 1801From James Monroe, 6 April 1801From John Page, 6 April 1801From Samuel Smith, 6 April 1801From Alexander White, 6 April 1801From John Dickinson, 7 April 1801From George Jefferson, 7 April 1801From “A Married Female”, 7 April 1801From Joseph Yznardi, Sr., 7 April 1801From Stephen Cathalan, Jr., 8 April 1801To John Wayles Eppes, 8 April 1801From Peter Jaquett, 8 April 1801From Levi Lincoln, 8 April 1801From Gouverneur Morris, 8 April 1801From Thomas Newton, 8 April 1801To Archibald Stuart, 8 April 1801From Caspar Wistar, [before 9 April 1801]From Levi Lincoln, 9 April 1801From Joseph Whipple, 9 April 1801From Joseph Barnes, 10 April 1801From Stephen Cathalan, Jr., 10 April 1801To Rufus King, 10 April 1801From Meriwether Lewis, 10 April 1801To Levi Lincoln, 10 April 1801From Joseph Priestley, 10 April 1801From Stephen Sayre, 10 April 1801To Mary Jefferson Eppes, 11 April 1801From Joseph Fay, 11 April 1801Enclosure: From Samuel Broome, 8 April 1801From Solomon Southwick, 11 April 1801From James Thomson Callender, 12 April 1801From Thomas Law, 12 April 1801From Salimbeni, [12 April 1801]From Benjamin W. Stuart, 12 April 1801From John West Butler, 13 April 1801From Andrew Ellicott, 13 April 1801From Silas Hubbell, 13 April 1801From Montgomery County, Kentucky, Citizens, [13 April 1801]From Thomas Newton, 14 April 1801From Jonas Simonds, 14 April 1801From John Broadbent, 15 April 1801From James Currie, 15 April 1801From Gideon Granger, 15 April 1801From Hammuda Pasha, Bey of Tunis, 15 April 1801From Matthew McAllister, 15 April 1801From Joseph Léonard Poirey, [15 April 1801]From John Barnes, 16 April 1801From Joseph Fenwick, 16 April 1801From Levi Lincoln, 16 April 1801From William C. C. Claiborne, 17 April 1801To Thomas Cooper, 17 April 1801From Enoch Edwards, 17 April 1801To John Hoomes, 17 April 1801To George Jefferson, 17 April 1801To George Jefferson, 17 April 1801To Levi Lincoln, 17 April 1801To James Madison, 17 April 1801To Joseph Rapin, 17 April 1801To Samuel Smith, 17 April 1801From Thomas Sumter, Sr., 17 April 1801From Peter Delabigarre, 18 April 1801To Enoch Edwards, 18 April 1801From John Wayles Eppes, 18 April 1801From Mary Jefferson Eppes, 18 April 180[1]From Tench Coxe, 19 April 1801Enclosure: Tench Coxe's Key to Federal Positions, with Jefferson's Notes, 19 April 1801From William Short, 19 April 1801From Elizabeth Barnet, 20 April 1801From John Browne Cutting, 20 April 1801To George Jefferson, 20 April 1801From Nathaniel Macon, 20 April 1801From Charles Pinckney, 20 April 1801From Thomas Sumter, Jr., 20 April 1801Petition from Colin C. Wills, 20 April 1801From Aaron Burr, 21 April 1801To George Jefferson, 21 April 1801From Caesar A. Rodney, 21 April 1801From James Madison, [22 April 1801]From Thomas Oben, 22 April 1801Enclosure: Description of Paintings, 22 April 1801From Tench Coxe, 23 April 1801From Albert Gallatin, 23 April 1801From Nathaniel Macon, 23 April 1801From Samuel Adams, 24 April 1801Statement of Account with Gibson & Jefferson, 24 April 1801From Haden Edwards, 25 April 1801To John Wayles Eppes, 25 April 1801To Levi Lincoln, 25 April 1801To James Madison, 25 April 1801To John Monroe, 25 April 1801To Archibald Stuart, 25 April 1801From William Barton, 26 April 1801From Thomas Mendenhall, 27 April 1801From James Woodhouse, 27 April 1801From Walter Boyd, 28 April 1801From Theodore Foster, 28 April 1801From Caleb Haskell, 28 April 1801From Samuel Fulton, [29 April 1801]From Elbridge Gerry, 29 April 1801From James Monroe, 29 April 1801From Charles Goodwin, 30 April 1801To James Madison, 30 April 1801From John Monroe, 30 April 1801From Henry Brinkerhoff, April 1801