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Main Series | Volume 35 (1 August–30 November 1801) | Documents

From “Nicholas Geffroy,” 1 August 1801From Philippe de Létombe, 1 August 1801From Peyton Short, 1 August 1801From Benjamin Waterhouse, 1 August 1801From George Douglas, 2 August 1801From Lyon Lehman, 2 August 1801From John Barnes, 3 August 1801From Albert Gallatin, 3 August 1801From Thomas Heyward, Jr., 3 August 1801From Robert Leslie, 3 August 1801From Lewis Littlepage, 3 August 1801From William C. C. Claiborne, 4 August 1801From Nicolas Gouin Dufief, 4 August 1801From John W. Maddux, 4 August 1801To Wilson Cary Nicholas, 4 August 1801From Samuel Smith, 4 August 1801From Sarah Franklin Bache, 5 August 1801From Thomas Claxton, 5 August 1801From Philippe de Létombe, 5 August 1801To Andrew Moore, 5 August 1801From Andrew Moore, 5 August 1801To Archibald Stuart, 5 August 1801To John Barnes, 6 August 1801From Philippe de Létombe, 6 August 1801To Robert Maxwell, 6 August 1801To John Barnes, 7 August 1801To Albert Gallatin, 7 August 1801From Ephraim Kirby, 7 August 1801List of Inoculations, 7 August 1801–17 September 1801To James Madison, 7 August 1801From Elijah Russell, 7 August 1801From Robert Smith, 7 August 1801From Joseph Yznardi, Sr., 7 August 1801To William Duane, 8 August 1801From Albert Gallatin, 8 August 1801From Samuel Hanson, 8 August 1801To Benjamin Waterhouse, 8 August 1801From Alexander White, 8 August 1801To Andrew Moore, 9 August 1801From John Barnes, 10 August 1801From David Fergusson, 10 August 1801From Albert Gallatin, 10 August 1801From Benjamin Homans, 10 August 1801From Philippe de Létombe, 10 August 1801From Robert R. Livingston, 10 August 1801From Thomas McKean, 10 August 1801From Joseph Rapin, 10 August 1801From John Thomson, 10 August 1801From Jean Xavier Bureaux de Pusy, 11 August 1801From Caesar A. Rodney, 11 August 1801From Philo Andrews, 12 August 1801From Abraham Baldwin, 12 August 1801From Henry Dearborn, 12 August 1801From Matthew Lyon, 12 August 1801From James Madison, [12 August 1801]To James Madison, 13 August 1801From Elizabeth House Trist, 13 August 1801To John Barnes, 14 August 1801To Henry Dearborn, 14 August 1801To Albert Gallatin, 14 August 1801To “Nicholas Geffroy,” 14 August 1801To George Jefferson, 14 August 1801From Levi Lincoln, 14 August 1801To James Madison, 14 August 1801To Thomas Newton, 14 August 1801To Joseph Rapin, 14 August 1801To Robert Smith, 14 August 1801To Benjamin Waterhouse, 14 August 1801From Albert Gallatin, 15 August 1801To Wilson Cary Nicholas, 15 August 1801From Jacob Nixon, 15 August 1801From James Currie, 16 August 1801From James Madison, 16 August 1801From John Barnes, 17 August 1801From the District of Columbia Commissioners, 17 August 1801From Albert Gallatin, 17 August 1801From Edward Gantt, 17 August 1801From George Jefferson, 17 August 1801From Robert Smith, 17 August 1801From John Dawson, 18 August 1801From Andrew Ellicott, 18 August 1801From Albert Gallatin, 18 August 1801From James Madison, 18 August 1801From Wilson Cary Nicholas, 18 August 1801From Benjamin Stoddert, 18 August 1801From John Drayton, 20 August 1801From Enoch Edwards, 20 August 1801To Henry Dearborn, 21 August 1801To Albert Gallatin, 21 August 1801To George Jefferson, 21 August 1801From Samuel Quarrier, 21 August 1801To Samuel Sheild, 21 August 1801To Benjamin Waterhouse, 21 August 1801From William Dunbar, 22 August 1801To James Madison, 22 August 1801From Thomas Newton, 22 August 1801From Thomas Newton, 22 August 1801From John Barnes, 24 August 1801To the District of Columbia Commissioners, 24 August 1801From the District of Columbia Commissioners, 24 August 1801From Albert Gallatin, 24 August 1801From George Hay, 24 August 1801From George Jefferson, 24 August 