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Note on cumulative index [from print edition, volume 6]: Matthew Arnold (MA throughout index) addressed his correspondents with the assumption that they understood the context. Thus, when he discusses politics, there are few details; what appears are more like sidelong references to, and opinions on, the situation. The best ways for the reader to access these discussions are through the various key players (e.g., for politics, look at the entries for Gladstone) and through his comments on his various writings (e.g., for politics, Irish Essays and Others). Arnold’s prose and poetry are listed in the index by their titles. Women’s names are either listed under both maiden and married names or cross-referenced from one to the other. Places he visited in America are listed under their specific states (e.g., Massachusetts). Places in England are listed under their own names (i.e., “Cambridge” is Cambridge, England, not Massachusetts). Page numbers are in the form of volume number followed by page number; “n” indicates a note; italicized page numbers indicate illustrations; boldface page numbers indicate biographical notes.

Note on index for digital edition: Page numbers in the index sections are Web links to the documents. Each link takes you to a document at the point where a given page begins in the print edition; it may be necessary to continue to a following document to locate the relevant reference. Illustrations are not included in the digital edition, so page numbers in italics are not active links.