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Jefferson > 1800s > 1801 > November 1801 > November 19, 1801
A Bill for the Relief of Sufferers under Certain Illegal Prosecutions, [1801]4. List of Appointments and Removals, [5 March 1801–14 May 1802]From Philip B. Bradley, 19 November 1801To Aaron Burr, 19 November 1801To Thomas Digges, 19 November 1801From Albert Gallatin, 19 November 1801From Philip Mazzei, 19 November 1801Memorandum on the Seneca Annuity, [19 November 1801]I. John Steele to Albert Gallatin, [19 November 1801]II. Albert Gallatin's Referral, [19 November 1801]III. Jefferson's Memorandum, 19 November 1801From John Vaughan, 19 November 1801Enclosure: Thomas Jefferson's Account with Craven Peyton for Rents and Profits from Henderson Lands, 1801–7 January 1811