1801From Ignatius Palyart, 24 August 1801From David Austin, 25 August 1801From Joel Barlow, 25 August 1801From Samuel Broome, 25 August 1801From Henry Remsen, 25 August 1801From Josiah Tattnall, Jr., 25 August 1801To Pierce Butler, 26 August 1801To Levi Lincoln, 26 August 1801From James Madison, 26 August 1801From James Blair, 27 August 1801From Thomas Claxton, 27 August 1801From James Madison, 27 August 1801From Thomas T. Davis, [28 August 1801]To Enoch Edwards, 28 August 1801From Christopher Ellery, 28 August 1801To Albert Gallatin, 28 August 1801To Levi Lincoln, 28 August 1801To Robert R. Livingston, 28 August 1801To James Madison, 28 August 1801From Timothy Matlack, 28 August 1801To James Taylor, Jr., 28 August 1801From Benjamin Waterhouse, 28 August 1801To Thomas Willing, 28 August 1801To the District of Columbia Commissioners, 29 August 1801From Albert Gallatin, 29 August 1801To Edward Gantt, 29 August 1801To George Jefferson, 29 August 1801From George Jefferson, 29 August 1801From Samuel Meredith, 29 August 1801To Robert Smith, 29 August 1801From Samuel Smith, 29 August 1801To James Currie, 30 August 1801From George Izard, 30 August 1801To Benjamin Stoddert, 30 August 1801From David Austin, 31 August 1801From John Barnes, 31 August 1801From John Davis, 31 August 1801From Enoch Edwards, 31 August 1801, enclosing Conrad Hanse's Account, 29 August 1801From John Hurt, 31 August 1801From Meriwether Lewis, 31 August 1801From Samuel Sheild, 31 August 1801From Robert Smith, 31 August 1801From Jacob Wagner, 31 August 1801John Thomson Mason's Notes on Candidates for Bank Director, [ca. August 1801]From Thomas Paine, [August 1801]From Henry Dearborn, 1 September 1801From James Wilkinson and Benjamin Hawkins, 1 September 1801From William Gardiner, 2 September 1801From Benjamin Waterhouse, 2 September 1801To Jean Xavier Bureaux de Pusy, 3 September 1801From Pierce Butler, 3 September 1801To John Carroll, 3 September 1801To Jean Chas, 3 September 1801From Aaron Burr, 4 September 1801To Thomas Claxton, 4 September 1801From Tench Coxe, 4 September 1801From the District of Columbia Commissioners, 4 September 1801To Joseph Habersham, 4 September 1801To George Jefferson, 4 September 1801To Samuel Meredith, 4 September 1801From Robert Smith, 4 September 1801From Samuel Harrison Smith, 4 September 1801From Benjamin Waterhouse, 4 September 1801From Turner Richardson Whitlock, 4 September 1801To Henry Dearborn, 5 September 1801To Albert Gallatin, 5 September 1801To Robert Smith, 5 September 1801From Samuel Smith, 5 September 1801From St. George Tucker, 5 September 1801From James Warren, 5 September 1801From John Thomson Mason, 6 September 1801From John Barnes, 7 September 1801From Albert Gallatin, 7 September 1801From Edward Gantt, 7 September 1801From George Jefferson, 7 September 1801From Isaac Ledyard, 7 September 1801From Anthony Lispenard, 7 September 1801From William Stephens Smith, 7 September 1801From Marinus Willett, 7 September 1801From Charles Pinckney, 8 September 1801To Hammuda Pasha, Bey of Tunis, 9 September 1801To Robert R. Livingston, 9 September 1801From Anonymous, [before 10 September 1801]From Isaac Cox Barnet, 10 September 1801From Robert Brent, 10 September 1801From Henry Dearborn, 10 September 1801From Andrew Moore, 10 August 1801 [i.e. September 1801]From James Taylor, Jr., 10 September 1801From “Tru Federalist,” 10 September 1801From Hugh Williamson, 10 September 1801To John Davis, 11 September 1801To John Drayton, 11 September 1801From Pierpont Edwards, 11 September 1801To Theodore Foster, 11 September 1801From Peter Freneau, 11 September 1801, enclosing From David Hopkins, 31 August 1801To Albert Gallatin, 11 September 1801, enclosing Memorandum from Tench Coxe, [before 10 September 1801]To William Gardiner, 11 