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A 30-day trial that grants access to all Rotunda publications is available for representatives of institutions who are authorized to make purchasing recommendations or decisions for their organization. Reviewers for scholarly journals or professional associations may also apply. On submission of this form your application information will be submitted for review by UVa Press; on approval you will receive access instructions via email at the address you provide.

If a single person will be evaluating Rotunda, please indicate Password as your access method below. If a group of people will be evaluating and need IP-authenticated access, please indicate IP addresses and fill in the IP addresses or ranges as a space-separated list. Use hyphens to indicate a range, or '*' for a wildcard. Examples:

  • 128.148.28.*

All IP addresses are subject to verification. Please request the smallest possible range (e.g., your department, not the whole university).

Please supply the following information. (Required fields are in boldface.)

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