John Bryant

Herman Melville’s “Typee” includes four introductory essays. “Editing a Fluid Text” offers a brief rationale for fluid-text editing. “Navigating the Typee Manuscript” serves as an introduction to the online edition’s textual apparatus and fluid-text features. “Writing Typee” is a detailed biographical and historical narrative of how Typee grew from manuscript to book. Finally, “Scenes of Revision” examines more closely certain physical features of the document that indicate how Melville expanded his narrative and continued to revise in collaboration with his brother.

  1. Editing a Fluid Text
  2. Navigating the Typee Manuscript
  3. Writing Typee
  4. Scenes of Revision: Expansion and Collaboration

The four introductory essays are also available as a single PDF file for on-screen reading or printing. (If you read the PDF version on-screen with Adobe Reader or equivalent, you’ll find that the HTML links are active and that headings in the essay have been converted to bookmarks.)