September 1801To Anthony Haswell, 11 September 1801To James Madison, 11 September 1801From James Madison, 11 September 1801To Ignatius Palyart, 11 September 1801To Joseph T. Scott, 11 September 1801To Robert Smith, 11 September 1801From Robert Smith, 11 September 1801To Samuel Harrison Smith, 11 September 1801To John Barnes, 12 September 1801To Napoleon Bonaparte, 12 September 1801To Henry Dearborn, 12 September 1801From Albert Gallatin, 12 September 1801To George Jefferson, 12 September 1801To James Madison, 12 September 1801To John Shore, 12 September 1801From William Foushee, 13 September 1801From David Meade Randolph, 13 September 1801From Thomas Auldjo, 14 September 1801From David Austin, 14 September 1801From John Barnes, 14 September 1801From DeWitt Clinton, 14 September 1801From Albert Gallatin, 14 September 1801From Edward Gantt, 14 September 1801From Joseph Habersham, 14 September 1801From Samuel Hanson, 14 September [1801] [redated]From Robert R. Livingston, 14 September 1801From Arnold Oelrichs, 14 September 1801From Charles Pinckney, 14 September 1801From Alexander White, 14 September 1801From Solomon Bartlett, 15 September 1801From Tench Coxe, [ca. 15 September 1801]From Levi Lincoln, 15 September 1801From Beriah Norton, 15 September 1801From Samuel Smith, 15 September 1801From Thomas Willing, 15 September 1801To Benjamin Hawkins, 16 September 1801From Levi Lincoln, 16 September 1801From James Madison, 16 September 1801To James Wilkinson, Benjamin Hawkins, and Andrew Pickens, 16 September 1801To Enoch Edwards, 17 September 1801To Christopher Ellery, 17 September 1801To James Hopkins, 17 September 1801From James Madison, 17 September 1801To Benjamin Waterhouse, 17 September 1801From Bartholomew Dandridge, Jr., 18 September 1801To Albert Gallatin, 18 September 1801From William Heath, 18 September 1801To James Madison, 18 September 1801To Thomas Newton, 18 September 1801From John Shore, 18 September 1801From John Syme, 18 September 1801From Pierce Butler, 19 September 1801To William Fleming, 19 September 1801To Edward Gantt, 19 September 1801To Samuel Hanson, 19 September 1801From Tobias Lear, 19 September 1801From Levi McKeen, 19 September 1801To Robert Smith, 19 September 1801From De Chanlas, 20 September 1801From Oliver Pollock, 20 September 1801From John Barnes, 21 September 1801From Albert Gallatin, 21 September 1801From Joseph Habersham, 21 September 1801From Levi McKeen, 21 September 1801From William Barton, 22 September 1801From David Fergusson, 22 September 1801Petition from Henry Roberts, 22 September 1801From Aaron Burr, 23 September 1801From Connecticut Officers and Soldiers of the 12th Regiment, 23 September 1801From James Currie, 23 September 1801From James Madison, 23 September 1801From James Mease, 23 September 1801Declaration of Trust with Craven Peyton, 25 September 1801From William Branch Giles, 25 September 1801From William Keteltas, 25 September 1801From Charles Lewis, 25 September 1801From Nathaniel Macon, 25 September 1801From Thomas Newton, 25 September 1801From James Barry, 26 September 1801To Gibson & Jefferson, 26 September 1801From Thomas Newton, 26 September 1801To Samuel Smith, 26 September 1801From Mathias Kin, 28 September 1801From William R. Lee, 28 September 1801From Philip Mazzei, 28 September 1801From James Monroe, 28 September 1801Statement of Account with John March 1801, 29 September 1801From James Patton Preston, 29 September 1801From Thomas Newton, 30 September 1801From Robert Smith, 30 September 1801From “Philopoemen,” September 1801Form of Deeds for Henderson Purchases, [September 1801?]Valuation of Henderson Property for Dower, [before 1 October 1801]From Anonymous, 1 October 1801From Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey, Republican Citizens, 1 October 