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Jefferson > 1800s > 1801 > July 1801 > July 17, 1801
To Albert Gallatin, 17 July 1801From Gean Leach, 17 July 1801From James Madison, [on or before 17 July 1801]From Robert Maxwell, 17 July 1801Memorandum on Restitution of Prizes, [on or after 17 July 1801]To Dr. John Vaughan, 17 July 1801From Joseph Yznardi, Sr., 17 July 1801Summary of British Debt Claims, [July 1801 or after]A Bill for the Relief of Sufferers under Certain Illegal Prosecutions, [1801]4. List of Appointments and Removals, [5 March 1801–14 May 1802]Enclosure: Thomas Jefferson's Account with Craven Peyton for Rents and Profits from Henderson Lands, 1801–7 January 1811