1801From Lewis Osmont, 1 October 1801From Benjamin Waterhouse, 1 October 1801To Jacob Wagner, 2 October 1801From the District of Columbia Commissioners, 3 October 1801, enclosing District of Columbia Commissioners’ Estimate of Debts, 2 October 1801From John Wayles Eppes, 3 October 1801To Albert Gallatin, 3 October 1801To George Jefferson, 3 October 1801From David Ker, 3 October 1801To Robert R. Livingston, 3 October 1801To Robert R. Livingston, 3 October 1801From James Madison, 3 October 1801From Craven Peyton, 3 October 1801To William Short, 3 October 1801From John Tyler, 3 October 1801Notes on the District of Columbia Commissioners’ Accounts, [after 3 October 1801]From Joel Barlow, 4 October 1801From Daniel Carroll Brent, [on or before 4 October 1801]From Samuel Harrison Smith, 4 October 1801From John Thomson Mason, 5 October 1801To Elizabeth House Trist, [5 October 1801]From Timothy Bloodworth, 6 October 1801Statement of Account from Thomas Claxton, 6 October 1801From Albert Gallatin, 6 October 1801From Carlos Martínez de Irujo, 6 October 1801From Robert R. Livingston, 6 October 1801Order on John Barnes, 6 October 1801From Charles Pinckney, 6 October 1801To John Syme, 6 October 1801To Thomas Willing, 6 October 1801From John Barnes, 7 October 1801From Sylvanus Bourne, 7 October 1801From William C. C. Claiborne, 7 October 1801From Albert Gallatin, 7 October 1801To Gideon Granger, 7 October 1801From George Jefferson, 7 October 1801From Samuel Smith, 7 October 1801From the Danbury Baptist Association, [after 7 October 1801]To John Coalter, 8 October 1801From Albert Gallatin, 8 October 1801From Dennis Griffith, 8 October 1801To Craven Peyton, 8 October 1801To Thomas Mann Randolph, 8 October 1801From Benjamin Rittenhouse, 8 October 1801From Stephen Sayre, 8 October 1801From Robert Smith, 8 October 1801From John Barnes, 9 October 1801To John Wayles Eppes, 9 October 1801To Albert Gallatin, 9 October 1801From Conrad Hanse, 9 October 1801From Edward Maher, [9 October 1801]Order on John Barnes, [9 October 1801]To Robert Smith, 9 October 1801From William Barton, 10 October 1801From Andrew Ellicott, 10 October 1801From John Coakley Lettsom, 10 October 1801From the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, 10 October 1801To Samuel Smith, 10 October 1801From Dr. John Vaughan, 10 October 1801To Enoch Edwards, 11 October 1801From Edward Gantt, 11 October 1801From Charles Willson Peale, 11 October 1801To Joseph Rapin, 11 October 1801From Anthony Campbell, 12 October 1801To João, Prince Regent of Portugal, 12 October 1801From Andrew Marshall, 12 October 1801From John Thomson Mason, 12 October 1801From John H. Purviance, 12 October 1801From William Fleming, 13 October 1801From Abishai Thomas, 13 October 1801From George Clinton, 14 October 1801To Albert Gallatin, 14 October 1801To Gideon Granger, 14 October 1801From the District of Columbia Commissioners, 15 October 1801From Richard Hutton, [on or before 15 October 1801]From Richard Willson, 15 October 1801From Hary Grant, 16 October 1801To Nicholas Lewis, 16 October 1801From Thomas Newton, 16 October 1801From Craven Peyton, 16 October 1801From Johnson Cook, 17 October 1801From Thomas Corcoran, 17 October 1801From Michael Fry and Nathan Coleman, 17 October 1801From Gabriel Phillips, 18 October 1801From William Short, 18 October 1801From Thomas Claxton, 19 October 1801To James Currie, 19 October 1801From Albert Gallatin, [19 October 1801]To George Jefferson, 19 October 1801From Kezia Norris, 19 October 1801To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 19 October 1801From Henry Rose, 19 October 1801From Robert S. Coleman, 20 October 1801From Johnson Cook, 20 October 1801To Kezia Norris, 20 October 1801From Joseph Willcox, 20 October 1801From John Woodside, 20 October 1801From Johnson Cook, 21 October 1801From Samuel Smith, 21 October 1801To John Beckley, [22 October 1801]To Thomas Claxton, 22 October 1801From Denniston & Cheetham, 22 October 1801From Nicolas Gouin Dufief, 22 October 1801From Pierpont Edwards and Ephraim Kirby, 22 October 1801To Michael Fry and Nathan Coleman, 22 October 1801From George Jefferson, 22 October 1801From James Lyon, 22 October 1801Notes on a Cabinet Meeting, 22 October 1801From Rapine, Conrad & Co., 22 October 1801From John Vaughan, 22 October 1801To Robert S. Coleman, 23 October 1801Petition of William Hammell, 23 October 1801From Gouverneur Morris, 23 October 1801From Henry Preble, 23 October 1801To Henry Rose, 23 October 1801To Samuel Smith, 23 October 1801From Albert Gallatin, 24 October 1801From Levi Lincoln, 24 October 1801From John F. Mercer, 24 October 1801From Elizabeth House Trist, 24 October 1801To Peter Carr, 25 October 1801From Maria Digges, 25 October 1801From John Wayles Eppes, 25 October 1801From Gideon Granger, 25 October 1801To Wilson Cary Nicholas, 25 October 1801To Craven Peyton, 25 October 1801To Samuel Harrison Smith, 25 October 1801From William Stuart, [on or before 25 October 1801]From Joel Barlow, 26 October 1801To Mary Jefferson Eppes, 26 October 1801From Gideon Granger, 26 October 1801From Robert Smith, 26 October 1801From Robert Smith, 26 October 1801From John Beckley, 27 October 1801From Pierpont Edwards, 27 October 1801From Gideon Granger, 27 October 1801From Isaac Story, 27 October 1801To Connecticut Officers and Soldiers of the 12th Regiment, 28 October 1801From Benjamin Hawkins, 28 October 1801From William Keteltas, 28 October 1801To Stevens Thomson Mason, 28 October 1801From Theodore Foster, 29 October 1801From Henry Rose, 29 October 1801From William Barton, 30 October 1801From Nicholas Lewis, 30 October 1801From Wilson Cary Nicholas, 30 October 1801From Fulwar Skipwith, 30 October 1801To Gideon Granger, 31 October 1801To John F. Mercer, 31 October 1801To Thomas Tudor Tucker, 31 October 1801Calculation of Population Increase, [October 1801]Notes on John Morton, [October 1801]From Charles Pinckney, October 1801From Charles Pinckney, October 1801To Nicolas Gouin Dufief, 1 November 1801To William Evans, 1 November 1801From John Gardiner, 1 November 1801To Edward Livingston, 1 November 1801To Gouverneur Morris, 1 November 1801To Craven Peyton, 1 November 1801From Ledyard Seymour, 1 November 1801From Andrew Ellicott, 2 November 1801From John Devereux DeLacy, 3 November 1801From Pierre Charles L'Enfant, 3 November 1801From Thomas Newton, 4 November 1801To Henry Rose, 4 November 1801From William Evans, 5 November 1801From Albert Gallatin, 5 November 1801To James Madison, 5 November 1801From Thomas Tudor Tucker, 5 November 1801To John Vaughan, 5 November 1801From the Vermont House of Representatives, [5 November 1801]From “The Voice of A Sybil,” [before 6 November 1801]From John Barnes, 6 November 1801 [document added in digital edition]Circular to the Heads of Departments, 6 November 1801From John Wayles Eppes, 6 November 1801From Mary Jefferson Eppes, 6 November 1801To Albert Gallatin, 6 November 1801From Craven Peyton, 6 November 1801From Henry Rose, 6 November 1801From Tench Coxe, 8 November 1801From Gideon Granger, 8 November 1801From Joseph Yznardi, Sr., 8 November 1801From Albert Gallatin, 9 November 1801To Thomas Newton, 9 November 1801From Ellen Wayles Randolph, [before 10 November 1801]From Martha Jefferson Randolph, [before 10 November 1801]From Joseph Bloomfield, 10 November 1801From Cornelius Coningham, 10 November 1801From Samuel Elam, 10 November 1801To Albert Gallatin, 10 November 1801From Albert Gallatin, 10 November 1801From Ephraim Kirby, 10 November 1801Notes on Actions for the War Department, 10 November 1801Notes on Patronage in New Hampshire, 10 November 1801Notes on the Bank of the United States and Internal Revenues, [10 November 1801]From John Vaughan, 10 November 1801To Albert Gallatin, 11 November 1801From Edward Livingston, 11 November 1801From Benjamin Nones, 11 November 1801Notes on a Cabinet Meeting, 11 November 1801To William Barton, 12 November 1801From George Clymer, 12 November 1801To Cornelius Coningham, 12 November 1801Drafting the Annual Message to Congress, 12 November 1801From Albert Gallatin, [12 November 1801], enclosing Petition from Hopley Yeaton, 1 August 1801To Albert Gallatin, 12 November 1801, enclosing Draft of Message to the Senate, [before 12 November 1801]From Nicholas King, 12 November 1801Notes on Circuit Court Cases, 12 November 1801From Bowling Clark, 13 November 1801From Gouverneur Morris, 13 November 1801From Robert Smith, 13 November 1801From Willie Blount, 14 November 1801To James Monroe, 14 November 1801From Samuel Smith, 14 November 1801From Samuel Smith, 14 November 1801From Philip Mazzei, 15 November 1801Notes on a Consultation with Robert Smith, 15 November 1801From James Workman, 15 November 1801Notes on the Funded Debt, [15 November 1801 or after]To Albert Gallatin, 16 November 1801From Elisha Hinman, 16 November 1801From George Jefferson, 16 November 1801From James Madison, [16 November 1801]To Thomas Mann Randolph, 16 November 1801From David Turner, 16 November 1801From Benjamin Waterhouse, 16 November 1801From Thomas Digges, 17 November 1801From James Monroe, 17 November 1801From Moses Robinson, 17 November 1801From James Sullivan, 17 November 1801From Samuel Adams, 18 November 1801To Aaron Burr, 18 November 1801From a “Citizen,” 18 November 1801From Thomas Newton, 18 November 1801From Martha Jefferson Randolph, 18 November 1801From Philip B. Bradley, 19 November 1801To Aaron Burr, 19 November 1801To Thomas Digges, 19 November 1801From Albert Gallatin, 19 November 1801From Philip Mazzei, 19 November 1801Memorandum on the Seneca Annuity, [19 November 1801]From John Vaughan, 19 November 1801From William P. Gardner, 20 November 1801From Lewis Littlepage, 20 November 1801From William Maclure, 20 November 1801To Amos Marsh, 20 November 1801From John Vaughan, 20 November 1801From Thomas Leiper, [before 21] November 1801From Albert Gallatin, 20 [i.e. 21] November 1801From Lewis Littlepage, [21 November 1801]To James Madison, 22 November 1801From “An Observer & Friend to Justice,” 23 November 1801From Samuel Harrison Smith, [23 November 1801]From Joseph Elgar, Jr., 24 November 1801From B. T. Longbothom, 24 November 1801To James Monroe, 24 November 1801To James Monroe, 24 November 1801To John Vaughan, 24 November 1801From Samuel Smith, 25 November 1801From Giuseppe Caracciolo di Brienza, 26 November 1801From Albert Gallatin, [26 November 1801]To Peter Lyons, 26 November 1801From John Monroe, 26 November 1801From Benjamin Vaughan, 26 November 1801Albert Gallatin's Statement on the Bank of the United States, [after 26 November 1801]From William C. C. Claiborne, 27 November 1801To Thomas Newton, 27 November 1801To Ellen Wayles Randolph, 27 November 1801To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 27 November 1801From Benjamin Rush, 27 November 1801From David Austin, 28 November 1801From Albert Gallatin, 28 November 1801From Albert Gallatin, 28 November 1801To Albert Gallatin, 28 November 1801To John G. Ladd, 28 November 1801From George Latimer, 28 November 1801From Albert Gallatin, 29 November 1801James L. Henderson and Elizabeth Henderson: Deed to Craven Peyton, 29 November 1801From Thomas Mann Randolph, 29 November 1801From Nathan Burrowes, 30 November 1801From John G. Ladd, 30 November 1801Proclamation Offering a Reward for Murderers of a Cherokee Woman, 30 November 1801